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Shouniaisha Taicho
New Captain

The jail cells of the gotei thirteen were cold, and rather dark, as the sky outside was in fact cloudy, not allowing any light into the jail cell. What little light there was, the silver haired man was aptly absorbed by the man sitting on the bench, staring out the window, having for a bit of time now, given up all his freedom. He felt that it was justified that he was, in fact there.

This was because Ichimaru Gin just so happened to have betrayed not just Soul Society, but also the heart of someone that he cared for, when he had decided to follow Aizen. Now, both that treacherous man and Tosen were dead, and many said that Gin had nothing left from the whole matter, and just so happened to be insane, which was why many thought Yamamoto had justified the fact that Ichimaru should be kept alive.

Soft footsteps could be heard in the corridor, leading to his jail cell, and Gin suddenly put back on that smile of his, as if it had never dropped in the first place. He had to wonder really, why anyone would be coming down here, as there had been no commotion like with the Winter War. That being said, it meant that he likely had a visitor. When they appeared in his viewpoint, it was the person he least expected.

"Good afternoon Ran-chan. How are you and the chibi-taicho doing," Gin stated, smiling at the woman, knowing simply from the contortion of her face, that she was still fairly pissed with him.

"I ask that you address us properly Ichimaru," the woman stated, her tone taking the dangerous tone that it did when she wasn't being flirtatious, the tone that told people that they really did need to take her seriously, and that she wasn't just some dim female that couldn't be reckoned with.

"All right lieutenant Matsumoto," the silver haired man sighed. "I understand that it will take some time for us to be on speaking terms again."

"I doubt that we ever will be on true speaking terms again," the woman stated, letting the coldness seep through, though it in fact didn't seem to affect the man, as it never did seem to.

"I know that there is that possibility. I've known for some time too, that possibility. So, why are you here today, Lieutenant Matsumoto?" came his quirky tone.

"I came to tell you that they found a replacement for your captaincy position. Taicho is actually heading over now to a meeting to introduce the new captain," the strawberry haired woman stated.

"So… it isn't as if Kira ever truly ever trusted me," Gin stated, almost gaining a laughing tone to his voice. "I think that the only one, who did ever trust me, was you."

"So, does that make me a fool, for believing that there was good in you?" Rangiku snapped, irritated that the man had brought up such a subject.

"No… that makes you a very good hearted person. Sometimes, I admit that it gets in the way of people's better judgment, but you went to your chibi-taicho's rescue, even though your heart was in conflict," the man stated.

"There you go again, Gin, with the misuse of his title! He hates that!" came the lectured reply.

"Gomenasai… force of habit. At least I didn't call him that to his face," the man uttered.

"No… but you used to," Rangiku muttered, turning to leave. "Maybe I'll see you later, but truth be told, I feel that it is best left unsaid that I most likely won't."

"Ne… Rangiku… why hasn't there been someone to find a replacement for Aizen or Tosen as of yet," Gin stated, tilting his head rather childishly to the side.

She paused in her leaving for a brief moment. "Because unlike you, Aizen and Tosen were well liked, and will be harder to replace. It is simple as that."

After Rangiku had left, Gin let her words dig in.


Two small feet moved their way across the wooden floor of the meeting hall of the first division, completely unheard as they moved. The two feet belonged to the youngest taicho of the gotei thirteen, who was rather early to the meeting that had been called, thus he ended up running into Yamamoto as he spoke with the incoming taicho.

When he saw that he was intruding and those they saw him, the young boy made a quick bow to the two older men, though Yamamoto seemed much older than did the man with the symbol of three etched across the back of his haori. "Gomenasai for intruding. I didn't realize that I had arrived this early."

As the small taicho bowed, his head bent up a little bit so that his two teal eyes could take in the man that was standing next to the general. His hair was brown, with grey streaks in it, not to mention that his eyes had an uncannyness to them that Hitsugaya didn't like at all. The man seemed to not at all be happy with the fact that the small taicho was there.

"I knew that things had gotten bad since my retirement," the man stated firmly, as Toshiro came up from his bow. "But isn't having a child as a captain rather ridiculous?"

"I should possibly mention, not to judge him by his appearance," Yamamoto stated suddenly. "Hitsugaya Taicho, this is Shounimahi Aishadou, a former taicho of the twelfth division, retired over two hundred years ago, come back from retirement as the captain of the third squad."

Again, the small boy made a quick bow. "It is nice to meet you, Aishadou Taicho."

"Children really should be seen, not heard," the man uttered in response, returning the young taicho's show of respect with a matter of disrespect. Toshiro remained frozen staring at the ground; the words the man had spoke rather eating into him. He heard the man step behind the curtain that would separate them between the meetings.

"I had expected Aishadou Taicho to be a bit old fashioned, but I had expected him to at least accept you, and be a little more understanding. Hitsugaya Taicho, be careful of how you word things to him, a great deal of people hold this man in respect, so don't go saying anything careless," Yamamoto stated, as a few others began to come in.

Each one took their place at their correct number position, leaving open the spaces that had become blank. Yamamoto gave the presentation of the new captain, and he stepped out of the shadows, glancing over the entire crowd. He said nothing, then stepped into his position. "I see why the gotei thirteen ended up having problems from a group of traitors."

Hitsugaya Toshiro, who had been standing, not saying a word, since that man had spoken so rudely earlier, found his hands clenched against his side, and his jaw clamped shut, trying not to say anything. However, the simple stinging words weren't enough, the man had to go and breathe out why the whole group was a mess in his opinion.

Aishadou's eyes first fell on the captain of the second division. "What is the gotei thirteen coming too, when a female is able to pass the captaincy test and gain a captains position of any division other than that of the fourth."

"Are you saying that females are only good for healing others," Soifon carefully choose her words, eyeing the man warily. Her dark colored eyes were rather foreboding, but she kept herself in check.

"Yes… that, or being mothers," the man stated firmly, his brown eyes giving no mercy, and no chance of changing his opinion of the matter. "That has been the tradition for a very, very long time, and if it hadn't changed, we wouldn't have the problem that we had recently, would we."

"One can not speak of things in a way that uses hind sight, except in which to know how to improve for later means," the female captain responded.

"Then perhaps you should transfer divisions," the man stated, turning his site to the next taicho in line. "At least Unohana Taicho knows where she belongs, and has become excellent in the healing skills of kidou."

"I refrain from saying anything at this point, out of respect for the years that we have worked together before, and the fact that I know that you are skilled," Unohana frowned. "Because believe me… this isn't a subject you wish to broach or argue with me. Please stand down upon it."

"I also see that the sixth division is still being passed down through the Kuchiki hands, though it is a young member who is now captain, and not my old friend," the man smiled.

"I heard a great deal about your skills from my grandfather," Byakuya remained as he was, rather calm about the whole situation. "I heard that they were rather adept, and that you could get the job done. That is what matters most."

"True…" the man stated, again going onto the next captain, who in fact stood next to him. The man narrowed his eyes at the man. "I with hold comments for now."

"Which is good, because the stories I have heard have only told praise about you from the teachers at the academy, and the older shingami," the canine faced man stated.

"Likewise… and here we have young Kyoraku, who has become a taicho, and yet he still happens to have the ability to flourish an over abundance of youthful zeal that doesn't belong in such a high ranked position," Shounimahi stated firmly. "Where is your friend, the one with the cough?"

"Ukitake Taicho of the thirteenth is still recovering from the Winter War," Kyoraku tipped his hat. "I withhold any comment, as I know that your tongue will be sharp in telling me off, even though I love the way I look, and I still drink sake, and womanize, not to mention my other bad behavior. Sure, what are we coming to."

"No need for your snide remark… it is obvious that brute of the man is the Kenpachi of the eleventh, which seems to be something normal and still the same as from when I was here," Aishadou shook his head, rather disappointed.

"I wonder how you would hold out in a fight with me," the man in question chuckled.

"Against the ruled for a reason… I wonder about that clown faced man though," the third division taicho stated, turning towards the man in question. "And he replaced me as captain?"

A yelp had been heard when Aishadou had uttered the word clown, and everyone had turned to give Hitsugaya an odd glance, as he had nearly jumped out of his skin, but by the time they had, he had rather regained his composure, so no one asked. The twelfth division captain smiled. "My precursor turned your lovely division into a research facility."

"I don't care, as the division I am now going to be focusing on is the third division," the man stated, not biting into the bait that the other man had thrown at him.

"How about the fact that the one between him and you was a woman," came another shot at trying to make the one taicho react.

"Enough…" Yamamoto stated, growling at the scientist.

Hitsugaya, who had been rather listening up until now, finally decided to speak his mind about the whole matter. "You have a way about letting people know your dislike for them. Your opinions are biased and unwarranted, not to mention, I know that you purposely skipped me over. I don't care…"

"Hitsugaya Taicho!" Yamamoto suddenly snapped out. "I wish to speak with you after this meeting.

"Wait… yes, I did skip you. I didn't see the point, as you are a child, and I don't see how you came to be a captain," came the cold reply from the newest taicho, yet truthfully, he wasn't new at all. Yamamoto motioned for the dismissal of the entire group, and the small taicho was forced to stay behind.

"Why do I have to put up with his words," were the first thing that the boy blurted out of his mouth. However, Soifon, who had stayed behind, slapped him on the back of the head. "What was that for?"

"I had the ability to control myself, but you had the nerve to go off like that!" Soifon stated, her face livid with anger.

"Hitsugaya Taicho…" Yamamoto stated. "I myself don't agree with some of Aishadou Taicho's ideals, however, in the first regard, he is needed, as we lack in our numbers for the taicho in the first place. And second, you should know from your academy days, from the history classes, that he was and still is very well respected. Pull back your ego for once."

"This isn't about me! What is he going to do when he meets Matsumoto!" the small taicho blurted out. "Do you expect me to be able to hold back her words! Or anyone else that he seems worthy of… of… of…"

"Are you calm now, Hitsugaya Taicho?" Yamamoto narrowed his eyes at the small boy. "You remember what I told you right after you met the new taicho of the third division?"

"Hai…" Toshiro muttered, his two teal eyes glancing at the ground, and his foot rubbing the floor. "I was also probably using Matsumoto as an excuse, as she can very well take care of herself, and if she so chooses, her mouth can be sharp enough. "

"You will need to prove to him, that you are a child only in body," the general stated.

"I know… but if he keeps ignoring me, it will just become harder," the small taicho muttered. He turned to Soifon, and asked her a question. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"When someone has as great deal of respect as that man, you don't go off spouting off stuff in public, Soifon stated. "No matter how distasteful it is. I figured you of all people would know better… to not act like a child.

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