Five Reasons why Telford Hates Young

by Shenandoah Risu

1. Telford is taller than Young. At only five foot nine inches Young is less than the average height for an Air Force pilot. And for some reason chicks dig that. So do many guys.

2. Telford has seen Young in the communal showers. The man is well endowed by any definition, and it makes Telford feel woefully inadequate. Young is comfortable with his body. Chicks really dig that. So do quite a few guys.

3. Telford can sing like an angel. Young got caught in a chemical weapons skirmish between two rival System Lords while saving two human slaves a few years back. He came out of it with damaged vocal cords resulting in a sexy low gravelly voice. Chicks totally dig that. Lots of guys do as well.

4. Telford has a steely, piercing gaze. Young's eyes can make even the cutest puppy hide under the couch in shame. Chicks dig it like crazy. As do a bunch of guys.

5. Telford is a one-stop-shopper, done in five minutes, in and out. You can take Young shopping for flat screen TVs, purses, golf clubs, shoes or fishing gear and he will be there with you all day, quietly supportive, always interested and infinitely patient. Chicks *sooo* dig that. And so do more guys than would ever admit it.

Then The Destiny happens, and Telford's five-page pamphlet rapidly grows to a tome rivaling the size of "War and Peace".

And Young finally starts his own list.

Note: This story was originally published at LiveJournal on December 22, 2009. There is also a wallpaper that goes with it but I seem to be unable to add a link for it here. If anyone can help me with this problem I'd appreciate it. Thanks for reading!