AN: This is not just for Jake and Bella this is for anyone that's ever suffered like Jake did. This is one chance at a happy ending. I, myself, have been through something like this- a little less magical- and so has a very dear friend of mine. So here is for the broken hearts. One more chance.

Bella's POV

My Jacob walked towards me- I don't really know when I had gotten do possessive over him; I just had. He isn't anyone else's. He is mine.

Now, I know what this sounds like. It sounds like I love him. And I do. But he's my brother and no matter how hard I try I just can't love him. It's not because he isn't right for me. He's more right than anyone else I've ever met. But I've been broken. And the pieces of me aren't easily picked. I can pick them up and sow the pieces back together- but only when Jake's around…

"Bells." He breathed. I didn't realize he was this close to me. His hands were around my waist and he was pulling me towards him. I let him hug me. Correction: I hugged him back with everything I had. I really did love my Jacob…

"You know, I hope you don't plan on leaving me soon because I won't let you." I said in a light a playful tone even though my mind was screaming that he couldn't leave. That I should spend every second of everyday with him. With my personal sun.

Even though my tone had been playful, he knew. He always knew. "I'm never going anywhere. If you need me, I'm right here."

I sighed. I loved how reassuring he was. I loved how he knew. I secretly wish he could have been born my brother but alas he wasn't. I'd hurt him. I knew I would. I hated myself for him. I wanted to love him. I really did. I wanted to give him everything he needed but I couldn't.

When he told me I really didn't understand. He had to explain to me at least six times what imprint means. I couldn't believe that I had been his imprint. I really hated myself after that. Not only could I not love him, he was magically bound to me. He couldn't love another woman. It really wasn't fair. I especially hated myself for enjoying the fact that Jacob would be mine forever.

Maybe to be fair I would let him have me. I'd offer my broken soul to him. But what if he knew? It would be easy to love him but would it be fair to him? Would it be fair to give him what was bad for him? Apparently it was all he wanted.

I needed to decide and fast. Jacob could wait forever- as he said. But I knew each second caused him pain. I could see it in his eyes. Hear it in his voice. Feel it in his gaze. I was hurting the only person that would ever love me. It really wasn't fair. If I had never met HIM, I still couldn't even think his name, then Jacob and I would be together.

"Bells. Are you ok? You don't have to… I have time Bells." How the hell did he know what I was thinking? How in the world could he know I was thinking about him? What they hell?

He must of saw my confusion and decided to clarify for me. "You fell asleep. You talk in your sleep."

"Oh." Now I was embarrassed.

"It's okay, Bella. I know you don't mean to. Take your time." He nuzzled his nose into my neck. "You know I love you no matter what." My heart ached. I didn't deserve him. That's when I made a split decision. I would make him happy. Screw my feelings.

I leaned up and kissed him. Lightly. Lovingly. It was all I could give him. He tasted like… wood. But in a good way… Almost… I don't know but it tasted so good. He kissed me back passionately. I don't know how or what or where or when. But I loved Jacob Black. With my entire heart and soul. He was my soul mate.

There would always be a hole in my chest for Edward but it was a small hole. Only a cut and a tear. Jacob was my Band-Aid.

"Bella. I said you didn't have to." My Jacob said after he reluctantly pulled away.

"I know you did but I love you Jake."

"Yeah, I know I'm such a great friend." He put emphasis on the friend and spoke with a bitter, defeated tone.

"No, you idiot, I'm in love with you."


"Yeah, oh." He laughed and grinned down at me (Jeez, I think he's gotten taller).

"I knew it." He decided to do a little dance for me. I laughed and whacked him in the arm. That was dumb. I realized. It wouldn't even begin to hurt him. I had only managed to hurt myself. I can be such a big idiot sometimes.

He laughed at me again and pulled me into his strong, muscular arms. He spun me around, apparently I should dance with him… I really think he needs to calm down… I mean really, I was pressed up against his body. He could at least try and hide the fact that he's so… um… "happy".

"You make me so happy, Bells." Yeah, I really think we are talking about different kind of happiness. Oh, well Jake and "little Jake" can be happy. Whatever floats their little boat. No scratch that, it has to be a very big boat.

"Hey, Bells?"


"You know this is forever, right?"

"Where have I heard that before."

"This time I mean it."



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