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Chapter 6

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I was so happy, I was back. Sure I was in a lot of pain but Bella was here! I wished I could get up and go to her but the pain very conveniently reminded me I was bed bound.

"Edward, are you okay? Where does it hurt?" She quickly came and hovered over me. She was so close her breath tickled the skin of my cheek, which shut me up for a few seconds before I regained composure.

"I...Erm... my chest, what happened? My throat feels like someone tried to sandpaper..." I coughed at the end which felt like my lungs had burst into flames.

Worry filled Bella's eyes. But the pain was too much I couldn't reassure her, as my chest continued to spasm. She went into action straight away by pulling back the sheets and undoing my top so she had a clear view of my chest, she starting prodding around with her hands and listening to my chest for a while before she was satisfied that I was okay.

Under her touch I immediately started to relax and my breathing slowed down to a normal steady rhythm, it still hurt, but nowhere near as much and Bella's hands had a very calming effect. Without saying anything she turned away and went to the sink which was on the other side of the room and poured a glass of water before returning to me.

"Water, it will help" She smiled offering it to me; I tried to sit up on my own but couldn't quite make it without releasing a grunt of pain. Bella caught on quick and helped me by slipping her arm round my back supporting me as I lifted myself into a seating position; strange electricity ran through my body where her arm touched the bare skin of my back. Bella looked also taken aback I wondered if she had felt it too...

She held the small polystyrene cup to my mouth which felt incredibly dry, but as the water poured in it was like the most gorgeous refreshing drink I had ever had. Her eyes seemed to be searching over me, waiting for something to happen but I couldn't be tense around her I felt...Safe.

I was so used to saving other people's lives at work, that I never thought there would have been a day where I was the one needing saving.

She pulled the cup away; I had drained it in a matter of a few seconds. She pulled back as if to get a better look at me. Her hair was down it reached a few inches below her shoulder, its brown curls looked so soft and fragile like her I just wanted to touch it...

"How's that?" Her curious voice snapped me out of my trance.

"Much, better...Thank you." every movement hurt but the water had dulled the pain for now.

"Your lung collapsed, you were in theatre for 3 hours and went into a coma. Today is the 28th you were under for 4 days..." She winced as she told me this. "It was a close call...hey least you're in time to welcome in 2010." She laughed weakly.

I tried to process what she was telling me, I felt relief to know why I was in pain and shocked that I had lost four whole days of my life it felt like I had only been a sleep and just woken up.

"Hey, I should go get Carlisle and Esme. They have been worried sick; Carlisle has been staying just down the corridor he wanted to be here when you woke up."

I was touched, Carlisle would do anything for me I made a mental promise to take him and Mum out (when I could move about) It was the least I could do for putting them through this. They didn't need to worry about me, but I suppose I would always be there only son and telling Mum not to worry was like telling someone not to breathe.

I was suddenly wrapped up in my thoughts that I hadn't realised Bella had got up and was nearly at the door and I had no idea when she would be back.

"Bella, you will be back won't you?" Suddenly unease filled me I had barely had time to talk to her; I wasn't ready to let her go.

She turned the second I said her name.

"Tomorrow..." And right on cue she let out a small yawn. Just then I glanced at the clock it was nearly 9:00 and if my suspicions were correct she would have started working very early this morning. I felt like an idiot for keeping her here, she must have finished her shift hours ago. At the same time I was on a weird high that Bella had stayed with me also sadness that I would have to wait that long to see her again.



There was an eerie silence after Bella had gone. Like she had taken something away, it didn't last more than two minutes though...

Soon enough the room was filled, Carlisle came running through the door soon followed by Esme and Emmet all crowding round my bed as Carlisle gave the once over even after I told him I felt fine at least 10 times he still wouldn't listen. Dad's (mental eye roll) So wasn't exactly fine in every sense ( apart from the weak lung, broken thigh, collar bone maybe a few broken ribs chucked in...) I was, more now than I had been. Because now was surrounded by my family and...Bella.

Though she would never see me than more than her patient I knew that, but still part of me hoped she may see me as a bit more than some broken man who was bedbound.

Time was passing again as Emmet started cracking jokes, as usual.

Mum held my hand and stroked my hair, telling me how they had been so scared that they had nearly lost me. Her calm voice lulled me back to sleep, a restless sleep as the only face I could see again and again was my beautiful doctor.


I reluctantly, closed the door behind me leaving the newly woken Edward behind me. He was awake and I knew what my first duty was, I shouldn't have stalled as I did trying to tease out more time with him. It wasn't right or fair, I should have got Carlisle the second his eyes fluttered open.

But I didn't. Stupid, stupid I was only going to end up getting hurt by wishing for something that was never going to happen.

I rushed quickly down to the desk at the end off the corridor, lucky for me there was a nurse on duty which would make it easy to locate where Edward's parents where. I didn't feel like running off round the hospital trying to find them and leaving the floor Edward was on, he would be alone and I wouldn't allow that, it wasn't right.

"Hey, there can I help you?" It was the same sickly sweet young nurse, who chewed peppermint all day long, which blasted you with mintness the second she opened her mouth.

"Yes, can you please page Dr. Cullen his son has woken up."

She was still chewing, as she started typing out the message. Seriously annoyed me couldn't she be any quicker?


"Dr. Swan." God I sounded like an idiot not even introducing myself! I was starting to lose my basic skills, at least tonight I might be able to sleep properly.

"Sent, is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No, thank you." I departed quickly, heading for the lift forcing myself to look only forwards because if I looked back there was no doubt in my mind that I would give in and run back to Edward's room.

But I couldn't he needed his family not me, just like before when he came to.

I literally ran to the locker room to grab my things before heading quickly out of the locker room, just as I reached for my car keys I got paged and as I suspected it was from Carlisle wondering where I was no doubt. I flipped it out of my pocket with my keys, but I couldn't quite catch both in time and my pager fell to the floor. Just as I reached for it a white hand got to it before me, I smiled as I looked up, and Jasper was dangling the pager in front of me.

"Lost something?"

"No, thank you" As I took it back.

"Going somewhere perhaps?"

I groaned, why was it always Jasper to notice things?

when I didn't want him to.

"Home, it's late. Where are you going?"

"Bella, you shift ended over 3 hours ago have you been with Edward?"

"You haven't answered my question yet!" He wasn't going to drop it, he never did.

He crossed his arms over his chest and gave me a very sarcastic look.

"Okay, fine I was. Just talking and anyway he just woke up, I got a message to Carlisle so they should be with him now. So I'm going home I'm not needed." I could feel the hint of sadness in my words which was worse than pathetic.

"Bella, you know you should rest more don't you? And I'm sure Edward will need you more, if that's what you are thinking. By the way thanks for the help with Alice." Immediately his eyes lit up.

"Oh yeah! How did that go? Have you asked her out yet?" I loved quizzing him for once it made him the subject of blushes instead of me.

"Well, I asked her out to see a film next week? Does that count?" he seemed unsure, which was very unlike Jasper.

"YES! It counts! Ooo… what are you going to wear? Please please not a T-shirt you have worn three days in a row!" I was never one for fashion but Jasper had some God awful clothes.

"You sound just like Alice, she asked me that same thing, you know she has a little boutique store a few blocks away? Anyway she is picking my outfit, looks like I don't get a say. Hey maybe if things go well next week do you want to join us for dinner sometime?"

Uh oh, anyone heard of the saying threes a crowd?

"Well, we will see. I wouldn't want to be a spare wheel or something…"

"Bella, you are never a spare wheel. And Alice really wants to meet you."

"Jasper! What have you been saying?"

"Oh not much…" I could only imagine all the embarrassing stories that had been let loose, if Jasper wasn't such a good friend than I would have happily hit him over the head with my heavy file.

"Better not have been much, for your sake."

"Bella, you couldn't get your own back on a fly let alone me."

"Well, we will have to see." I said slyly a plan already starting to form in my head, this will be good. As I was thinking on my GET JASPER BACK plot I realised I still hadn't looked at the message on my pager. I glanced at it, yes I was right it was from Carlisle:

'Where are you?'

I replied quickly almost stabbing the buttons back, I was too tired to explain to Jasper what I was doing.

'Going home very tired. See you tomorrow say hi to Edward for me.'

"Bella, what's up?" Jasper brought me back to ground level

"Oh, just Carlisle wondering where I am. Edward has just woken up, I thought best to message his family and make my exit."

"Oh, okay then. Great news though and just in time for the New Year Prom."

I had totally forgotten about that... I didn't really want to remember either; last year didn't go so well. I cringed inwardly at the memory

"Are you going with Alice?" I was almost 99.9% sure he was, by the sounds of it this Alice girl wouldn't miss out on the chance to dress up.

"Yes...Are you going?"

"No, you know what happened last year. I think for everyone's safety it would be best if I stayed home."

"Oh yeah..." He chuckled that sent me into glowing bright red.

"Still, you should go...hey maybe you and Edwa-"

I didn't let him finish.

"I very much doubt that, he has just come out of a coma asking me to prom is the last thing he would do. Besides he probably has better things to do." I looked down at the floor to cover up the disappointment that was spreading across my face.

"Okay, well think about it. It would be much more fun if you came." He smiled, always the optimist.

"Sure it would..." I grumbled as Jasper hurried along the corridor on the way to his next patient as I made my way to my red car through the clear crisp night.


I awoke mid morning, which wasn't very like me. But considering what I was recovering from it was understandable.

The light yellow curtains were drawn letting the glow of the sun shine brightly through, I cursed myself for sleeping in, as that meant I would have missed Bella and would have to wait till the end of the day to see her. I looked around properly for the first time, the room was covered in get well soon cards I grabbed a few closest to me. Some from a few distant relatives who I hadn't heard of in at least a few years and from a few nurses whose names I did not recognise who the hell was Tanya?? And why did it have a few x's? I shuddered to think.

I tried to pull myself up so I was sitting upright; I had to grit my teeth so I didn't let out a painful gasp. My body felt weak and battered but at last I did it, and with no help! I also felt at the same time exhausted but on a weird high that made me feel like I had climbed a mountain rather than what should be a simple action.

I could now reach a book that was perched on the edge of my bedside table. I didn't recognise the back so flipped it over the title was 'Pride and Prejudice' this was defiantly not mine, I wondered who had left it there? I opened the cover and a note slipped outI caught it just before it fell off the bed to the floor.

I recognised the handwriting before I got round to reading it. My heart did double time, it was Bella's handwriting. I knew because I had seen her writing on my charts, it read:

To Edward,

Happy Christmas and New Year!

I hope it is a better one; here is a little something for a classics kind of guy!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Bella x

I clutched the note close, I traced the dents in the paper where the pen had scrawled her writing. I hadn't thought about Christmas, I realised this was the first Christmas present I had received and so typical that out of all the things I could have picked up it was Bella's gift! If there was anything that was supposed to be a sign I guess this was it.

I chuckled as I began reading; I let the hours slip away happily as the light outside the window brushed from yellow to orange to pink then blue. I almost didn't notice that someone entered the room.

I was so startled I dropped the book I was at least half way through.

"Oh, sorry Edward I didn't mean to disturb you." Her voice was like sweet music to my ears.

"Bella." A strange sort of relief coloured my voice.

"I said I would come, well I came this morning but you were asleep."

"You should have woken me up" I felt self conscious that she had seen me sleeping, but then again everyone had when I was in my coma.

"I couldn't, you needed your rest." She bent down and picked up the book and placed it back on the side, a smile spread across her face. It made me smile too.

"Ah, I see you finally got you present I remembered you liked classics."

"You are right; it is a good book by the way."

"I know" she gave me a smug smile. I wondered exactly how many books she read...

"Do you spend most of your spare time reading? Don't you go out?" It was supposed to make her laugh; instead I got a blush which was not what I was expecting.

"Well, I'm so busy at work and with sorting out decorations for the Prom. Which I could do without right now I was never good at art, I don't get much time to just relax and I like books..." She sounded so embarrassed which was not needed I chuckled.

That's it a Prom, I knew something was happening for New Year, a strange thing clicked in my brain did someone talk to me about it? Something about dancing? It just came out.

"You don't like dancing, do you?"

Bella's face went immediately red, a beautiful blush coloured her cheeks.

"You heard me then."

"What do you mean?"

She looked down at her hands in her lap playing with a strand that was loose from her white coat. I could tell she was probably picking the right thing to say, her silence for a few seconds were the most frustrating. I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on in her head.

"Well..." She was still looking down. "When, you were unconscious I sort of came and talked to you. They say that, when someone is in a coma talking to them can help. That they can hear you..." She trailed off her blush deepened which ended her sentence for her.

A strange sort of happiness flooded through me, the joy that she had come and talked to me when I was unconscious. She was there for me, even when I wasn't quite there myself.

"Thank you, that means a lot. So what's this about not dancing?"

"No way, not going there." She shook her head.

"Hey, not fair! Please." I gave her my persuasive crooked smile; it seemed to work as she seemed to be a bit dazed herself.

"I can't dance..."

"Did, no one ever teach you?" I was generally curious who couldn't dance?

"No... Let's just say I inherited two left feet from my dad..." Her chocolate eyes gazed back at mine I could see her lips pull into a soft smile.

"That will not do, what is this New Year Party; don't they have a Prom or something?" I could feel a ridiculous, reckless plan form in my head... Stupid, stupid and yet so tempting.

"They do...but I think it's safer for everyone if I avoid it as last year I knocked over a drinks table and two other people, I spent the rest of my evening having glass removed from my arm."

I couldn't help but release a small chuckle where the pain was just bearable. I knew what I was going to ask was totally out of place, that I had no right to ask it but I felt I had to before someone else did.

"What if you had someone who could keep you away from the drinks table?" As soon as it was out, I regretted my forwardness I had only just woken up from a coma nearly two days ago and I was trying to ask this beautiful woman out...was I crazy?

Probably yes.

Silence followed she looked speechless probably agreeing with my earlier thought 'CRAZY'

"I mean, if you had no plans..." I trailed off like an idiot.

"Edward, are you asking me out?"

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