It was a cold, rainy landscape that greeted the Doctor as he stepped from the Tardis, and as Rose stumbled out behind him she was unimpressed by the weather.

"Where are we?? Can't we go somewhere warm and sunny for a change—always cold rainy England, or some distant planet with no atmosphere. I mean really, doesn't anything interesting happen anywhere else on this planet? Or is alien induced disaster solely exclusive to England?" complained Rose.

" Well… It is usually England, I admit. But this is definitely NOT England… I'm not sure where exactly we are, but I'm guessing somewhere in the state of Washington…in North America. And there's someone here that needs our help. I didn't tell the Tardis to come here –it came here in answer to some kind of distress call…now all we have to do is figure out who, why and where. Excellent. Onward it is—bring your brolly Rose, looks like you are going to need it!!" the doctor looked up to the rapidly darkening sky above and Rose ducked into the Tardis in search of some more rain friendly attire. While she was rummaging in the epic wardrobe inside the Tardis, the Doctor had a look at the computer inside, to get a better Idea of when and where they were.

"Okay….HMMMM oh Yes!!..Excellent!!" Exclaimed the Doctor Loudly.

"What is it?? What've you found??" called rose from amid a pile of plastic clothing from Neptune that they had acquired during their visit to the water filled planet.

" We are on Earth early 21st century, in a small town called Forks, Population 3120…Humans. Almost year round cloud cover. There are practically no sunny days here, making this the perfect settling place for…wait for it Rose you are going to Love this…Vampires!!!!!"

"VAMPIRES?! What like Dracula vampires?!" said Rose looking slightly gobsmacked.

"Oh Yes!!!!" said the Doctor smiling widely.

"Like sucking blood…being afraid of Garlic…turning into bats and all that lark??" asked Rose in disbelief.

" Well… that's not exactly what these vampires are like, those are mostly stories made up to scare human children in the last century. These are only Vampires in the most broad sense of the word...Personally I would more likely call them immortals, or Living Statues but they tend to get called vampires as they feed on human blood and were human once. And if you are bitten by one of them, then after a rather painful conversion process you become one of them." He explained.

" Have you met any before??"

"Only once before, many years ago, I was in Italy in the 13th century and I ran into a very unpleasant gentleman..."

"Gentleman?? How can you call a Vampire a Gentleman??" scoffed Rose.

" Oh they are a very refined group of creatures, they hold onto all of their human traits at the time of conversion and some are even magnified –they are not monsters in the 'raging lunatic murdering at random' sense of the word…well these weren't like that though I understood that there were others out there who were less…civilized---they take meticulous care to keep their existence a secret from the Humans upon which they feed. And there are very strict laws--Laws which one 'Coven' in particular are very passionate about enforcing, in fact it was a member of that coven that I ran into… His name was Caius, and he was a very fierce and Angry creature…He was desperate to kill me" the Doctor chuckled at this and Rose raised a questioning eyebrow "Well it was the whole two heart thing…he'd never smelled a scent quite like mine before, and I …apparently, smell very appetizing. But, as I am not strictly Human and the other Members of the coven felt it would be more prudent to let me continue with my business—the Daleks were making another attempt to wipe out mankind and I needed to get them sent back into the void—and as Vampires are not invulnerable to a Dalek death ray—a fact which they were not best pleased about—they were keen to let me go continue without further hindrance—Aro was the name of the most civilised of the three leaders of the coven—The Volturi they called themselves –I suppose you would call them Vampire Royalty—or Dictators depending on your point of view." The Doctor explained.

"Hmm sounds delightful." Said Rose, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

"so the only question is, are the ones who are in need of our assistance, Human? or vampire?...or shape shifters."

"Shape shifters? Dare I ask?"

"Well according to this data there is also a tribe of shape shifting Native Americans inhabiting the area as well as a smattering of Vampires. We are going to have great fun!!" He enthused.

A few hours later and Rose was enrolled in the local high school and the Doctor had a job teaching in the school as a sub, the English teacher Mr. Berty, had broken his leg and there was a vacancy.

"It seems like as good a place as any to start. You can listen to any gossip from the superstitious natives. And I can flirt with the ageing secretary and find out if there is any newcomers to the town lately—I believe that the vampires move around a lot so as to remain inconspicuous, they don't age you see and people talk…and of course, as I said the Volturi are on the lookout for anyone giving the game away!

The next afternoon, Rose walked into the cafeteria and gazed around, taking in her surroundings, of course she was unable to acknowledge the Doctor sitting at the staff table, deep in conversation with one of the administration staff. Rose rolled her eyes, and stalked off in the opposite direction to find somewhere else to sit. She had thought she was past this, feeling nervous about being the new kid in class, after all, she had left school at 16, but here in America, they stayed on till 18, and despite her protests that she could be on the teaching staff too, the Doctor had argued that although in reality she was too old to be in high school, she was definitely not old enough to have attended college and become qualified to teach, and she would be better off portraying someone slightly younger and becoming a part of the student body. So here she was trying to fit in, unfortunately her new face in such a small school, and her broad cockney accent did nothing to help her blend in, so far she had been chatted up by two of the hormonal boys in her government class, and glared at by several of the cheerleader-esque females in the corridors—Apparantly a"NEW" student was a rarity or so one girl in Spanish that morning had told her…

"…Oh yeah we hardly ever get any new students. The last one was Isabella Swan? Have you met her yet? She is going out with like the hottest boy in school, Edward Cullen? --I don't think he's hot though—" she added with a swish of her ponytail and a quick smile in the direction of the blonde kid sitting next to her. " yeah, she just kinda hangs out with him and his family now and they're all really weird so I wouldn't even bother trying to make friends with them." She said this with a bitchy edge and like it was a given that Rose was going to do as she was told , which, of course was like an open invitation to Rose to find out more about Isabella and the mysterious wierdo's she hung out with. The girl, who was named Jessica and her boyfriend Mike, continued to question her about England and why she had moved here to Forks of all places, until the bell rang for the next period…

As she walked across the room she looked around at the scattered groups of kids. She was utterly bored with the whole charade by the time she had entered the cafeteria.

"I feel like an Extra in Grease the musical…" Rose muttered to herself as she spotted Jessica gesticulating wildly that she come and join them at their table. As she approached she noticed a dark haired girl sitting slightly apart from the rest of the group. She had her head down and she seemed to be reading a math book. As Rose approached she looked up and shot the newcomer a warm smile.

"Hey, you must be Rose" the girl said. "I'm Bella, Bella Swan." Rose chanced a sidelong glance at Jessica, and she was looking over an irritated look on her face. Needing no more encouragement than that, Rose pulled up a chair and sat down next to Bella.

"Yeah that's right I'm Rose Tyler. Nice to meet you!"

"So I guess you're the new, new girl."

"Yeah guess so. So what's fun to do around here, Im guessing the rain puts a premature end to most outdoor activities." Rose tried to get the conversation going.

"OH, Its not so bad, once you get used to it. I know a few people who specifically enjoy thunderstorm baseball" an odd look crossed her face as she said this.

"What is it?" Rose pressed.

" Oh, nothing its Just… that I feel like I can really trust you—I just got an odd feeling that you know all about me already. Sorry. Wierd" at this she produced a magnificent blush, where her cheeks seemed to turn crimson, and Rose was concerned she might pass out from lack of blood to the heart.

"Are you OK, you look a little bit wobbly" Rose said.

"Yeah I'm ok I just need a little air I guess." She made to stand up.

"Do you mind if I join you? It's just –you know how it is…new girl, and I kind of feel comfortable with you." Rose pleaded

"Sure…I guess." Bella looked a little bewildered but Rose thought that she didn't seem to mind.

When they reached the double doors leading out to the parking lot, Bella spoke again.

"You wanna go sit in my truck for a while? Its kinda wet out here." She asked.

"Sure that would be great!" Rose beamed at her, trying to put her at ease, she was sure Bella knew something that might help them find whoever it was that needed her help. As they were walking over to her truck Bella tripped up on the kerb and almost fell on her face.

"Whoa, steady on love, mind how you go!" Rose chuckled, and Bella laughed too.

Sorry, I do that all the time, I'm so clumsy, my boyfriends Brother teases me constantly about it."

"Ahh yes, I've heard about this boyfriend… best looking boy in the school no less? Go on girl!!" Rose said, smiling.

"Don't tell me, you've been speaking to Jessica?"

"Yeah, she did bend my ear for a bit this morning…step on a few toes there did you love??"

"Something like that…she isn't my biggest fan, or so I'm told." Both the girls laughed at this

"I wouldn't be too worried , she doesn't seem like the best friend material anyway." Rose said.

"I know, she can be a little unkind. I don't really spend much time with her or the others, since I met Edward, anyway, I just sit with them when he is away from school. Like today." Bella Explained with a sigh, she was clearly unhappy about the fact.

"Does that happen often?"

"Quite often I guess, his family are kind of outdoorsy so they go camping a lot and hiking and stuff."

"Don't the teachers mind?"

"as long as their grades don't suffer the teachers don't mind, and they are all straight A students. Well at least Alice and Edward are, their older brothers and sisters left high school last year. But they were all good students, you know?"

"Yeah sure." Enough with the small talk already Rose thought to herself, you know something and I'm going to find out what it is!

"Ok Bella. I know we only just met but I feel like we have a kind of understanding here. I'm going to be completely straight with you. How are you with impossible stuff being true?" Rose asked.

"Yeah I'm kind of good with that kind of stuff." A small private smile appeared on Bella's face, and Rose felt sure she was correct in her assumptions about Bella knowing something interesting.

"OK so I'm a time-traveler, and I'm visiting Forks with my friend the Doctor, and we came here in his time machine." Rose blurted out and then looked up at Bella to catch her reaction to the odd news. Bella was surprisingly unfazed by the new information.

"Ok. So why are you here?" she asked.

"Wow you are good with impossible stuff being true. Not even a shocked expression."

"Yeah I guess I'm good with that stuff." She didn't elaborate and Rose decided not to push it.

"Any way its kind of complicated, I really need to get my friend to meet you too, he'll be able to explain this better than I can."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Bella said with enthusiasm, her curiosity was obviously being pricked.

"You Know what Bella Swan. I think I'm going to like you!" And with that the pair climbed out of the truck and headed back to the cafeteria to get the Doctors attention.