Ten seconds

Tears well in his eyes, unbidden

Hands trembling, it hurts him, but he picks up the gun


Nine seconds

The Composer watches clinically, waiting

His gun hangs limply at his side


Eight seconds

Arms shaking, he forces himself to raise the firearm

His gaze hardens as he stares his killer down


Seven seconds

Anger flares in his heart, betrayal fanning the flames

His resolve steels


Six seconds

He aims for his partner's heart

It's nothing compared to what he's been through


Five seconds

Joshua finally raises his gun, fingering the trigger

He swallows thickly


Four seconds

Courage failing, his arms fall back to his side

Liquid crystals streak across his face as he waits


Three seconds

Images of the last three weeks plague his mind

He'd thought he'd found a friend


Two seconds

Trust your partner

A strangled sob escapes his throat at the thought


One second

He can never forgive, but the least he can do is trust

He clenches his eyes shut, accepting the inevitable


Time's up

The shot resounds loudly, the stench of death and gunpowder looming in the air

He gasps



His every sense explodes, but he cannot register it

Staggering, his vision blurs, and he collapses

His gun clatters to the ground beside him

Blood pools beneath him, staining the unforgiving cement red

Darkness swallows him

"Looks like I win, eh, Neku?"

And his best friend smiles and laughs

I really love this scene, but it's probably been rewritten a few times, so I decided to do it a bit differently and tried my hand at the syle of lines and stanzas. I know it's not the best poetry ever written, but I don't think it's too bad either; of course, that's just me. What do you guys think?

And yes, I do take requests; that's my whole reason for posting this, actually. I want it to be part of a full series of drabbles, but I don't have any other ideas, so I figure I'll just leave what I write up to you guys. Ja ne.