Bella is a doctor in a busy city hospital, she is working night shifts when a 3 car pileup comes rushing in. Little does she know what she is saving will change her life. Normal pairings ExB JxA EmxR

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I looked at the clock. For what seemed like a decade since I last looked, and to my disappointment it had only been an hour. It was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night normally there is at least a couple of stabbings maybe a crash, fires also common as it was near Christmas and more people than you would think left the tree lights on. I sighed and looked at my clipboard I was up to date with all my patients most of which were sleeping.

Then Carlisle came rushing up to me he seemed panicked his face looked whiter than usual, his white coat flapping round him as he dashed up the corridor to meet me. I could tell at once something was happening something BIG.

"Car pileup looks like three were involved, we have 5 coming in one fatality to report but all in a serious condition we need you in the ER now."

His voice was bleak I threw my clipboard down on a desk and rushed to the ER just in time to join the team that consisted of Jasper, Mike, Angela as well as Carlisle and me we were the response team for major incidents such as these as there was less staff on at night. Also in the lead up to Christmas in two weeks some had left us short and we were the most senior staff available. I nodded to Jasper it had been a while since I last saw him he was Carlisle's main assistant followed by me. If we had multiple casualties we split off into separate groups to handle them as quickly as possible there was nothing worse than wasting time when you had an unconscious patient anything can go wrong.

I could hear the sirens getting closer just as Carlisle rounded up a few others to help he grouped us off.

"Bella, you will work on casualties from car one, Angela, mike, Jessica will be assisting" he also pointed to a few nurses behind. "Jasper you are working with me on casualties from car two with Eric, Lauren and Ben..." Carlisle rattled off his orders but I was already disconnected knowing my job and how I was going to organise it when the doors burst open and the first casualties arrived looked like that would be car one.

The paramedics came rushing in with two gurney's, I looked over at Carlisle for re-assurance that I could take over he nodded in return and I got to work immediately assessing the situation as the paramedic started talking to me as we wheeled the two casualties to the emergency room.

"Two males, mid twenties. One is semi- conscious other still unconscious" At this point we pushed through the doors and we separated the two casualties I signalled for Mike and Jessica to take the other one while me and Angela took care of this one another paramedic came in to fill Mike and Jessica of their casualties condition.

"Okay, this one is semi- conscious suspected broken left clavicle and maybe two broken ribs left side risk of punctured lung, the car was going round 60mph at impact possible fractures in leg and thigh possible internal bleeding as well." I nodded and for the first time looked at my new patient. As we all helped to lift him from the gurney to the bed, his eyes caught me off guard they were mainly open showing green dazzling eyes which clearly were showing pain my heart tugged. I hated seeing people in pain that was partly a reason I took up medicine to help people. No question he was beautiful he looked like the type of guy high school girls drooled over probably was on the football team when he was there, but right now that didn't matter I had to tear my eyes away and concentrate on my job.

"Okay on my count...1...2...3. Lift!"I ordered

He groaned softly, on the plus side he was conscious and that helped a lot. His hair was darkish brown with a red tint sort of bronze his forehead was covered with sweat and he was a deathly pale he had several cuts on his face and some bruising was appearing my first reaction to that was:

Head trauma

That was never good we had to get him scanned as soon as I was sure he was stable.

"Angela check his leg for fractures see if you can strap it up before we take him to X-ray"

"Sure Bella I will book him in now..." She said as she dashed to the phone and returned to cut up his jeans so she could get a better look at his leg.

I turned back to him, his eyes looked panicked.

"It's alright you're in hospital you were involved in a collision can you tell me your name?" I was hovering over him checking his pupils with my little torch his pupils were dilated that could mean a concussion.

"My name... is ...E..Edward, Where is Em..met?" His voice was rasping I think he was referring to the other casualty.

"He is being looked after, Edward can you tell me where it hurts?" I asked as I unbuttoned his shirt to examine his chest to check how badly his ribs were I carefully pressed my fingers on his left side he gasped.

"My chest, I c...can't breathe..." he trailed off his eyes rolled back the monitor was slowing down. Crap he was going into cardiac arrest.

"Nurse! Get me charged at 250!" I basically shouted as I was handed the paddles as the nurse the other side of me placed two plastic pads on Edward's chest. I counted to 5 in my head as the machine blipped to tell me it was ready I placed the paddles on his chest.

"Stand clear!" I shouted as I shocked him his body shook, I looked at the monitor no response.

"Charge 280!"


This time I was rewarded with a blip followed by another, as his heart started to beat again into a normal pattern still it was weak.

"His leg has two fractures I have strapped his leg up, and told the surgeons to expect a punctured lung they are ready for him." Angela said beside me.

I nodded in return Edward needed to get to surgery as quickly as possible I helped wheel him out of the ER to the lift where we were met by the surgeons who didn't waste time in prepping him for theatre.

"Bella you okay?" Angela was behind me. I was still staring off at the left Edward had just entered.

"Yeah, fine did you find any ID we can use to book him in to the IU?" I asked as I turned to face her she looked a bit flushed I was sure I did to.

"The police saved their wallets an 'Emmet McCarthy and Edward..." Her face froze her eyes widened her mouth opened and closed.

"Angela who is it? What's Edward's last name?" I asked confused.

"Cullen, Edward Cullen." It hit me then, the name it was Carlisle's last name he was Carlisle's son.

"Oh no Carlisle's son, no... has anyone told him?"

"Not yet he just finished in the ER all casualty's are being sent to surgery or the IU I think the patient from Car 3 died shortly after arriving though..."

"Ang, shall I tell him? Can you contact the rest of Edward's family I can find Carlisle." My voice was very bleak now I couldn't bear to think how Carlisle was going to take this.

"Sure" and with that she dashed off to reception.

I was in automatic mode, like I was disconnected from my body as if someone else was telling me to move as I went round the wards trying to find Carlisle. I didn't have to go too far he was just outside the ER with his clipboard talking to Jasper. He was running his hand through his blonde hair, he did that a lot when he was worried or stressed.

I approached them; something about my expression must have given me away as when Carlisle glanced over at me his expression froze.

"Bella, what is it?"

"It's your son, Edward he was in Car 1, he...he is in surgery now..."

I didn't even finish my sentence Carlisle stumbled in shock luckily Jasper was there to support him.

Carlisle's face was very white.

"Not" he trailed off as Jasper helped him sit on a bench.

"I did everything I could he is with the surgeons now his chances are good"

"How bad is it Bella?" His voice was no more than a whisper the downside of being a doctor you knew exactly what was going on and how bad it was you couldn't sugar coat it.

"His left collar bone is broken, he has two fractures in his left leg possible 1-2 broken ribs again on his left side and we fear a punctured lung he went into cardiac arrest we got him back and his heart has a regular rhythm. Carlisle he was semi conscious when he came in he was responding well to treatment I think his chances are good. Angela has contacted your family they are on their way in now." I finished my voice a complete monotone Carlisle's face was in his hands he brought his face up to look at me the pain there was evident.

"Thank you Bella, I must go and be with my wife. Jasper come and get me if any news comes."

"Yes sir." Jasper sounded equally shocked as Carlisle walked briskly off in the direction off the reception. I turned to look at Jasper we had gone to med school together and ended up at the same hospital and qualifying together he was one of my best friends here along with Angela, Carlisle was our mentor we both looked lost just standing there in the corridor.

"Jasper, I don't know what to say... I couldn't bear if I missed something if anything happens it will be my fault! How could I face Carlisle?...I..." he cut me off.

"Shhh Bella I am sure you did everything you could look its thanks to you he is alive right now and all the team and as you said his chances are good he got to theatre as quickly as he was stable."

Jasper was always good at calming me he was the one who comforted me when I lost my first patient; she was 17 her name was Emily Row she came in after being hit by a car she only lasted an hour she died of internal bleeding. Jasper had been the one to pull me together in this line of work we had to remain emotionally detached from our patients which is easier said than done.

He pulled me into a hug as I cried on his shoulder, Now a days I get less emotional when something bad happens I guess with it being Carlisle's son it probably brought back the realisation that our patients have family that care about them and when bad stuff happens it effects all of them I suppose it was rubbing off on me now. We stayed like that for a minute before we pulled apart and I dried my tears with the back off my hand.

"Thanks Jasper"

"No problem Bella, I will go look how he is doing why don't you check on Edward's friend eh?"

"Sure, see you later" I forced a smile and headed to reception.

Again I glanced at the clock this time it seemed a millennium had passed not a few hours it was nearly 5am and time for me to go, I was just going to check on Emmet then head home I needed that right now.

He was in the IU as a precaution his injuries were not as bad as Edward's they expected to move him from the intensive care unit to the normal ward in a day or so. I paged Jasper to let him know before I headed to the locker room to hang up my coat and head home.

The last thought I had as I left, was the image of Edward's dazzling eyes looking up at me that made me feel strange as if he could see straight through me. I shook my head and pulled my umbrella up to shield me from the rain as I headed out into the cold winter night.

Earlier that night


"Emmet! Turn that off, God I'm surprised you can still hear! You know you're going to go deaf right?" I chided my best friend. We were driving down the motorway on our way to my parents house where we were staying for Christmas I managed to get the hospital I worked for to let me go a little early I deserved a break.

This Christmas as always Emmet was joining us, he didn't have much of a family his mum died when he was 10 and his dad is an alcoholic who is in jail after beating some guy up in a pub a few months ago which unfortunate for him led to his death Emmet's dad was then charged with manslaughter and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

It had been hard on Emmet he felt responsible for letting his dad get so bad, when it was so clearly not his fault he always had to cope with it on his own a downside to being an only child he practically lived in our house for the last 10 years until he moved out and moved to Las Vegas, yeah he really really liked it there suited his personality to a was a bar manager in one of its many casinos and had tried to tempt me into joining him many times, I was much happier working in Seattle general I had moved out there from Chicago after I had graduated from Med school and I liked it but I admit sometimes lonely when all my family were in Chicago. It was nice to be heading home for the holiday.

"Well my friend how else am I going to educate your taste in music??!" He was shouting over the stereo I just chuckled as I turned the volume down of the rap song as it was going:

SO you wanna dis me?

Do you wanna kill me?

Are you going to shoot me??...

I shook my head.

"Emmet you know I love you but you are in serious need of someone to re-wire your brain when it comes to music."

"Oh really?? So then what would you listen to? MR.I-Know-all-about-music"

"Erm... well Michael Buble" I guessed ok so music wasn't my forte but come on Michael Buble was soo much better than the crap he was playing!

Emmet snorted. "Who is he?" oh trust him not to know who he was I mentally rolled my eyes

"Hey he is really good have you heard 'I just haven't met you yet?"

"Err... no obviously otherwise I wouldn't ask!"He retorted. I responded by scrolling down my IPod and pressing play.

"Mmm... not bad meh it is okay"

I just stared at him.

"Okay... It's amazing!" and I sang along to my favourite bit.


I might have to wait.
I'll never give up.
I guess it's half timing,
And the other half's luck.
Wherever you are.
Whenever it's right.
You'll come out of nowhere and into my life.

And I know that we can be so amazing.
And baby your love is gonna change me.
And now I can see every possibility.


"So Eddie, you found the love of your life...or by the sounds of that song you're still waiting" He giggled.

"No, not yet still looking..."I trailed off I didn't want to go into it I hadn't been with anyone for a while now, but Emmet didn't want to quit.

"What about Tanya? She was HOT!" Emmet wolf whistled.

I groaned.

"She is not my type, seems like an air head to me, no I'm for a girl I can actually having a conversation with without them bursting into fits off girly giggles" I tried a lame imitation.

"Dude, imitations are not your thing, and who cares if she is an air head I bet she would be great in-"

"EMMET! Seriously maybe that is okay with you but not for me."

"Whatever dude, whoever you go out with I wish them luck"

"Same for you idiot" I snickered.

"Okay so are we turning off in a bit? I always forget which exit it is..." Okay Emmet's an awesome driver he just lacks sense of direction.

"Yeah next exit coming up on your left"


Emmet didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as something slammed into the Car on my side. Pain rushed through me as the car spun out of control I could feel blood running down my face as we made impact with another car on Emmet's side this time. The shrieking of metal against metal was deafening. My head was spinning as I couldn't tell what was happening I was trying to make sense of it but in the end I just blacked out.

Darkness surrounded me, Pain was everywhere down my left side I couldn't open my eyes for what seemed like a life time.

When I did open them I was shocked the Car was dangerously diagonal, from what I could see through the shattered window it was being held up like that due to another car I could see an old man collapsed on the steering wheel. His white hair had been soaked with blood and the old women next to him was slumped forward. I panicked and tried to turn my head to see Emmet who was on the lower side of the car, He was passed out but defiantly breathing his body was slumped against the driver's door the window had smashed and coming through was grass.

Emmet was alive, I was alive... but for how much longer?

I was being held up buy my seatbelt if I undid it I would fall down on Emmet, Pain rushed over me as the seatbelt dug into my stomach and shoulder. I just kept thinking we could get out of this someone must be phoning for help.

"Emmet! Emmet! Wake up!" I shouted though it came out more like a loud whisper my lungs felt like they were being stabbed and tears started to fall down my face. As I gasped for breath, in the distance I could hear sirens but I slipped back into to the darkness.

When I awoke everything was bright and white was this heaven had I died? I tried to speak but couldn't I could look up but It looked as if I was moving but it was so disorientating I vaguely registered some noise above me.

"...suspected broken left clavicle and maybe two broken ribs left side risk of punctured lung, the car was going round 60mph at impact possible fractures in leg and thigh possible internal bleeding as well."

Then I was being moved or rather lifted and it hurt a painful sound escaped my lips as my back now encountered something softer. I then lost connection with what was going on I started panicking until a beautiful voice spoke to me.

"It's alright you're in hospital you were involved in a collision can you tell me your name?" her voice sounded like music she hovered over me at first glance I thought she was an angel till I managed to figure out what she said. I was in hospital, someone got help. Emmet! He must be here was he okay? I had to make sure he was alright.

I replied in a shaky voice "My name... is ...E..Edward, Where is Em..met?"

"He is being looked after, Edward can you tell me where it hurts?"

I wanted to scream EVERYWHERE! But I couldn't quite manage that I felt rather weak, as my breathing became more difficult by the second.

"My chest, I c...can't breathe..." I managed to say but it was too much, the pain engulfed me pulling me under. I lost sight of the beautiful women and I was feeling numb and disconnected like I was drifting away from reality I desperately was trying to cling to, I couldn't breathe.

But I couldn't feel the pain so I let the darkness take me. I was almost gone till I felt something, I couldn't identify it but it was like someone was pulling me back, tugging me. It was a very strange sensation I sucked in a huge breathe as air filled my lungs painfully this time I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness not the darkness before I could breathe here and let my senses relax as I drifted off.

I hope whoever has read this enjoyed it, I haven't finished a story yet I often start something then give up and get writers block, and I had this idea last night so I thought of doing a chapter and I will let you be the judge if I should continue or not. I am not a medical expert so sorry if it's not accurate enough, so please review so I can see if you think I should continue! All comments welcome thank you

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