Author Note - Ahahahaa. LittleBIGPlanet. Why are there so few fanfics about it? Well, join our little Sackboy hero on his short adventure in LittleBIGPlanet. :D ~Written by BB#1 (See profile for more info)

It all started with a sack, named Sackboy. He was just your average sack person, but today was the day he was getting his first pod to go on all sorts of adventures. He took a deep breath and fell into the pod from above. He looked around excitedly. He ran over to the pod controller and played around with it, pressing random keys and smiling.

"Well, what do we have here?" a strange British voice asked. Sackboy looked around, confused. The voice laughed. "I see! This is your first time in an adventure pod!" it said. Sackboy nodded hesitantly, still unsure of the strange voice. "Go over to your pod controller and I'll help you out with navigating." it suggested. Sackboy crossed his arms. The voice probably didn't have any eyes and couldn't tell that he was already at the controller. "Very good! Now, press the square key and you'll come across the wondrous land that is LittleBIGPlanet." Sackboy quickly struck the key mentioned and the planet came into view. "Now, if you scroll over to-" Sackboy wasn't listening to the voice and he scrolled over to something that looked interesting. "Ah, that is The Garden! There, you will learn how to-" Sackboy didn't care what he was going to learn to do, and pressed the x key, guessing that it was the key to accept the adventure. The pod moved quOickly towards the destination and came to a sudden stop, leaving Sackboy standing in front of a save portal. He looked around, then proceeded in walking the path.

"Move the control stick to move!" a person said. Sackboy turned towards the person quickly, striking his hand out as if to attack. When he saw that it was the king, he crossed his arms again. Obviously he already knew how to move. He saw that a small box was in his way. He jumped on top of it. "Press the x button to jump!" the king said. Sackboy turned to the king with an angry look, as if to say he knew. He jumped off the edge of the box and continued on his way. He saw a few steps, with point bubbles on them.

"These are point bubbles. The more you get, the higher your score will be!" something else said. By the time it finished speaking, Sackboy had already popped all of the point bubbles. He walked on, making the best of his time in this somewhat boring adventure. He came across a bridge that seemed pretty stable, so he started walking across it. Suddenly, the bridge collapsed under him, bringing him down into a deep ditch. There was no way he could climb out, so he sat angrily on the ground. His first adventure, and he was already stuck.

"Ohohoho! I see that you've fallen! Sometimes, when you get stuck, there is no way for you to escape." the British voice said. Sackboy's mouth hung open, thinking he was going to be stuck there forever. "Ah, don't get all mad and throw your controller at the cat." Sackboy raised an eyebrow, thinking that actually sounded pretty fun. "Open your Popit Menu and down on the right corner, there is the try again action." Sackboy quickly looked around for his Popit, and opened it once he found it. Without hearing more, he went over to the try again action and held it down. He felt his head feeling like it was being squished together, tighter and tighter the longer he held it. Suddenly, he bursted into nothing. He somehow appeared in front of the save gate, terrified. "Ohohoho. We'd like to say that no sack people are harmed with the using of that action but..." the British voice said. Sackboy's eyes widened. He ran around frantically, wanting to now leave the hell that was LittleBIGPlanet.