A/N: I am aware that this is VERY, VERY cheesy. The idea just came to my head out of nowhere. It's one of those ideas that enter your head and won't go away until you put it onto paper. So yes, I am aware that it's not my best piece and I'm not sure if I even like it at all, but I'm leaving it up to my readers.

"Wow." Was the first thing out of Harry's mouth as he held his firstborn child for the first time. He was holding James Sirius Potter, his beautiful baby boy. He felt a sudden surge of emotions and felt a lump in his throat. He wished his father had been around to see this miraculous baby boy in his son's arms. He wished that Sirius was there to tease Harry and make him laugh. He wished Remus and Tonks were there too, there to see this beautiful baby boy. He felt the sadness of losing his parents to Voldemort. He felt the sadness of losing his other father figure and two good friends. He desperately wished they were there to witness the miracle that was James Sirius Potter. He felt terror, too. He felt the terror of realizing that he was responsible to make sure nothing happened to this baby. The terror of wondering about his parenting. Would he be a good father? He didn't have much to help him know. He knew how not to parent. (Ahem…Uncle Vernon). But mostly, Harry felt sheer joy. The sheer joy of seeing a miracle sleeping in his arms. The joy of seeing the peace on the baby's face. The joy in knowing he had created this little being, currently sleeping in his arms. The joy in knowing that a new person had just entered the world. The joy in being a father.


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