Epilogue. Nine years later!

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Wayne Rigsby sat in the car in front of the middle school courtyard, waiting for Halley, who was thirteen and in 8th grade by now. Cassie, who was ten and in 5th grade, sat in the backseat with Meghan, who was three.

They were sitting in silence until Meghan suddenly yelled, "EWWW!!!!!"

Before he could ask her what was ewww, Cassie yelled, "Halley kissed a boy!"

He looked over and saw his daughter talking and laughing with a boy, it looked like they had just pulled away from a kiss. He rolled down the window and yelled "Halley, let's go!" He watched as she quickly kissed the boy goodbye, and then ran towards the car.

"Who was that?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

"Brandon." She simply said and then quickly changed the subject, "How was Mom's appointment?" Grace, who was 42, had ended up pregnant again and was about 5 months pregnant with their 4th child, who Meghan had very smartly named Big Bird.

"It was good, here look," He said taking the sonogram out of the pocket in the windshield.

"Aww, how cute." She said looking at the picture. As she was looking at it Meghan started yelling, "Lemme see! Lemme see!"

Halley passed the picture back to her and after a few minutes of intently staring at it asked, "Daddy, where do babies come from?"

He saw his older daughters share a snicker and simply said, "Megs, we talked about this. Babies com from Mommies' tummies."

"But HOW do they get there?" She asked, emphasizing the word how.

He watched his older daughters burst out laughing and stuttered, "Well, you, seeā€¦"

"Dad, I have an idea. Can I?" Halley said still laughing.

"Please." He said, still trying to think of something.

"Okay," Halley said turning to face Meghan, "When Mommies and Daddies get married; they get a special bag of fairy dust."

"Like Tinkerbelle?" Meghan asked, with her blue eyes shining.

"Yes, like Tinkerbelle," Halley answered laughing and tossing her auburn curls. "And when they want a baby they sprinkle the Mommy with the fairy dust.

"We're here." Rigsby said shutting off the engine and getting out.

Cassie got Meghan out of her car seat, grabbed her hand and started to run towards the CBI building.

"Thanks." He said a few minutes later, as they walked off the elevator.

"Four words. Three years. Red convertible." She said grinning and then walked into the bullpen.

He saw Grace in the break room and walked towards her.

She was leaning against the counter with a bag of carrot sticks in her hand.

"My baby likes carrot sticks?" He said walking towards her.

"No, your wife likes carrot sticks and your baby's learning to like them." She said smiling.

"Well, your husband doesn't like them." He said smiling back.

"Sure you don't. So how was the day?" She asked.

"Meghan asked where babies come from."

"Mommies' tummies." She said looking at him and sticking a carrot stick in her mouth.

"That's what I said, but then she asked how they get there." As he said this, he watched her eyes go wide.

"But you didn't? Does she?"

"No, Grace, relax. Halley made up a story about fairy dust."

"Oh, ok. That's good." She said relaxing as they walked to the bullpen.

"Oh and there's one more thing." But before Grace could ask, Meghan ran out and hugged her.

"Hey, Megs. How was preschool?" Grace asked as she sat down on her desk with Meghan in her lap.

"Fun! We learned lots of new colors!" She exclaimed excitedly. She turned and patted Grace's stomach and said "Big Bird, Tinkerbelle's fairy dust made you." Lisbon and Cho looked at each other and Jane smiled.

Cassie, who was sitting on the couch with Jane, said, "Mom!"

"Yeah?" Grace replied smiling and tickling Meghan.

"Halley kissed a boy." She said, and then broke into song with Jane, "Halley and Brandon sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

As they finished their song, Grace turned to Halley, who was sitting in the chair at the desk, and said, "Is he cute?"

When her daughter's face spread into a small smile and blush crept into her cheeks. Grace recognized the look, it was the exact same one that she used to get around Wayne.

Meghan piped up in her lap, "No, Mommy. Big Bird is cute. Brandon is hot. Or at least, that's what Halley said.

"I did?" Halley said grabbing her and tickling her.

Wayne put his arm around Grace's waist and they watched their family and knew that even though sometimes things didn't work out, both of their lives had ended up pretty damn great.