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Eleven year old Harry Potter was submerged deep in thought. Up ahead his family, consisting of his father James Potter, his mother Lily Potter, his younger sister Rose and his twin brother Edward Potter. They were busy chatting happily ahead of him, talking about everything Edward would need for Hogwarts. You see the Potter family were wizards and witches. Today happened to be Edward's and his birthday. They had just received letters from Hogwarts, the best school for witchcraft and wizardry in the country. Harry didn't know why they were acting so excited, it was completely predictable.

Drifting into his memories he scowled inwardly. His parents had always favored Edward. Just because he was the ''Boy-Who-Lived.'' Edward hadn't been the one who could metamorph. Yes, young Harry was a metamorphmagus. He had a fair degree of control over his changes. He was still practicing, the time it took to rearrange his features took far to long. He was also a parseltongue, though he never told anyone about it. His parents were avid Gryffindors and parseltongue was considered dark magic.

He remembered their ninth birthday. Harry never got a single present that day, not from Remus, Sirius or even his parents. That day had been solely focused on his older twin brother. Though not everything bad happened, he had managed to get hold of a beginners jinx book and his mothers wand. The silly woman had left it on her bedside table. He had learned two spells that day. Flipendo, a weak knock back jinx, useful for his follow up spell jelly legs jinx, making his opponent wobble around the room.

His little sister however, actually came to see him that day. She had found him in his room practicing. He had first noticed her when she started to clap as he knocked a book over. She had run up to him and gave him a hug, wishing him a happy birthday. She had then asked if she could watch him. He smiled gently at his younger sister. She was the only person to like him over Edward, probably because he didn't tease her.

He was snapped out of his musings by Lily calling to him. Looking up he sees the Gringotts bank in front and his mothers concerned gaze. "Harry? Are you alright?" Asked the worried mother. She had noticed her youngest son becoming more distant with the family lately, much preferring to shy away in his room with books taken from the family book room. It was usually about occulmency. "I'm fine mother, just sorting out my thoughts." Spoke Harry as he glanced at her and walked up the marble steps to the bank.

Lily watched her son start suddenly at her concern. It was small, hardly noticeable, but she saw it. She wondered why he would react that way as she followed her quiet less exuberant son into the bank. She caught up to Harry and they made their way to the desk where Rose, James and Edward stood waiting. "Everything alright Lils?" Asked her husband as she wrapped an arm around her. Lily looked to her youngest son again, who had put his cool, calm facade up once more. "Yes James I'm fine, its just Harry almost walked past Gringotts. I think something is bothering him." Whispered the red head into the older man's ear. James glanced at his other son and saw he looked completely calm and collected. "Looks fine to me" spoke the older Potter. No one but Lily caught the small flash of hatred, but it was so small and quick she could of imagined it.

After the Gringotts ride, money collecting and trip back, the Potters walked back out onto Diagon Alley. "Mother, Father, I would like to do my shopping on my own if that would be alright?" Asked Harry as he looked at the adults of the group. Lily looked at her son oddly but nodded and gave him a list and the fifty galleons he would need for his school equipment. Harry nodded his thanks and walked away to the animal menagerie. "Harry! The only thing you aren't to buy is a wand! Meet at Ollivander's in two hours OK?" If Harry heard his mother he didn't show it. He just walked into the shop. No one noticed his nine year old sister slip off after him.

Once there he was greeted by the owner of the shop. "Hello young sir, how may I help you today?" Harry looked up to see a fifty something old man staring at him from behind the counter smiling. Harry smiled back gently and spoke. "I am looking for a pet, preferably a snake? I need something to keep me company in Hogwarts." the store owner looked at him oddly but nodded anyway. "Very well young sir, please, follow me."

Harry nodded and was about to follow when he felt a small hand slide into his own. Looking around he noticed Rose looking up at him. "What are you doing here? You should be with mother and father. They'll go mad with worry." Spoke Harry to his little sister. Rose looked up at Harry and gave an adorable pout. Shuffling her feet a little she said, "well all they'll do is gloat about Ed, I prefer to stay with you." Harry smiled and lead the girl after the owner.

Harry and Rose followed the man into the snake section of the menagerie. Once there Harry gaped at all the different snakes. However an egg caught his eye it was in the farthest corner of the shop looking pretty inconspicuous. Harry walked over to the egg and held it gently. The egg pulsed warmly and Harry felt compelled to hold it longer. The store owner looked at him and gasped seeing him hold the egg lovingly. Everyone else who wanted that egg said the egg hurt them in some form, usually burning.

"Thats a rare egg child. I think it chooses its owner and it looks ready to hatch soon. Tell you what? Take that egg and hatch it. Then come to me next year with the snake. I have identified it as a snake egg I know that much." Harry looked at the man stunned then smiled. "Thank you very much. I'll treat this egg with care and the snake that emerges from it with the care of a parent." The old man smiled at the young boy again. He had no doubt Harry would carry out his promise. Winking at the boy he ushered him from the shop. "Very well young one. I look forward to seeing you again with your new familiar." Bowed the old man. Harry returned the bow and left the shop with a smile. Rose also smiled and followed after her brother, latching only his arm.

Exactly two hours later Harry and Rose walked into Ollivanders, with his equipment slung over his back, and his egg tucked into one arm. They were greeted by Edward whining, whilst fussing over a nimbus 2000, James frowning and pacing while Lily was sat in a corner. The other three Potters looked up to see Harry with his usual face walk into the shop, Rose holding his arm. "Where the hell were you!" Yelled James as Harry put his equipment down. He stood up and rocked his egg slightly, feeling it heat up again. This snapped Lily's attention to the largish egg in his arm. "I asked you and mother if I could shop by myself. Mother said yes but you ignored me. I find it odd you never realized I wasn't with you until you entered this shop. I'm also shocked you haven't mentioned Rose yet? Were you that engrossed with Edward?" James immediately quietened down, gritting his teeth. Lily continued to look at the egg in his arms.

"Harry, where did you get that egg?" The Potters eyes all snapped to the oval object Harry was carrying. Ignoring them and continuing to rock his egg, which continued to pulse Harry deemed an answer ready. "Well you see, I wanted to go to the menagerie to look at the animals. I was wandering down the snake section when I saw this egg. Apparently I was the first to hold the egg without being hurt. Since the owner couldn't touch it he couldn't raise it so I have that task. I just have to take it back to him next summer. All I know is it is a snake of some sort." Harry noticed a strange man appear from behind the counter.

"Most enlightening Mr Potter. I am Ollivander, I assume the two children are here for wands?" At Edward's excited bouncing around and Harry's calm nod Ollivander smiled. He made a move for Harry when James spoke up. "Don't you think you should do Edward, the Boy-Who-Lived, first?" Ollivander looked at Harry who smiled back at him and went back to taking care of his egg. Ollivander noticed the look on the young female Potters face before she turned to Harry and began to pet his egg. Straightening up Ollivander turned to Edward and waved his wand. Immediately tape measures flew into action taking every measurement possible whilst Ollivander looked for a wand.

Twenty minutes later Ollivander finally chose the right wand for Edward. It was ten inches long, made of oak wood with centaur's blood. Apparently good for transfiguration. Finally it was Harry's turn. After his measurements were taken Ollivander dumped a pile of what he thought would be compatible wands with Harry. "OK Mr Potter. Please try these wands." Harry looked at the massive pile doubtfully. There had to be at least one hundred wands there.

An hour later and Harry still hadn't found the correct wand. The Potters were starting to get annoyed, though Lily was proud. This meant her youngest son wasn't common. Ollivander however was ecstatic. "Well Mr Potter, there is one wand I would like you to try. Please make a wave." Harry took the blood red wand in his hand and immediately felt the warmth on his fingers. Pointing it at Edward he waved and spoke calmly. "Flipendo." A blue bolt of light erupted from his wand and hit his twin in the chest, knocking him on his backside. Rose looked at Edward and burst into laughter as he struggled to get back to his feet.

"Bravo Mr Potter!" Cheered Ollivander, looking ecstatic at finally finding the correct wand for Harry. Harry smiled at his wand. His egg pulsed warmly once more when Harry held the wand near it. "To perform a spell already without any training. But I am slipping from the subject. That is an outstanding wand. Thirteen inches, blood wood, taken from a tree that lives on a bloody battlefield and a basilisk fang for the core. Excellent at blasting and cutting spells. A marvelous choice for any wizard."

Harry looked at his wand in awe. It sounded much better then his brothers wand. "Thank you for supplying me with my wand Mr Ollivander." Harry bowed and placed his wand with his school gear. Harry collected everything and was just about to leave when Ollivander spoke again. "I find it odd Harry, that your wand, is the brother of the wand that gave your brother his fame, you'll do great things." The Potters left Ollivanders in shock. Edward was shocked that his brother got such a unique wand. The only thing he thought Harry was was a geek who read constantly. James was shocked that his precious Edward's wand paled compared to Harry's and Lily just walked mindlessly wandering about her youngest son.

When the Potters arrived home Harry quickly gave the spare money to his parents and quickly left for his room not even speaking to or interacting with his family, except give Rose a warm hug. He stroked his egg and told him he would he would place it under his covers to give it some more warmth whilst he sat beside it. The egg went cold at first, but then warmed up again as Harry spoke. Harry wrapped the egg up warmly in his quilt and sat down next to it with "Charms for beginners." Whilst absently stroking the quilt with the egg in it.

Two days later Harry was awoken to the sound of cracking. Groggily rolling over he sat up and saw his egg cracking. Harry looked excited as the egg finally cracked open. Inside was a two foot long green snake with yellow eyes looking back at him. Harry stare at the snake and gasped, clamping his eyes shut. A distinct feminine voice hit his ears. "Why did you clossssse your eyesss masssster?" Harry kept his eyes closed and turned away from the snake, which seemed to look hurt. Deciding it was after to open his eyes Harry replied, "You are a basssssilisk are you not? You can kill with a glance into my eyessss."

The female snake, Harry could tell by its lack of purple plume continued hissing. "You are my master, I will not kill you. Bassssssilisskssss can tone their gazing powerssss down. Whether looking at you normally, sssscaring you, petrification or death. Bessssidess like I ssssssaid you are the one mosssst fit to raisssssse me, you are essssentially my father." Harry chanced a look at the serpents vivid yellow eyes. Feeling no adverse effects he fully turned to face the snake. "To be honesssst I wasn't expecting you to be the queen of sserpentssss. I would be honored if you agreed to be my familiar."

The snake looked at Harry before answering. "That isss originally why I reacted to you. I wanted you to be my partner. If you would let me bite you on the neck then I will be bonded with you. Don't worry, I haven't developed my poisssonousssss glandssss yet and even my ssssstare would be enough to jusssst give you the chills. I need to mature for my powers to grow." Harry looked at the snake and suddenly felt cold. He guess the snake had its most potent glare on him. After thinking about it for a few seconds Harry tilted his head. "You need to bite my neck correct? Do ssssssso." At those words the snake lunged with surprising speed clamping two teeth into Harry's neck. That was the last thing Harry knew before darkness over took him. He woke later due to a piercing scream and shattering china.

Lily was worried. Her second son was becoming more and more reclusive from the family. He only spoke when was necessary and tended to stay locked up in his room. Even more so ever since he walked into Ollivanders with that weird egg of his. Waking up early she decided to take his breakfast to bed with him, in hopes of getting him to open up to her. The boy hadn't come to her with a problem for over a year now. Most of the time he hid himself behind his facade, taking in everything. She only saw brief flickers of emotion from him when ever her husband and his brother were together ignoring him. The only person he gave a kind look to was his little sister. She was the only one able to crack his cold exterior.

She opened Harry's door gently and made her way to his bed but stopped half way. There was another lump in her son's bed that was moving. A reptilian face poked out from under the covered and there was a broken egg. Lily did the most natural thing in the world at that moment, she dropped the tray in shock and let out an ear piercing scream that mixed with the shattering of china. She watched her son shoot upright with his wand already in his hand. Evidently he had been keeping it under his pillow.

Harry was wide awake before his mother had even ended her scream. The tip of his wand blue, ready to cast the flipendo, he noticed the basilisk with its head out of the covers. Last night flooded back to him with the power of a tidal wave. He noticed his mother going for her wand. "Mother stop! Remember the egg? This is what hatched from it." Hearing her son's voice Lily slowly lowered her wand and watched the snake slither its way up Harry's body and hang around its neck.

"Harry Potter why do you have a snake?" Asked the Potter matriarch sternly. Harry sighed and glanced at the snake which looked back at him and rubbed its head against his cheek. "Like I said, Chalice here," the snake hissed in approval. Harry stopped then continued. "Hatched last night, I stayed up due to all the excitement and crashed. She doesn't know any better so she slept under my quilt to keep warm last night. By the way Chalice is a girl." Finished the youngest Potter as he caressed the snakes head and she began to hiss.

"Chalice? Strange name for a snake, how do you know she is female anyway?" Asked Lily as she watched her son interact with the pretty looking creature. The skin of the snake matched her and Harry's eyes perfectly. "Chalice is a girl because basilisks have a purple plume on heads if they are male." Explained Harry calmly. It took Lily a few minutes to process what Harry had said before she yelled again. "Harry, Basilisks can kill with a glance." Chalice looked dead into Lily's eyes and then looked away. The female Potter was stunned. She had survived the stare of a basilisk, sure she had a cold feeling but she should be dead.

"Chalice is only a new born, she is to young to kill anyone yet, her poison sacks aren't developed. Neither is her gaze powerful enough. Right now she is completely harmless." Spoke the boy with conviction. With that Harry shifted himself out of bed and looked at the mess on the floor. Lily watched amazed as she saw him attempt a vanishing charm. It cleaned up some of the mess but not all. "Not bad for a first attempt if I say so myself." With that Harry grabbed a change of clothes and left for the bathroom.

A month later September the first had finally come and the Potters were standing on platform nine and three quarters along with Sirius Black, his so called godfather. When he was around James and

Edward ignored him even more, if that was possible. Seeing as his family wouldn't stop fussing over his brother anytime soon Harry turned to his little sister and gave her a hug and a kiss, promising to write to her. After she cracked a few tears and hugged him back, demanding he wrote to her, Harry left and levitated his trunk to find a decent spot on the train. As he predicted no one noticed his departure apart from his sister, who watched him sadly. No one noticed one lone girl, who gazed at him with piercing ice blue eyes. Harry walked up to a compartment and cast a levitation charm, making his trunk float onto the train. Climbing on he didn't notice his mother running up to him trying to grab his attention.

Finding an empty compartment Harry stored his trunk on the seat opposite and began to stroke his arm, hissing soothingly. He was already in his robes. He found them much more comfortable then muggle clothing, they just gave so much more freedom of movement. Running his hand through his now blue hair, he remembered the time his family found out he was a metamorphmagus.


Harry watched as his brother and a gaggle of his friends played Quidditch in their field so his brother could test out his new nimbus 2000. It had been two weeks since Chalice had hatched and she was currently sleeping. He never showed it but he was thankful to his mother, who was now outside watching the others play. Deciding to practice his metamorph abilities more Harry focused on having golden eyes and deep sky blue hair. Expanding his muscle mass a bit more in experimentation but never changing any vital organs. If he messed up he would probably die. Not a pretty thought.

He had just finished changing his hair when a shout came out from behind him. "HARRY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" Jumping violently and fading his looks back to normal he spun round to find himself face to face with his father. James immediately grabbed Harry by the scruff of the neck and dragged him downstairs and into the field. "Lily, did you know our son was a metamorphmagus?" Lily looked at Harry who sighed and changed his eye color to orange before turning it back to green.

"No James, I didn't realize he was a metamorph. How did this come to be though? We aren't shifters." Harry looked at the two adults discussing and finally decided to input into the conversation. Clearing his throat he began. "Metamorphmagus don't necessarily have to be genetic. Sometimes if someone is even slightly genetically compatible then they can be metamorphs. I research that a while ago when I first found out."

This obviously caused an uproar with James which Harry countered with after letting his father finish his rant about how Edward should be the metamorph. "I think its fair, Edward is the 'Boy-Who-Lived,' I'm the metamorphmagus. You don't see me complaining that you bought him a broom and not me do you?" with this Harry turned around and walked away. Lily definitely saw it this time. The hatred for his father shone in Harry's eyes. Rose, who had been watching from the door way threw a quaffle at James, nailing him in the face. She then spun round and chased her brother.


Harry noticed everyone getting on the train and quickly pointed his wand at his door. "Colloportus" spoke Harry and heard the lock shut with a satisfying click. Making sure the door couldn't open Harry settled down and spoke. "You may come out now, Chalice, we will not be disssturbed." The snake responded and moved out from around his arm onto his lap curling up again. When she felt a hand scratch a particular spot on her back she hissed in pleasure. "Continue sssstroking there Harry, it feelsss good." Harry did as the snake said for a few more minutes before pulling out his ocarina he had hidden and began to play, completely unaware of his surroundings as the train began to move.

Lily was busy fussing over Edward like the rest of her family. After laughing at a joke Sirius told she looked around, expecting to see her blue haired golden eyed son, with a small smirk on his face, like he usually had when something amused him. Looking in the near vicinity she couldn't spot a blue haired individual at all. Beginning to panic she noticed a floating suitcase and a mess of blue hair making its way to a door on the train. Running towards him calling his name she noticed he seemed to be in a world of his own.

She watched her youngest get on the train without even a backwards glance at anyone. She feared how cold he was turning to everything around him apart from his snake, Chalice, as he affectionately called her. She hadn't told anyone that her son was raising a basilisk. He knew it was dangerous but the look in his eyes when he gazed at his snake. She saw, he adored it, and would probably kill for it as well. She had monitored her family interaction and was dismayed at what she discovered.

Edward and Harry weren't as close as she believed. Harry never uttered a word more then necessary to his twin and they sometimes spent days, if not a week without speaking to each other. The relation between father and son were no different. The only exception is James virtually ignored Harry outright if Edward was in the same room. The only time she actually saw them speak was during the massive argument when they discovered their youngest was a metamorph. He spoke with a politeness to her that wasn't natural for a relationship such as mother and son.

Rose however was a completely different story. Harry cleared loved her and Lily could finally see why. Rose didn't care that Edward was the 'Boy-Who-Lived.' She actually loved Harry more then the rest of her family, constantly going to him if something went wrong. Whenever Edward teased her, she didn't run to her mum or dad like most children do, she went to Harry. Sometihng nasty usually happened to Edward after he made her upset.

Snapping out of her thoughts she saw Harry aim his wand at the door and a faint blue line without looking. She then saw Chalice slid out from his sleeve and curl on his lap as he caressed her. She watched him pull out an ocarina and seemingly begin to play. She noticed the train begin to move and a tear began to trickle down her cheek as he didn't seem to have a care in the world. His eyes gazing at his familiar softly, and the music emanating from the room as his hair turned green, signaling he was content.

Lily felt a hand on her shoulder to find James and Sirius looking at her in concern, Rose however was still looking at the train, a tear escaping her eyes.. "Lils, whats wrong?" Asked James worriedly, it wasn't like his wife to let her tears fall in public. Lily quickly composed herself and relayed what had just happened, minus the snake part. She saw the look on James' face and shrunk back slightly. A small sob caught everyone's attention. They turned around to see Rose crying quietly. "Harry's gone. I miss him." They heard her whisper through her tears. Lily felt herself be grabbed then apparated away. She watched her husband storm off to their owl's perch and write a quick letter before sending the family owl, Godric off. Lily had a vague idea on what he had done and prayed that all hell wasn't about to break loose. Rose had an idea as well. When James came back with a satisfied expression she actually began to cry as she ran up the stairs leaving three adults staring at her shocked.

Harry was interrupted from his ocarina playing by a violent tapping on his compartment door. Looking at the window he saw a small girl with ice blue eyes, dark red hair and creamy white skin. Unlocking the door with an alohamora charm the door clicked unlocked and slid open. The girl wandered in and looked at him in amazement. "Hello, my name is Daphne Greengrass, heiress of the house of Greengrass, pure blood." The small girl introduced as she extended her hand. Harry looked at it for a moment before standing up and taking her hand gently and kissing her knuckles. "Harry Potter, youngest son from the House of Potter, half blood, this is my familiar, Chalice."

Daphne was shocked. She was in the presence of the younger brother of the 'Boy-Who-Lived. She suspected as such when he hung around with the Potters on the platform before leaving without a word. The only thing stopping her from connecting them was the boy looked different. With golden eyes and green hair that was blue before it was hard to place them. Wait a second. "Your hair was blue earlier, why is it green now? Do you like dying your hair or something?" Asked Daphne as she looked at his hair, which immediately changed to match the color of hers, making her gasp. "I am a metamorphmagus, rare I admit." Spoke Harry in a calm tone as his hair changed to the same shade of blue as earlier.

Daphne looked stunned. She was in the presence of the younger brother of Edward Potter, the most famous wizard around, who was a complete mystery. He seemed to be the polar opposite of his twin. While his twin was loud, brash, hot head and an attention seeker, Harry was cool, calm, controlled and preferred to the stay out of the spot light. Deciding to strike up a conversation she spoke up. "What type of wand is yours? Mine is ten and a half inches, willow with a hippogriff feather." Harry looked shocked that she would willing give her wand details so easily.

"Very well, since you gave me the honor of hearing your wand I'll tell you mine. My wand is thirteen inches, blood wood with a basilisk fang. Kind of relates to Chalice, she is a basilisk. I have complete control over her. She is to young to kill anyway. She is only a month old." Harry added, seeing the fearful look on Daphne's face. Daphne glanced at the snake, who slithered over and ran her tongue over Daphne's clothes before returning to Harry. "I like thissss one, sssshe isssss nicccce." Harry nodded. "She likes you, or that hiss would have been much more menacing." Said Harry to the weary girl.

Daphne nodded and a silence fell between the two. Deciding to spark up another conversation she asked, "how many spells do you know? I know the leg locker. Thats about it though. Its my mother's favorite non lethal spell." Harry looked at the girl before contemplating. After a bit of thinking Harry looked at her and spoke. "You are a very inquisitive girl. I bet you'll be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I know a levitation spell, the jelly legs, the flipendo, colloportus and alohamora and I'm practicing my occulmency." Daphne was stunned yet again. The boy in front of her was a walking box of surprises. The compartment slid open in the doorway and revealed a girl.

"There you are Daphne! I was looking all over for you!" Spoke the intruder. Harry cast an analytic glance at the girl. She had short blond hair that framed her lean face, warm brown eyes and slightly tanned skin, she was taller then Daphne, almost as tall as himself. "Tracey? I was looking for you on the platform, I couldn't see you anywhere. Ah my manners! Tracey, this is Harry Potter, a half blood, Harry, this is Tracey Davis, also a half blood."

Harry rolled his eyes when he heard the girl gasp, it was always the same when they heard who he was related to. Daphne noticed as well when he went back to petting his snake ignoring the gushing from the girl. Catching the attention of her friend she pointed at Harry. Tracey looked over and saw and annoyed look on his face and he was ignoring her completely, preferring the silent company of his snake, wait snake?

"Harry snakes aren't allowed in Hogwarts." Spoke Tracey as she watched the emerald green snake stop hissing and look at her. A cold feeling ran its way rapidly down her spine. The snake looked at Harry and hissed. She watched the boy seemingly nod and turn to her. "Chalice isn't sure about you, apparently she doesn't like the way you gush over my brother like other girls our age." Spoke Harry in a calm voice before turning away again and changing his hair to a murky brown unconsciously. Tracey gasped and began to babble. "Oh my god your a metamorph!" And with that began ranting again. Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose and pulled out "Transfiguration for Beginners" and began to read.

Once Daphne had shut Tracey up once again. She turned to Harry and was about to speak when the door slid open. Looking around she saw the one person she hated, Draco Malfoy. "I heard the brother of the 'Boy-Who-L'ived was in this compartment. Is it true?" Daphne was about to speak when Harry made his voice known. It was a cool calm voice that relaxed her and stopped her going on a tirade. "Who wants to know." The voice almost made Daphne swoon. She had never heard an eleven year old speak so commandingly. She smirked as she watched Draco falter before trying to regain his wind.

"You don't know ME? I'm Draco Malfoy, a PURE blood. This is Crabbe and Goyle, both PURE bloods." Draco put extra emphasis on the pure. Daphne looked to Harry again who was absently stroking his snake, which suddenly hissed and lunged at Malfoy. "Well I'm Harry Potter, a HALF blood, and this is Chalice, my familiar, Chalice, I know you hate him but stop trying to bite him, do so when your poison sacks develop." Daphne couldn't stand it anymore, she burst out laughing as Chalice finally decided to calm down. Draco turned his attention on her and spat. "Shut up you fucking blood traitor whore, laugh again and you'll regret it." he suddenly screamed as Chalice clamped her fangs into his arm and then he gulped as he found himself staring at the point end of a blood red wand.

"Care to back up your words blondie?" Snarled Harry before his wand tip glowed blue and he blasted Malfoy out of the door. The two cronies, Flabbe and Olye was it? Ran out after their leader. Harry closed the door and cast colloportus once more locking the door. Calling Chalice back once more he picked up his ocarina and placed it in his pocket. Daphne was curious however. The boy was powerful, there was no doubt. He could cast five spells without any formal tuition it seemed and had an amazing amount of control over his snake, which happened to be the king of serpents, well queen in this case. A thought struck her and see decided to ask later.

Looking up Harry saw the sky was beginning to darken. He also noticed the two girls were still in muggle clothing. "You better get changed now, I imagine we will be there soon. I'll leave for now, open the door again when you finish." With that Harry stood up and walked out of sight. His snake sliding out of the door behind him. Both girls looked at each other and quickly got changed. Tracey, being a chatterbox, began to talk.

"So, what do you think of Harry then Daphs?" Asked Tracey as she pulled on the last of her robes. Daphne looked at her long time friend and sighed quietly. She knew this was coming. "I think he's a nice person. Better then his brother. Sure his brother is world famous, but he flaunts it everywhere and gets anything. I heard him whining about not being able to try out for Quidditch with his nimbus 2000. Harry just tries to keep his head down, or remain as inconspicuous as possible aside from the fact he is a metamorph. I also have suspicion he is a parseltongue. He has an amazing control over a basilisk, even if its a baby and his familiar." Spoke Daphne as she walked to the door to open it.

Harry heard the door click open and he strolled back inside and sat down again. "Looking sharp you two. Robes suit you much better. Gives you a regal feel." Harry meant it as an offhand comment and was surprised to see Daphne blush a light shade of pink. "The red head likesssss you masssster. I would approve of her being mate material." Harry blushed slightly but quickly hid it with his morphing powers. Unfortunately Daphne caught it, virtually confirming her suspicions.

Daphne caught the blush Harry made after his snake hissed and her eyes twinkled. That confirmed it. Harry had to be a parseltongue, there was no other explanation for a blush to appear after a snake hissing. She caught Harry's eye and gave him a look. It seems he understood because he nodded ever so slightly and slid his ocarina out of his pocket and into his trunk, before thinking better of it and putting it in his pocket once more. As he did so they felt the train grinding to a halt. Tracey quickly bounced of the train in her excitement. Daphne was about to drag her trunk when it started floating. She looked at Harry who was floating his own trunk as well.

"Thanks Harry." She gave him a dazzling smile and slowed down to walk next to him as he got off the train. "I know your a parseltongue." She whispered in his ear. Harry's eyes widened and he cursed silently. He shouldn't of listened to Chalice, who was now laughing. "Shut up Chalice or your going hungry this meal." Daphne looked on in shock as she heard a small hissing followed by Harry hissing. The small hissing stopped immediately. "Now I have confirmed I'm a speaker what will you do? Judge me or befriend me? I'm going to end up in Slytherin that is guaranteed."

"Judging before getting to know someone is foolish and you don't seem dark, just extremely guarded. I would also like to see the real you." Spoke Daphne as she watched Harry land their bags when they were told to leave them behind. Harry nodded and for the first time she saw him smile. "I'm glad you aren't like the others. My family don't know I'm a speaker. Only mother knows I own a basilisk. You have not yet earned the right to know what I really look like." Harry gave a small grin, that looked boyishly roguish. The two children walked over to a giant of a man who was calling in all the first years.

Seeing it was meant to be four to a boat Harry quickly jumped into one of the boats and stretched whilst laying down. "Sorry people, I'm taking up to much room and can only have another person on my boat." Daphne saw a wink and quickly took the hint, leaping into a boat. Everyone else clambered into the boats and they began to sail across the lake. Harry changed his hair color to purple and pulled out his ocarina and began playing a calm soothing tune. Everyone looked at the boy as he continued to play.

Harry opened his eyes again and saw everyone was looking at him. "What? I thought the ocarina was fitting." Everyone clapped except Edward, who was looking on in jealousy. It was usually him the attention focused on whilst his brother was stood in the background not the other way around. "Stop showing off Harry, we all know thats your only talent." Everyone looked between the two brothers and saw Harry completely ignoring him whilst looking towards the edge of the lake. "The castle is in sight." Replied Harry, speaking as if he had never heard his brother. Everyone's heads snapped around to see a building looming in the distance.

The rest of the boat ride went in silence, apart from the near silent hissing from Chalice. Harry relayed to Daphne the serpent wasn't fond of water. Stroking his arm as he got off the boat he hissed quietly. "It's alright now young one. We are not on water anymore." A small happy hiss was his answer as he felt her face rub on his arm. The giant of the man lead the group of children up a series of stairs, Edward began complaining there were to many after the third set. He was ignored by everyone, who were excited.

When they finally got to the top of the stairs they were greeted by a pair of massive doors, which Hagrid pushed open with ease. They were greeted by a stern looking middle aged woman. The gigantic man told her they had arrived and she began to speak. "Welcome to Hogwarts. I am professor McGonagall. The start of term banquet will begin shortly, before that however you'll be sorted into houses, and your house mates will be your family for the next seven years. You'll be sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin." Harry noticed the way she said Gryffindor with pride and Slytherin in distain. "If you would please wait here whilst we sort out the sorting test, I will collect you all shortly."

When McGonagall left mutterings erupted all over the room. Tracey found Daphne and introduced her to her new friend, a blond haired girl called Blaise Zabini. Harry leaned against the wall and closed his eyes blocking everything out. He realized he had let to much information slip with Daphne, but he felt compelled to share with her after she told him about herself so unguardedly. Resolving to at least keep his remaining secrets safe Harry didn't realize someone was speaking to him until he received a harsh shove.

"Did you hear me loser? You better not screw up. You'd shame our family even more if you went anywhere but Gryffindor." Harry looked into the eyes of his brother and looked away. Everyone gaped at him openly ignoring his brother. Harry's eyes changed to blood red and he fixed his gaze on his brother. "I would be ashamed to be in Gryffindor. Full of idiotic morons who rush headfirst into danger, pull pranks, be stupid and generally get themselves killed young. Our parents only survived Voldemort's attack because they were lucky." Edward gawked at his brother's harsh words then roared in anger. He lunged at Harry just as McGonagall walked back through the door.

"If I could have your attention please follow me." Harry side stepped his brothers lunge leaving him on the floor and followed the woman through another set of massive doors. He was confronted by a hall quite possibly bigger then the Potter house. It was enormous and when Harry looked at the ceiling he felt like he was looking into the nights sky outside. Looking at the staff table he saw a stool with an old and mangy looking hat sat on it. Suddenly the hat burst into song.

Oh you may not think me pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong inGryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!

Everyone who wasn't a first year burst into applause. The first years however looked at the hat stunned. Harry over heard a red headed crony of his brother's, most likely a Weasley from the look of it, say about how they had to fight a troll. "A Weasley? Your definitely in Gryffindor. Who the hell believes something that stupid?" Spoke Harry in a disbelieving voice. Snickers rose from the crowd of first years, and from a few at the tables beside them who over heard. The red head was about to snap back when McGonagall began calling out names.

Harry blanked out everything until he heard the professor call out, "Greengrass, Daphne." Daphne gulped and Harry placed his hand on her shoulder. Looking at him she saw him give a small smile and a comforting squeeze. Turning around she walked up to the hat and placed it on her head. A few seconds later the hat screamed out, "SLYTHRIN!" Daphne walked passed Harry on her way to the table and whispered, "I hope you're in Slytherin to." Harry watched her sit down at the end of the table and faced the hat again waiting patiently.

"Potter, Edward." Called the the woman. Harry suppressed a growl as mutterings erupted from the students. He caught all the mutterings and blanked everything out focusing on his brother. A minute later a scream of "GRYFFINDOR!" Erupted from the hat whilst cheers erupted from the table with red and gold banners hanging over it. Edward had a smug look as he strutted over to the Gryffindor and almost snarled as he heard his brother call out. "Don't mess up brother, we don't need you failing again!"

Harry masked his emotions as McGonagall called out his name. Everyone looked as Harry calmly strode to the hat and placed it on. "Well well well. I finally get to sort someone who at least attempts to shield their mind." Came a voice in his head. Startled Harry focused even more on his mental shields. "Try to keep me out eh Potter? I'll admit your shields are impressively developed for an eleven year old," the hat trailed off and Harry gasped as it smashed through his shields easily and began roving his mind. "Your a few centuries to young to keep me out. Excellent try mind." Continued the hat as he roamed Harry's head.

"Now thats out of the way, lets continue trying to sort you. "You are courageous, but lack the recklessness, Gryffindor is out then. You are loyal to those close, yet you are a loner and hate crowds. No Hufflepuff then. You thirst knowledge and constantly eager to learn. So possibly Ravenclaw. I see a lot of Slytherin in you however. You are cunning, you do what you need to and you have Salazar's gift, the power to speak with snakes. I want to put you in Slytherin, but what do you want?" Finsished the hat. Harry thought about it for a few seconds before replying with one word. "Slytherin."

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