Harry had always been called the boy wonder; he had only been 15 months old when he was the only person ever to survive the killing curse. He had in his twenties joined the ranks of the few lucky who beat cancer and went on to live full lives. He had been told the chances he would get pregnant again were ten percent if not less, and he and Draco had been looking into adoption. But on his birthday Harry handed his husband the most unexpected of gifts, a little card with the date of a scheduled ultrasound on it. His husband didn't know, but like when he found out about the twins, Harry had morning sickness. He had gone to the healers, and had found out he was pregnant, a week before his scan. He had told them he wanted to surprise his husband, and they had not told Draco. He was due in April, the ultrasound had not been scheduled till fall, he had only been a few weeks along. Once again he proved to beat the odds, and the family was over the moon, especially when they found out he was having another girl, to balance them out. The twins would be four in December, and Teddy eight in March, before she was born. He truly enjoyed this pregnancy, he was healthy, and for a few bouts of morning sickness it was an easy pregnancy.

On April 1st, Harry had gone into labour, this time able to have a natural birth. The family was all in the waiting room, extended with friends like Oliver and Luna, anxious to see the new member. This time Draco was with his husband, and could not even be pried away, to come tell them when the baby was born. The nurse did the honours, five hours of labour later, and told them they could come in an hour after.

Harry was happy and for a man who had just given birth, quite good this time as he lay in bed. "You have to come and see her."

Rosie was jumping up and down. "I want to see her, I want to see her. I want to see my sissy."

Lucius smiled as he noticed the bed was over twice the normal size. "I see you already prepared for this."

Draco laughed as not only Rosie, but both their sons, scrambled into bed. Teddy may have been older now, but as excited. "We had a feeling."

Rosie looked down at the baby in her daddy's arms. "She is pretty daddy. But she is not Papa's princess, I am papa's princess."

Harry laughed. "You are, and I think it is about time daddy got a princess of his own."

Rosie they had been worried about, she had been excited to have a sister finally, but she had been the only girl for a long time. Lucius and Draco had doted on the only female, though they loved and spoiled all three kids equally. But Harry had no doubt Rosie would continue to be her Papa's princess, she was already turning into a mini version of him, she had the Malfoy smirk down at the ripe age of four. Teddy was a lot like his birth father, who he knew more about now, since he was old enough to understand. He was all for pranks and having fun, but he did have a more serious side to him as well. Harry knew Remus and Tonks would have been proud, and Andromeda agreed, he had done an amazing job raising Teddy. Alex was going to give Harry a run for his money, Poppy was already talking retirement before he began school, she would have to name a bed for the son next to his dad. Alex at four was if not stealing someone's broom to fly, seeing how fast he could climb the tallest tree, or attempting to ride Papa's horse even though he was supposed to be on a pony. He had a bit too much of the twins in him Harry thought.

As he looked down at his princess, she was different, and not simply in looks. She took more after Harry, save for the Malfoy steel blue eyes instead of Harry and the twin's green, and Draco's dimples as well. She also surprisingly had while blond, strawberry blond hair, a bit of Grandma Lily coming through.

Molly smiled when she saw that. "Now you have a child to fit in with our lot, almost the same color as Bill and Fleur's kids."

Harry agreed. "I thought when the twins were born, a red head was all we were missing, and it seems the fates decided we could not miss out."

George looked down at the baby. "You know she is bound to be a prankster, I mean not only born on April Fool's day, but my birthday."

Teddy smiled. "I can teach her all about it. Rosie and Alex are no help at all."

Harry shook his head. "Can we at least wait until she is at least a year old, before we start planning her future as a next generation marauder?"

Laughter followed that, but every one was so happy for them. They had to wait to come in an hour, as Harry was nursing, something he never got to do with the twins. He had been so disappointed, especially since he had thought it would be his only chance, but he got to this time. He missed so much of the first month the twins were alive, but this time he would be home in a day or two, and have it all. With their fourth child they had moved, the beloved house would be Teddy's one day as it was the Lupin house, but the family was now in Grimmauld, which had been renovated top to bottom, and at the coast on weekends. The twelve bedroom house, which had a yard is turns out, was close to work for Draco, school for Teddy, their families, and had plenty more room to grow.

The baby was finally making her rounds, and pictures were taken of her. Harry could not help but picture in a few days when they took her home, he had once again not seen the nursery, Lucius as always took it over. Lucius was anxious to show them the fairy realm room he did for her.

Hermione was happy when asked to be godmother, with her husband. "You know we would be honoured Harry."

Ron looked at Draco. "I am a bit surprised."

Draco smiled. "We mended fences long ago, or I think we have. I know how much you mean to my husband, I more then agreed."

Alex broke up the moment. "What name you choose for sissy?"

Harry did the honours. "We have named her Sarah Faith Malfoy."

Faith was obvious, unlike the twins it was not to honour a lost loved one, but represented their faith which led them there. They had been through so much, with the cancer and all else, and never thought they would be blessed again. They had faith they could add to their family again, even if by adoption, and they had their little miracle because of it. Sarah was for Sara Lupin, Remus' mother, who had died from cancer. Harry remembered thinking about her when he had been worried he would die, but he had beaten it. He knew his dad would have been happy he chose it.

Harry kissed his husband. "It came full circle you know, we met as adults once again just a floor below. Both times you gave me my life."

Author note: I thought this a fitting end. I thought Harry was the boy wonder, if anyone would beat the huge odds for a new baby it was him, and he deserved it. I am going to miss this story, but I thought it was the right time to draw it to a close. I am deciding between two challenges, from StarWest45 and StunningSpellRocks. I will start my new story when I have chosen, I likely will use the one I don't chose, at anther time. Thanks for all the support to this story, I hope you read the next.

Sarah Faith Malfoy: Sarah (Hebrew) princess. I thought kind of fitting for Harry's princess, but was also mentioned a few times in the story as Remus' mum's name. His mother died from cancer, and was one of the reasons Harry didn't want to live in the house when sick, he didn't want to die in their home like Sarah had. His dad came to him after the twins were born, and gave him hope he would live and go on, thought a nice tribute. Faith of course is for the faith that saw them through it all.