Shouniaisha Taicho
~Setting Sun~

Aishadou's eyes sparkled as the spell went hurtling towards the female taicho. However, a frown appeared on his face as Unohana simply continued to look at him, her eyes dark. The spell then crackled right in front of her, blocked by a defensive kido. At that, the old man's mouth twitched and he collapsed to the ground, the light fading from his eyes.

Ichimaru's eyes though were still dark, filled with a great deal of anger. He moved to bring his blade down on the dead soul, only to have the fukutaicho of the third and ninth divisions hurry forward to hold him back, while Soifon stepped forward. Shuhei whispered into the silver haired man's ear. "He's dead. What more could you want?"

"I want to castrate his dead body." The words came out venomously, the typical smirk on Ichimaru's face replaced with a scowl.

Soifon stepped forward, shaking her head at the male in front of her. "You won. You need to stop and think about other things."

Again, Ichimaru's done changed again, quite decisive in the way he toned things. "That man touched Shiro-chan. Do you really think that I..."

"You brought his honor back enough by killing the man." The second division taicho barked out suddenly. "Do you think he would want to hear about this kind of detail when he finally comes too?"

At that, Gin calmed down, then shrugged off the two male fukutaicho, his eyes showing that his anger was still there. He knew though that Soifon was right and backed down. Unohana Taicho stood up, the whispers going around the third division members who had gathered there. "The winner of this battle is Ichimaru Gin. He is now the official captain of the third division."

At that, the silver haired man turned around and headed towards the exit, his arm dripping slightly due to the wound. Kira blinked a couple of times. "Taicho... where are you going? Are you not going to take the haori?"

At that, Ichimaru paused. "I don't think I deserve to be called captain, despite the fact that I won the battle. I didn't do this to regain my position. Also, I don't want to wear the same haori as the one that he is wearing." He paused for a few seconds though, looking at the man. "I do have an idea of what I want to do with that bloody piece of cloth."

Unohana eyed him from the stands carefully, then spoke up again as Ichimaru whispered something to the three right near him. "Third division members are officially dismissed. That said, I request that certain things that you heard today or think you heard not be passed onto members outside of the division. As Ichimaru said, the real reason for this battle wasn't for him to regain his former position."

Turning back, she noticed that Ichimaru was gone, while Kira retrieved the haori from the dead captain. The fukutaicho of the third division quickly followed after him.


Isane was making her rounds, when she heard a cry from the front area. She found herself rushing forward and saw the third seat Iemura pointing at a very distinct figure who happened to have walked right through the front door. At that, the rather tall fukutaicho stammered out her words. "Ich... Ichimaru... Gin?"

At that, he simply continued walking, while she watched blood drip onto the wooden floor. She pressed her lips together and then ran after the man. "Ichimaru! You're supposed to be in jail, are you not! And what is with that injury! Unohana Taicho will be mad that you are making a mess on the floor!"

At that, he turned to her, his pale teal eyes boring into her as she gripped the hilt of her zampaktuo. "I assure you, I pose no threat to anyone hear." And with that, he turned and continued on his way, Isane hot behind them.

Her body tensed up when she realized where the man was headed. She tried moving in front of him, blocking his way. "Please! Leave Hitsugaya Taicho alone. He's been through enough."

However, she found her knees buckling when he looked her straight in the eye, his pale teal eyes boring into her yet again. He quickly stepped into the room, where Rangiku was asleep in the chair, her head tilted down as she slept. Ichimaru moved to the other side of the bed and knelt down.

"Shiro-chan?" The silver haired man spoke softly, as if checking to see if the small taicho was asleep. The fukutaicho of the eleventh was still asleep next to Hitsugaya and her attention perked up first.

"Fox Face?" She blinked a couple of times, sleep still taking over her body.

Isane stood at the door, her voice remaining quite as she spoke up. "Ichimaru-san... you need to leave."

At that, Rangiku's eyes suddenly opened and then filled with horror upon seeing the very familiar silver haired male. "Gin. What are you doing here?"

"I kept my promise to Chibi Taicho." His response was quick and stark.

At that, Matsumoto stood up and walked over to him, grabbing his shoulder, issing her words out. "I want you to leave taicho alone."

"You are a very protective mother cat, aren't you?" Ichimaru laughed suddenly.

Rangiku though, couldn't help but notice the bloody arm at his side. "What the hell have you done? Are you trying to bring chaos down upon everyone. Stay away from my small taicho."

However, she found herself suddenly flinching as she saw her small taicho turn to look at them. His normally bright teal eyes were dulled over. Not a word came from his mouth. However, Gin reached for him with his one good arm and the small taicho began to kick as the man scooped him up. However, despite being one armed, the man was able to scoop him up. "Shiro-chan, there is something you need to see."

As he stood up, he found two females with their hands on their hilts. Ichimaru simply smiled that obnoxious smile on his face. "Having Yachiru-chan here makes things easier. She needs to see this too. Could Isane carry her out to the courtyard?"

At that, he pushed by the females, while Isane frantically went to pick up the small female to follow after. Rangiku though was hot on his tail. "What do you think you're doing?

"I'm keeping my promise to Chibi Taicho and making sure he knows that I kept it." Ichimaru continued to smile, his body shaking slightly

Isane followed closely behind, a frown on her face. "I don't like this. Plus, you're injured."

"I can hold out long enough to get him back to his room. He needs to see this." Gin stated, his words coming across like cold ice.

"What have you done?" Matsumoto's face twisted up, horror appearing on her face, knowing that he had been up to something. She had known him for a long time and knew, while he could be kind when he wanted to be, he could be one of the cruelest man possible, his blade emanating a large amount of killing intent.

They stepped out into the courtyard of the forth division, where they saw Soifon Taicho and the fukutaicho of the third and ninth division stood there. A barrel was there, the inside lit with fire. Kira held the haori of the third division taicho and Rangiku found herself chilling over, her facial features paling. "Gin... what did you do?"

At that, the man tilted his head toward the small child held in his arms. Hitsugaya's entire body was tensed up, unable to fight now that he was in Gin's arms, his fear was so great. He whispered softly. "Look, Shiro-chan." As the child's eyes turned warily towards the barrel, Gin continued. "I promised you, I wouldn't let him hurt you again, didn't I?"

And with that, Kira dropped the haori into the barrel and it burst into flame, the orange colors mirroring the setting sun.

Author's note –

There is the last chapter of Shouniaisha Taicho. If I had my way, this chapter would have only contained the burning of the haori, but Evilhumour came up with what I think is a better way to put a cliffhanger the storyline. That said, when I thought of burning the haori, it was "long" before we found out from canon how important said "haori" was, so with the canon context, it adds even more meaning.

This isn't to say the story is finished. The characters need the chance to heal and things still need to be resolved. We decided that a sequel would be best rather then continuing with more chapters. It is, after all, a second story to all of this. That said, feel free to remind us of the lose ends that you guys really want us to tie up in the sequel, it will help us greatly I think.

We both enjoyed writing this greatly too. ST happens to be the fanfic with the most words for both Evilhumour and I with over a hundred twenty-five thousand words. The chapter also is third in number of chapters and second in number of reviews for me, but number one for Evilhumour. Be sure to check out the prequel on his account and we wish to thank our reviewers for following us in this fanfic. The sequel to this is called "Touchan Taicho".