Mariku is the ruthless ruler of a province in India. Because of his greed and hate, he has made Malik, his half-brother, into a slave, whom he tortures at every chance he gets.

This chapter is just an introduction to the story. This chapter contains m/m, rape, anal, etc. The pairing is YMxM. Later pairings will include MxYB, and YMxR. A further explanation of the plot will be available the next chapter, but enjoy the lemon this chapter!

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Malik silently trudged down the dimly lit hallway to his master's chambers. His bronze face was illuminated by the thin candles that lined the halls, his violet eyes sparkling like diamonds and amethyst, a site not commonly seen in the dark-eyed world. But no one saw the eyes of the young boy, for his face was covered in sheer garments, creating the illusion that the irises were of a different color.

The hallway ended with a door of great grandeur. Rubies, emeralds, and other precious stone were placed into the exquisite design of the wood, placed to look like orchids and lily flowers. Malik's tan hands tentatively traced the floral patterns before finally pulling open the door. Malik's violet eyes dropped down to his feet as he stood still in the entranceway.

"Come to me." an authoritative voice called to Malik, whispered hints of desire, lust, and anger were present in the person speaking.

Malik lifted his eyes ever so slightly to view to scene in front of him. The room he was walking into was even more ornate than the entranceway he just passed. Large ivory statues of elephants, tigers, and lions, were scattered across the room. The statues were impressively carved, with great care found in the detail, but the statues were no where near as impressive as the large bed that sat in the center of the room. Pillowed steps led to the bed that was raised an extra two feet from the ground. The bed itself was a large canopy bed, vibrantly colored with reds, greens, yellows, and oranges. The occasional sapphire was placed here or there, but the color scheme was similar to the foliage that grew outside the walls.

Below the bed were two steaming pools of water, each placed on either side of the masterpiece. The water was filled with rose and lily petals, perfuming the air. But the sight that stood out the most, more than the furniture, the statues, or the pools, was the tan man seated next to the pool, dipping his toes in the water. He was dressed in a fine silk tunic, that was of a lavender color accented with gold threading. Bright jewels of gold and silver adorned his neck and arms, showing off his obvious high class. There was no question that this man was handsome, un-ordinarily handsome. His head was donned with light colored hair, which unruly and spiked, but fell handsomely down his shoulders. His eyes were also of violet, sparkling like diamonds. In all essence, this man was an older, much more masculine version of the young Malik who had just entered the chamber. But unlike Malik, his face was devoid of innocence and uncertainty.

"Come here" the voice of the man called out again to Malik.

Malik shivered and walked to the left of the man, before falling upon his knees.

"Master Mariku", Malik whispered in a submissive voice.

"Tell me slave, why is today a good day?" Mariku asked, placing his feet fully into the steaming water.

"I do not know sire." Malik answered, his voice hinted a tint of annoyance for the teen did not enjoy these kind of games.

"You should know slave Malik." Mariku responded, raising a blonde eyebrow at the submissively postured teen seated next to him, "For are we not one in the same, you and I?"

Malik glanced up, a bewildered look grew quickly upon his face. Malik's lips remained tightly shut, his face screwed up in confusion.

Mariku continued, "Yes, for did you not say once that we are the same, and we should treat each other as such? But that was before you learned your place. I believe Isis was telling you those whimsical little tales, the one about family and some shit like that."

Mariku grinned at Malik before returning to his little speech. "Yes, and that when we had to get rid of Isis. You cried terribly when she married some man that lived so very far from the northern province of India. Eleven years old, and crying like a woman." Mariku snickered, pushing some golden strands of hair out of his face.

"Do you now know why today is a good day slave?" Mariku hissed into Malik's ear, wrapping an arm possessively over the teens bare shoulders.

"Yes." Malik answered, remembering the torturous events that had taken place those six years ago that turned Malik into the wanton being, and Mariku into the devilish fiend.

"I finally marked you as my own, didn't I?" Mariku continued to his, running his fingers up and down Malik's back. "The mark and reminder that you belong to me and me alone. Showing that we are not brothers or family, or even distant relatives of any sort. For you are my slave, and I am your master."

Mariku paused and began scraping his nails down the carvings shown on Malik's back, causing the teen to wince in pain. "And yet. Yet we are one in the same. We are at a balance you and I. We are the same person, I just take the better parts, and leave you with the less desirable ones. But we complete each other. Well I suppose I complete you more. I am the greater, I am the god. You are just the slave, the pet, the undesired."

Mariku stopped and laughed loudly, his finger-nails digging into Malik's skin, allowing blood to pool out of the freshly made wounds.

"Tell me slave. Do you understand what I say to you? Or will you defy my words in an attempt to hope that they will fail?"

Malik shook his head. He was already wincing in pain from the cutting of his already sensitive back, he could not imagine the pain that would be brought if he ever defied Mariku.

"Good." Mariku breathed, unbuttoning the top of his tunic. "Tonight is all about you slave. In remembrance of everything that has happened, and in hope," Mariku paused as he pulled off his silk tunic, showing off his perfectly sculpted chest, and muscular arms, "...that you have learned from your mistakes slave."

Malik nodded slowly, glancing up at Mariku. He knew the procedure, he knew it like the back of his hand. He removed the gold bands from his wrists and ankles and placed them on the tiled floor. He had no need to strip himself of clothing, for he had arrived in only a meter long cloth that he wrapped around his waist like a skirt.

Mariku stepped up out of the water and climbed the steps to his bed, pulling off the large trinkets and pieces of gold and silver, that would surely get in the way of their 'activities'.

"Come slave." Mariku called as he sat upon the thick polychromatic cushions on his bed, sitting in only his dhoti*.

Malik walked up to the bed, his head bowed with his golden locks falling into his face. He climbed onto the bed, his petite frame trembling slightly as he was pulled into Mariku's lap. Mariku snatched a long cotton cloth, and grabbed Malik's hands, tying them tightly together behind his back. Mariku quickly flipped Malik around, forcing the teen on his knees in front of his master. Mariku shed the rest of his garments, sporting a partially erected cock.

Malik bent over, knowing what to do. He took the other's member into his mouth, licking and sucking the tip playfully. Mariku groaned, and wrapped his fingers in the teen's blonde hair, tugging at the strands slightly.

Malik continued, nibbling up and down the penis before licking the sensitive underside. His mind screamed in protest to the disgusting act that Malik was performing, but the teen continued. His head was pushed down farther on the cock until the entire piece of flesh was inside of his mouth, and hitting the back of his throat. Malik gagged slightly, but he swallowed the flesh, humming and sucking around it.

Mariku moaned loudly at the sensation, his fingers tightly entangled in the teen's golden locks. He thrust up into Malik's mouth, the sensation becoming overwhelming.

Malik continued with the pleasuring of Mariku's pulsating member. Regaining his senses, Mariku pulled Malik's head off of his throbbing member, and pushed Malik on his stomach, his arse high in the air. Mariku grinned, and pulled the clothing off of Malik, smirking at his bare arse. Despite the fact his cock was throbbing in need, Mariku decided to have a little fun with his slave. Pulling apart the cheeks, Mariku flicked Malik's entrance with his finger, enjoying the whimpering noise that Malik let out.

It wasn't always painful for Malik, Mariku always stretched and prepared his slave for the act. But the initial touch always frightened him, and pained him greatly. He was quite sensitive there, actually anywhere from the tip of his spine to his ass. It was probably the fault of the scars, the knife must have hit a point on his back creating the oversensitive problem. But there was nothing that Malik could do now except lay on his stomach with his arse in the air, and his hands twisted painfully behind him. This was the life of the pleasure slave, he had accepted his fate.

But Mariku's fingers left Malik's entrance, much to the teens surprise. But the act was followed by a severe slap to his arse, leaving red handprints on the cheeks. The painful slaps continued, one after another. Malik's eyes were tearing up in agony, wishing for the torment to end. But it did not end, even as Mariku's own hand was bright red and stinging terribly.

Mariku just grinned in pleasure as he saw the anguish that he was bringing the boy under him. His slave deserved it. He needed to be punished, for... for whatever he did. Perhaps Mariku was punishing Malik for his past. Or perhaps it was just that Mariku enjoyed being a sadist, because his member was growing impossibly hard with the pain that he was inflicting on the teen. What other kind of pain could Mariku inflict on Malik?

Mariku grinned and stopped, much to Malik's relief. But the relief was short lived as Mariku sat up upon his knees and rammed his length into Malik.

Malik threw his head back and screamed in pain. Mariku had never pushed into him unprepared, or without some sort of lubricant. But it was apparent Mariku didn't care. He closed his eyes, and moaned in pleasure. He continued to thrust into Malik at a frenzied rate, ignoring the fact that he had ripped open Malik's hole, and blood was pooling out of his entrance. He just enjoyed the feeling of the blood lubricating his cock as he slid in and out more freely.

Malik cried and screamed, his face being pushed harshly into the bed's cushions. Mariku grabbed his slaves hips in a bruising grip and continued to push into him. He could care less that Malik was experiencing only the worst form of pain as his impressive length filled up the teen's body. He could only notice the pleasurable ecstacy that filled his core.

Mariku flipped Malik over, so that Malik was laying on his back. Mariku's pleasure wildly increased as he saw the pained look on Malik's face.

Mariku bent over Malik, still thrusting in at a frenzied pace, and bit the slaves collarbone multiple times, leaving bleeding bite marks and malformed hickies. Malik continued to cry, as Mariku finished thrusting into him, and releasing his seed into the teen's body. Mariku moaned, his eyes hazed over with orgasmic pleasure.

But Mariku wasn't finished. He rubbed his flaccid penis with the crimson blood until it stood erect again. He grabbed Malik's hips again, and rocked into the teen's body again and again.

Malik lost count of how many times Mariku released into him, he didn't even notice when Mariku finally gave him some sort of pleasure, forcing Malik's body to orgasm. It was just pain, just sharp, terrible anguish.

There were no other words to describe it. Malik was just numb with the anguish and torment his body was put through.

After what seemed like forever, Mariku pulled out of the trembling teen, a thick sheen of sweat formed upon his brow, and where the bodies slapped together in the act. The smell of sweat, blood, and sex filled the air, hanging like a cloud over the two bodies. Mariku laid down next to his slave and smiled psychotically. That was probably one of the few best nights of sex that he had ever had. How he wished it didn't have to end. But he was human, and despite being physically fit, he was unable to do much more.

Perhaps they would have more fun in the morning.

*A cloth wrapped around the legs, fashioned like pants.

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