A/N: This is a crack!fic from WildDaisies10 prompt "Lisbon is Jane's husband" from a mistake on a review she sent to tromana. Enjoy! If you don't understand the French, please tell me! I tried to make it obvious in the English what the French meant though. Here are a few words just in case:

Tellement: so

Comment s'appelle vous: What is your name?

Lisbon and Jane walked into the Hôtel Daufin, and approached the receptionist's desk.

"Bonjour," Lisbon smiled brightly at the young receptionist. Her name tag read that she was called Alizée, and she couldn't have been more than twenty.

"Bonjour madame," Alizée smiled back at the pair, trying not to laugh at Lisbon's accented pronunciation. Well, at least she was trying. A few weeks ago they'd had some Slovakian guests who had decided to speak Slovakian to her. All the time. And she didn't even speak one word of the language. "Comment s'appelle vous?"

"Lisbon et Jane," Lisbon answered.

"You must be Jane, and your husband Lisbon?" Alizée asked tentatively in English. She was competent in the language, although her Spanish was much better. Jane started to laugh.

"Lisbon is not my husband," he guffawed, and the stunned Alizée could only wonder what she had said wrong.

"Jane!" Lisbon admonished, feeling slightly sorry for the poor receptionist. "Je m'appelle Teresa Lisbon et Patrick Jane n'est pas mon…"

Lisbon thought for a while, before giving up. "My husband," she conceded. Alizée's hand flew to her mouth.

"Je suis désolé, je suis désolé!" Alizée apologized hurriedly, realizing her mistake. Lisbon and Jane were their surnames. Je suis tellement stupide, c'était leur nom de famille! She was annoyed with herself for making such an error.

"C'est OK," Lisbon replied quickly, before the blushing girl got in any more of a flurry. She guessed that Alizée had not been working at the hotel for that long.

"Je suis tellement désolé!" Alizée added, before turning away and grabbing their room key before she made any more mistakes. She handed Lisbon the room key wordlessly and as Lisbon and Jane headed away she called after them, "have a fun night!"

For the life of her she couldn't work out why Jane was once again in fits of laughter and why Lisbon slapped him for it.

Those Americans.

Very odd.

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