AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey y'all! Sorry if this chapter is not as good as you expected. I am extremely sick while typing this out.

It is early in the morning of the halls of Washington Preparatory Academy. Shiloh and Allie were walking with each other, wondering where Brad is. Shiloh glanced back at her cell phone for the type. "Aw man! Its almost time for class but Brad is still not here." Shiloh said, rather worried. Suddenly, bad thoughts came to her head. " think his dad pulled him out of school and moved him to China?"

"I don't know. But that would be sad." Allie said. "Especially since Brad and I have been best friends since we were two."

"I know Allie. Him and I just became friends." Shiloh said. "There's still a lot I want to say to him." Suddenly, out of random, Brad approached the two girls. This time, he wasn't wearing that ridiculous Chinese robe. Instead, he was wearing Levis jeans, an Adidas shirt and some vans sneakers.

"Hey girls!" Brad greeted.

"Brad!" Allie greeted, happily and nudged Shiloh over to Brad. "Now its your chance, girl!" Allie said, encouragingly.

"!" Shiloh said. But Allie just ignored her.

"Shiloh has some things to say to you." Allie informed.

"Hey!" Shiloh greeted, nervously while Brad glanced at Shiloh, waiting for her to say something. ""Shiloh stopped. She had no idea what she should say.

"Wow, that sounds awesome!" Allie remarked.

"So, Brad, why are you talking to us? And where's your Chinese robe?" Shiloh asked.

"Well I no longer have to dress like an ancient Chinese man to school, anymore." Brad said, happily and grinning from ear to ear.

"Really? And your dad is cool with that?" Shiloh asked.

"Well, yeah sort of. But unfortunately, I still have to carry around my Tang Dynasty backpack." Brad said.

"Oh, so, everything is alright with your dad now, huh?" Allie asked, smiling.

"He wasn't exactly thrilled that I've been keeping secrets. But thanks to you girls and the president, he started realizing that being Chinese-American can be a good thing." Brad said.

"Yeah!" Shiloh said, giving him a high five.

"You bet! Just like pizza and sushi." Allie said, grinning at the thought of the mixture of Italian culture and Japanese culture. Brad and Shiloh glanced at her like she was being crazy. "Shoot! Now I'm hungry." Allie complained.

"So, you guys want to jam out after school?" Brad asked. "My dad thinks its cool."

"Really?" Shiloh asked.

"Well, he didn't use the term 'cool' exactly, he said 'You better be home by seven or there will be serious consequences, young man!'" Brad said, mocking his father's accent. "And that means cool."

"Sorry, I can't. My mom grounded me for 'nearly causing a big misunderstanding' in the white house." Shiloh said.

"My dad grounded me, too. He grounded me for 'going to the white house without his permission and helping you cause a big misunderstanding' in the white house." Allie said.

"Man that's rough! Your parents are too strict." Brad teased them. Shiloh just laughed along.

"Oh, okay, look who has jokes!" Shiloh said, laughing. Suddenly, the school bell rang.

"Whoa, what was that?" Allie asked.

"Allie, that was the school bell." Shiloh said.

"Great, so you heard it, too?" Allie asked. Brad just rolled his eyes and leaded his two best friends to class.