This is the first in a crossover series that I'm doing. It's to see how the people in other shows react to Red John and to Jane. These stories are fairly unrelated.

Hope you enjoy!!!

First story: Red John comes to Seattle Grace. Jane and the team know that they must find him, but what they don't know is that he has two certain sister that he needs to kill and isn't leaving until he gets the job done.

I don't own the Mentalist or Grey's Anatomy.

Mark Sloan walked toward the on-call room. He had asked Lexie to meet him there because they had been working non-stop and he just wanted to relax for a while.

The first thing he noticed was a red smiley face on the wall, the next thing he noticed was the metallic scent of blood, the third thing he noticed was a person under a heap of sheets. Blood was seeping through the sheets and he could tell that the person was already dead.

And then it hit him, he had asked Lexie to meet him in the on-call room. He had been running late.

"Oh God please no." He said as he ran to the bed and untangled the sheets.

It was some nurse that he had never seen before. Her throat was cut and her toenails looked like they were painted in her own blood.

He ran out into the hallway looking for Lexie. He spotted her talking to Derrick, Meredith, and the Chief about something. He didn't care. He ran up to her.

She said, "I'm sorry Mark, there were some-" She started to speak, but he interrupted her by pulling her into a deep kiss.

"Dr. Sloan?" She said looking at him strangely as looks of shock and whispers filled the room.

"I love you. I thought you were dead. But you're not, you're right here and I love you." He said grinning.

"Dr. Sloan, what the hell is going on?" The chief asked, looking at him.

"The on-call room, somebody's been killed."

"What? In my hospital?" He yelled as the five people ran down the hall.

"Oh my God." Everyone said at once when the door opened. Mark grabbed Lexie's hand and Derrick grabbed Meredith's

"This hospital is on lockdown. No one gets in or out."

"Red John." Derrick muttered to himself.

"What?" The chief asked.

"Red John. He's serial killer that the CBI has been looking for. My cousin, Patrick Jane, told me about him. He works as a consultant with the CBI. Red John killed his wife and daughter. This matches everything he told me about him, the face, the cutting. The toenails painted in her own blood. That's only happened twice before, once with his wife and another time to make sure he was on a case. We need to call them right away."

"Okay, Sheppard call your cousin. Grey, inform the guards what's going on. Sloan and little Grey find everyone, and I mean everyone, attending, residents, interns, nurses, and whoever else you can think of."

"Okay, Chief." They all said and walked off.

Derrick stepped into a quiet and empty hospital room and called his cousin.

"Hello." He answered, in the background he could hear a woman yelling, "Jane, unhypnotize him!"

"Do you remember that man you told me about?"

"Red John?"

"Yeah, he's here."

"What do you mean he's here?"

"He's killed someone."


"We'll be there in a few hours. He kills women. Usually beautiful women."

"This whole hospital is full of beautiful women. It looks like it's out of some frickin soap opera."

"Okay, well, just stay calm, and don't let anyone go anywhere alone."

"Okay, please hurry." He said hanging up.Whhhe hehhhhhhh