She knew she shouldn't love him, but she did. Alex Donovan had stolen her heart the first second she saw him, and try as she might, she couldn't take it back. He didn't seem to notice her infatuation, either she was that good at hiding it, or he was just that oblivious. She believed the latter though, because just last week, Candace had caught her "drooling." She really couldn't blame Alex though, he had been through so much, what with his daughter and his divorce.

Sometimes, it turned into a struggle as she fought against herself. Her brain told her to look for someone else, that she deserved a good man after her husband, she needed someone kind, gentle, someone who would be there. Her heart said that Alex was that man, through and through. Her brain argued, said that Alex used to be that man. Before his daughter went missing, he was Mr. Perfect. Greta's Mr. Perfect.

Greta. Honestly, she felt sorry for her, losing her daughter and her husband at the same time. She knew Alex still loved Greta, and that stung. It bothered her, but she understood. Greta was Alex's last link to Lucy, maybe that's why he was still holding onto her so tight. She knew Greta just kept pushing him away, but still, Alex came back, just like her thoughts kept going back to him.

Some people would think it would hurt, being around him so much, but they were wrong. It was the best part of the day, when Alex came over. She knew they were both still wounded from the past, she knew that the scars might never heal, though she was ready for them to. So for now, she was content to just be friends. She was content to be able to be there for him. A no strings attached friendship. That was where they were now, but maybe someday they would be able to move on from friends to more, and she could hardly wait for this day, but for now, she would have to be content.

Who was she? She was Lindsey Drake.

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