After a little debate, it was decided that they would spend the night at the Cullens and begin the hunt the following morning. The small dark haired Vampire called Alice, had gone into overdrive arranging slumber party antics for everyone, choosing DVD's and Board games, and putting in a call to Bella's father so that she didn't have to go home and could join in the fun too. There was a couple of large pizza's on the way from the pizzeria in town, to feed the humans and Timelords amongst the group..

The doctor lapped it up, and joined her in her enthusiasm for the latest releases and board game showdowns. Rose watched from where she sat on the couch. Bella and Edward came over and sat down beside her.

"She always so excitable?" she asked.

"Yeah, it gets annoying after a while. She's always getting me in trouble with Bella." Chuckled Edward. Rose needed no more invitation to begin grilling the pair about their relationship.

"So what's the deal with you two anyway? I mean you're not exactly your average couple are you? How did you end up together?"

"Well, I moved here from Arizona a few months ago, and then a lot of crazy stuff started happening, and Edward Kept saving me, and we kinda…You know" Bella blushed to the roots of her hair, and looked down at her hands in her lap, as she said this, and Rose couldn't resist teasing her.

"Aaaahhh Bless, he's like your knight in shining armour!" Bella looked like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. Rose giggled at her expression.

"And what about you lover boy? What's your story?" Rose put Edward in the hot seat, to give Bella a break, however he was more difficult to tease, he was very intense and serious as he said "When I met Bella, something inside me changed forever, she is my only reason to be alive, and if I didn't have her, I would cease to exist." His Golden eyes burned with intensity as he looked at Rose, and she was momentarily stunned to silence.

"Edward don't Dazzle the company please, its rather rude, they wont come back again" sighed Bella. This made him laugh and the tension was broken. Edward smiled at her before speaking again.

"If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I need to speak with my father." He stood and then leaned down to kiss Bella on the top of her head.

"Hurry back." She said.

"Always" He answered her and she watched him walk away until he rounded the corner and left the room. When she looked back at Rose there was a dreamy expression on her face.

" ahh, you two are so sweet together. You really love him don't you?"

"Yes. Yes I really do." Bella looked away in the direction he had gone, already awaiting his return.

"There is one thing I'm curious about though, I mean how do you kiss him, you know, like with the fangs and that?" Rose awaited the answer with wide eyes.

"He doesn't have fangs" Bella laughed, " Kissing him is fine. Its pretty awesome actually, in fact I'd spend most of my time doing it…if he'd let me." She admitted.

"Let you?" Rose asked, incredulous. "Why wouldn't he let you? In my experience its usually the other way around!"

"Well, he thinks that if we get too…carried away he might hurt me, so after a certain point he always stops. Its…very frustrating."

"Blimey, I bet it is, you mean he gets you going by kissing you, and turning that smoldering, James Dean thing he's got going on, on you and then leaves you hanging?"

"I know, it kinda sucks." Agreed Bella

"So are you ever going to…or…? Rose prodded.

"Well, I want him to change me. And then…well, I'd be less breakable. But he wont do it, he keeps going on about how he wont take my life…I'm not giving up though, I'll get my way in the end." She winked at Rose.

"Anyway… what about you and the mysterious Doctor? Are you two …?" It was Rose's turn to feel self-conscious this time. She looked over at the Doctor who was in the middle of an epic game of Jenga, with Alice, Jasper and Emmett, using 6 sets on top of each other, the tower becoming ever more precarious with each turn taken, they were all shouting and egging each other on, and Rose was fairly sure she could talk about this, without being overheard by the many super-sensed vampires in the vicinity.

" I don't know really, sometimes I think…maybe there something there, but it's complicated. See, when I met him he was different, I mean a different person--like a different face -- and I loved him to bits, we were great friends, but then he changed, and he was the same but with a new face, and now I kinda …well…Fancy him, a bit. Maybe. I don't know. I know I Love him. I love him so much, I always have. He's Amazing, and a genius, and we have a right laugh, but…I don't know…He's not even human."

"Why should that matter?" Bella asked. And Rose smiled at what she had just said.

"Yeah I guess you would understand. It doesn't matter. Not really. I mean I can't even think about not being with him, I've given up everything for him. My home, my mum…Mickey…Ex" Rose clarified when Bella looked confused.

"So you should do what makes you happy." Bella said simply. "It sounds like he does, and I see the way you are with each other, you can feel a spark between you both. You should go for it."

"Nah, I don't suppose I will. I don't even know if he feels the same way." Said Rose.

"You know…I have a boyfriend who reads minds. And because of the whole 'not getting carried away' thing he pretty much does anything I ask him to do that keeps my mind of jumping him…I could ask him to find out…If you'd like." Offered Bella.

"MMMM Tempting. But no, thank you. I couldn't do that to him. It wouldn't be fair. And it would be horrible if I heard something I didn't like. It would ruin everything. And I'm not risking that!" Said Rose.

"Sure." said Bella. "Just an idea."

"Thanks for this Bella, its been nice talking to you, I never see my girly mates anymore, not that I could tell them about him anyway, but still."

"Yeah thank you too. You know, we have a lot in common, I can't talk to anyone about Edward except Alice, and she's his sister so it doesn't count." At that moment, Alice called across the room.

"Hey where are the humans? Pizza will be here in 45 seconds, there's cash in the bowl by the door, and plates in the Kitchen, help yourselves! And she turned to dramatically pull a Jenga block from the teetering tower, and the whole thing came crashing down.

"Woooooohh" she cheered "Me versus the Doctor, in Trivial pursuit" As the Girls went to wait by the front door, and Esme followed them out to help with the plates.

"Aha! Trivial pursuit? Is it the twentieth century edition from the mid eighties?" enquired the doctor?

"Why, yes I believe it is. Is that to your satisfaction? " Alice trilled sarcastically.

"Well, I guess so. But Ill beat you."

"Huh!" Exclaimed Alice. "I am over a hundred years old. I have a perfect memory, as only a vampire can have, and I will beat you!!"

"Oh Yeah? Well I'm 904 years old, I'm a Genius—I'm talking Einstein genius- only better. and I'm a Timelord." Bragged the doctor.

"Well I guess there's only one way to find out then, isn't there?" said Alice. "And did I mention? I can see the future too." She winked at him. And danced over to the table to set up the board.

"Oh, Its on" the Doctor grinned. "Save me a slice of pizza ladies, I wont be long."

Around 10.30 pm when the pizza was gone and the Games over, they all gathered around the sofa to choose a movie. After much deliberation and argument, mainly between Emmett and Rosalie, the movie Idea was abandoned, and the Doctor managed to convince the Vampires to tell the stories of how they were changed, and one by one they all took their turn reliving the end of their human lives. Edward was first and he told of where he came from and how the influenza had killed his family, and almost killed him too, but then Carlisle had saved him. He went on to talk about the time when he had chosen the natural path of his kind and how he had used his gift to choose evil men as his victims. Later still, Rose noticed Bella's eyes beginning to droop, as Carlisle hypnotic tones told of his youth in 16th century England, and before he had finished, she was snoring quietly against her Vampire's chest. Rose looked over at the Doctor and wished that she was snuggling up against his chest, the steady rhythm beating out from both his hearts, soothing her like a lullaby. Edward excused himself and carried Bella off to bed, and Rose took that as her cue to ask where she was sleeping. Esme showed her to a room on the third floor, and, after using the bathroom, Rose climbed into the huge bed, and waited for the Doctor to join her. She mulled over her earlier conversation with Bella while she waited, but she was asleep, a long time before he finished listening to the Vampires tales, and telling his own.

When the sun came up, it shone brightly through the Window wall, and when Rose squinted her eyes open she saw the Doctor standing gazing out of the window, fiddling idly with his sonic screwdriver.

"Hello, you." She said, stifling a yawn.

"Hello! Did you sleep well?" He said, brightly.

"Yes ta, did you?"

"I didn't actually get any sleep, Carlisle and his family don't sleep, so we used the time to plan out what we're going to do about our little problem." explained the Doctor. "We have everything ready. We leave in half an hour."

"Half an hour? Are we getting breakfast on the way then?" Rose exclaimed in surprise. "What time is it?" She jumped out of bed and grabbed the pile of clothes she had neatly folded the night before, and dashed into the bathroom.

"Ah well, we have a small pit stop to make on the way. You better grab something before we leave, we don't know what kind of welcome we can expect." The Doctor said as Rose was in the bathroom getting ready to go.

"Where are we going anyway??"

"Well, remember I told you about a third kind of species living in this watery little town?" asked the Doctor.

"Yeah, Shape shifters, wasn't it?" Rose confirmed.

"Hmmm yes. Shape Shifters. What I hadn't banked on, was walking in to a century old feud between Our friends the Cullens and this…Tribe. We are about to go and try to convince the Vampires' mortal enemy to 'do us a favour'. Honestly Rose, things are getting more deadly by the hour."

"Oh yeah? And who are the Vampire's mortal enemy again? These shape shifters you keep going on about?" Said Rose as she came out of the bathroom, and walked over to where the doctor was standing. "so if they are a match for these guys, then what on earth do they shape shift into?"

"Werewolves." Said the Doctor with a frown.

"Werewolves? Well I only have one thing to say about that." Said Rose with a tone of finality.

"Oh yeah? And what might that be then?"

"We, are not amused." They both broke up laughing at this, and Rose was happy to see the sparkle in the doctors eye back to its usual brightness.

"C'mon you, lets get you fed." And they both headed downstairs to find the Cullens.