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When the three walked into the chief's office Van Pelt walked towards the team, and Lexie and Meredith went to sit in two waiting chairs. One thing that scared them was that Derrick and Mark were standing over the chairs with worried looks on their faces.

"Chief, what's going on?" Meredith asked worried.

"I think Mr. Jane better explain." He said as he took a seat at the desk.

"The man who attacked Grace earlier has been identified as Dr. Daniel Price, an intern from a place called Mercy West."

The five doctors shared a glance. Mercy Westers always did everything wrong.

"Before he died," Jane continued, "He gave her this note:

Mister Jane,

Do you still think that you can catch me? You should know by now that I will win. I always have, I always will. You know taking those sisters last year gave me a rush. To see the others eyes while I killed her sister was almost as good as watching your wife's face as I killed your daughter. I think I've found a new hobby.

Thank your cousin for sending you those pictures.

The sisters are you."

"Are you sure?" Lexie asked as she reached up and grabbed Mark's hand.

"We are positive. Red John will risk being caught to taunt Jane." Lisbon said.

"But, if you know he's after them, they're safe, right?" Derrick asked as he rubbed Meredith's shoulder.

"Probably. We'll need to move them to a secluded location in the hospital and have people watching them." Cho said.

"Okay," the men said, quickly kissing them and letting them follow the agents.