AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi everybody! If you haven't read my first Cory in the house parody, I highly recommend you read that one before you read this one. This is my second Cory in the house parody, based on the episode 'That Ain't Miss Bahavian' and just so you know, I do not own Cory in the House. And this chapter is just merely the cast.

Shiloh Miller- Lil' Mama

Chef Amanda- Jennifer Garner

President Martinez- President Johnson

Ambassador Kuan-Yin Liu (Ambassador Raum Paroom)- Jackie Chan

Ambassador Liu's wife/Brad's mom- Lori Loughlin

Bradley 'Brad' Liu- Justin Chon

Emerson Rucket- Jonathan Goldstein

Drew and Dean Johnson- Shane and Brent Kinsman

Allie Livingston- Josie Loren

Lin Yao master of the Huluhu (Ickbob master of the nose flute)- Michael David Cheng