This is a sequel to my other story, "White walls and red blood."

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"Halley! Wait a second!" Grace Van Pelt said calling after her four-year-old daughter. Her real married name was Grace Rigsby, but it would just get too confusing.

"Mommy, I gotta go potty!" She yelled back. They were at the park. It was her day off and she decided to take her daughters to the park.

"Halley, hold on!" She said pushing her younger daughter's stroller down the sidewalk.

"MOMMMMYYY!!!!!!!" Halley yelled in the whiny voice that she had recently mastered. Jane, or Uncle Jane as Halley called him, had taught her that if you use that voice people usually give you want faster. Damn the man. She thought.

She had been rushing and didn't notice that she had dropped Beddy Teddy, her one-and a half-year-old daughter's teddy bear, about halfway down the sidewalk. Or at least she hadn't until she started to scream her lung's off.

"MOMMA! BEDDY! NO BUH-BYE, NO BUH-BYE!!!!!" Her one-and-a half-year-old, Cassandra, started to yell repeatedly as Halley was yelling about the bathroom.

Shit. She thought, looking down at the sidewalk. "Halley, go ahead. Mommy will be right there." She said, watching her daughter run to the bathroom, her red ponytail bouncing behind her. After she watched her safely enter the bathroom, she went to go get Beddy Teddy.

"See Cassie?" She said crouching down in front of her daughter in her stroller. "Beddy, no buh-bye." She then kissed her forehead and handed her the bear as her phone started to ring.

"Cassie. Look, it's Daddy. You wanna talk to him?" She asked pressing talk and handing Cassie the phone.

"DADDA!!!" Her daughter yelled into the phone. She then said, "Buh-bye." And handed the phone to her daughter.

"Hey," She said.

"How's your day off?" In background she could hear Cho and Jane talking about God knows what.

"Good. Only one crisis so far." She said laughing as she stood up.

"What happened?"

"Cassie discovered that she dropped Beddy Teddy at the exact same time that Halley desperately had to go potty."

"Oooh. Tough one." He said laughing. "So what'd you do?"

"Sent Halley to the bathroom and went to get Beddy Teddy. I'm heading back there now."

"Cool. The team's getting case-closed pizza for lunch. Do you wanna bring the girls by?"

"Yeah, I'm just about to enter the bathroom."

"Okay, you know-"

"HALLEY!!!!! HALLEY!!!!" Grace screamed as she went into the bathroom and saw her daughter's lone red sneaker on the floor and a window wide open.

"Grace? What the hell's going on?"

"Halley. She was only in here for two minutes. She's gone. I told her to wait in here and you know how long she takes in the bathroom." He could hear her voice hitching.

"Okay, we'll be right there. " He said hanging up and quickly standing up. He was getting a bad sense of déjà vu.

"Rigsby? What's going on?"" Cho asked his friend.

"Halley's gone."

"What?" Lisbon asked as they all got up, but as they were leaving, the news on in the break room caught Rigsby's eye.

"Son of a bitch!!!" He yelled.

"What?" Lisbon asked turning around.

"Mark Jefferson escaped. He has my little girl."

In the background he could hear the woman ye