HI!!!! I am back with yet another story for the USxUK pairing!!!!!Okay I just watched a very sad doujinshi and it got me in a sad mood(It was a beautiful doujinshi) and well it made me write this. It made me be in a sad mood so yeah pretty much…but when this idea came into mind I decided to write a story! I felt so bipolar after I got over my sad mood and left the emo corner!!! But no matter! I want this story to be great!

Arthur: Let's hope it's not one of those stories that I fall in love with him *points at Alfred*

Alfred: Hey! What's so bad about falling in love with me I'm awesome!!!!

Arthur: Whatever let's just get on with it!!

Marisa: You're still going to fall in love with him you now that right…

Arthur: I hate you…

Marisa: I do not own the doujinshi I got the idea from nor do I own the anime of Hetalia!!! SO now let's just get on with the story!!!

Alfred: I still don't know what's so wrong about falling in love with me….

Marisa: Oh crap he's going emo!! Quick bring the picture of chibi Arthur!!!

Alfred stood there…watching as his capital burned down before his eyes. But that wasn't the problem . The problem was the man now standing in front of him, a man with the greenest of eyes, eyes just like Arthur's but…this wasn't Arthur. The last time he saw Arthur his eyes were blurred with anger but mostly sadness, but this Arthur…his eyes were without emotion just watching Alfred's city burn to the ground.

"What a sight isn't it Alfred?" the Arthur look alike said as he stared at the flames with interest. Alfred heard the man's voice and it sounded like Arthur's but with a hint of sarcastic that he had never heard before. He turned around and saw him, the famous British Empire on top of a destroyed wall that may have been once a house.

"You shouldn't have messed with me Alfred because things like this happen to the ones that do" he said in a tone that chilled Alfred right to the bone. "This is not Arthur….h-he's somebody else" Alfred thought as he saw him smirk in the most disgusting way.

"This is also what happen t those who defy me…" Arthur said as he took his gun out and shot at Alfred. "The hell?!?!" Alfred whispered as he quickly dodged it but could feel that the bullet made a pretty bad cut on his arm. "Would you look at that…I missed" Arthur said as he put a face that showed annoyance.

"This is not Arthur, he would never shoot me! He said so himself!" Alfred thought as he stood up and pointed it at Arthur. "WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!" Alfred yelled as he looked at the man with fear in his eyes. The man simply looked at him and gave him a smile.


"Britannia? Does he mean the British Empire?" Alfred thought as he kept his gun pointed at him. "But you…aren't you Arthur?" The man simply laughed, "HIM? He's gone already! After you declared you're independence he cried and worried and cried some more until he finally decided to turn to the only thing he had left, the darker side of his soul, in other words you could say that you destroyed his consciousness"

Destroyed…his consciousness? Do you mean he is…dead?

"You should have seen him! He looked so pathetic! Oh the great British empire crying over some stupid little colonies!" he spat as if he was remembering something, "he should have given his body to me a long time ago…but of course he had to fall for this bloody git" he finished by pointing at Alfred. Alfred didn't pay attention to what he had said he only could think about what he had done.

"And can you believe what he said before he died away! HE TRUSTED YOU! AND YOU JUST LEFT HIM TO ROT!! Nice move brat!" Britannia said as he stood up. "He can't be dead...no...HE CAN'T BE DEAD!!" Alfred yelled as he threw his gun at Britannia but it he easily dodged it. "Hmm?" Britannia said as looked at the broken hearted American.




Alfred just couldn't take the pressure and dropped to the ground crying as he repeated Arthur's name in his head over and over again. "Things in Europe might be getting messy so I better go back.." Britannia whispered, "I'll let you go for now, if you ever try to mess with me again then, trust me, you are going to get more than just a burning city" he said as he left Alfred on his knees.

"I swear….I swear I WILL KILL YOU!!!" Alfred yelled at the empty sky. "So this is your punishment, is it Arthur? So you just left me alone like this!" Alfred whispered as he stood up, "No, Arthur I know your still in there so if I have to beat the crap out of you to get you back to your normal self, then may God help me." Alfred said as he looked at his burning city. Here…in this place he made a promise to his former guardian that he wouldn't leave him like this no matter what.

Arthur: I sound so yandere in this story.

Marisa: Haven't you seen that doujinshi? It isn't you! It's Britannia!

Britannia: Please don't compare me to this guy. *points at Arthur*




Britannia and Arthur: *gulp* Fine….

Marisa: *Surprised* I understand why Arthur would shut up but you Britannia? You have feelings for Alfred?

Britannia: No I don't!!!! *blushes*

Arthur: He has what now?

Marisa: Nothing!! Anyways please review and yes…I am going to continue this! With lots of angst and romance so is this plot sounds interesting please tell me!!! Thank you very much!!!!