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Chapter: Tonight, I'mma Fight 'til we see the Sunlight

Spock was worried no matter how much he would deny it later. He just watched Jim run out of the hall without a backward glance. He turns to survey the suddenly quiet room. The looks on the Enterprise's crew ranged from worry to fury. Worry about the Kirk's health and fury at the alien King and Queen. The Carrahinths stared wide-eyed.

Spock turns his head back towards the royal couple. With a curt nod he pushed away from the table and stood up from his chair.

"Excuse me," he tells the two seated beings, "but it seems like this meeting will have to end here for tonight."

Stepping down from the raised section the long table rested upon, Spock addressed the rest of the crew.

"All crew members prepare to beam out in half a standard hour," he said quickly as he was strides towards the only exit from the chamber. Before he could reach the exit, McCoy pulled him off to the side and ushered them out of hearing range from the rest of the party.

"Spock," began McCoy, "if Command hears about this, they could finally get Jim off the Enterprise. That will break him for real this time, Spock."

"I am well aware of this fact, Doctor, but at this moment we have more to worry about," he replied calmly.

"Look you Green-blooded Bastard; I don't think you get it. These people aren't as important as the Federation likes to tell you, Jim, your captain and friend matters more than some possible diplomatic incident!" hisses McCoy.

Spock raises his is left brow.

"You misunderstand me, Doctor. I am more concerned about the Captain's current health. Now, if you will excuse me, I must attend to the Captain."

Spock left McCoy standing alone and off to the side as he started once again for the doors. Before he could fully step through, the Vulcan stopped.

Without turning around he said, "Please stay here and make sure the landing party is ready to be beamed up is twenty point three five minutes and file a mission report, Lieutenant-Commander."

McCoy was left standing alone and with a disbelieving look on his face.


Spock briskly walked through the decadently decorated halls searching for the Captain. He had been searching for fifteen minutes exactly and Kirk was still nowhere to be seen. With a sigh in his head, Spock decided to look in the garden attached to the dining hall.

The garden was silent and seemed to be empty of any sentient beings. Spock sighs, out loud this time because no one was around. He was just about the call the ship in hopes of locking onto Kirk's transporter signal until a slightly acrid smell not unlike bile caught his senses.

Turning his head a few degrees to the right he spots Kirk slouched along the stone wall next to a line of beautiful rose bushes. Without the slightest hesitation in his steps, he makes his way over to Kirk.

The Captain didn't look up as Spock approached, but there was no doubt that he knew he was there. Spock stops in front of Kirk and the silence held. No words were exchange for another minute. Spock made the first move and crouched down to sit besides his Captain in the dirt, his knees slightly bumping into Kirk's curled up legs.

"Captain," Spock ventures. The Vulcan was not sure if the Captain would respond. To his surprise, Kirk looks up at him. Bright blue eyes peaked up at him from elegantly slanted brow bones.

"Spock," Kirk flashes a small smile up at his First Officer. For some unexplained reason, the Commander feels his heart jump. Illogical.

"Jim," he responds, "it's time to return to the ship."

Kirk smiles a bit more at his name, "Spock, I'm sorry I screwed up badly back there."

"That is of no consequence Captain; it is illogical to apologize for what is out of your control."

"Fleet command will not think that," the younger man tries to joke.

Spock purses his lips, barely noticeable, bit Jim's sharp eyes see it. "Admiral Pike will stand for your case, and so will the Vulcans. What the King and Queen demanded was wrong and a gross breach of cultural moors."

"Spock," breathes Kirk, "what will I do without you."

"You would sit here for a far longer length of time."

The Captain lets out a slight chuckle, the harsher Vulcan features softened up and revealed a bit more of Jim Kirk.

"Right you are, Mr. Spock." Kirk stands up and dusts his hands on his uniform pants before offering one to Spock. Spock hesitates and stares at the hand he held out. Jim started to feel uncomfortable and was just about to retreat when a larger hand grasped it. A slight jolt shot through his fingers and up his arm. With the slightest effort, he drew the other Vulcan up.

They both stood closely in the deserted garden, the planet's four moons shining over head. With a slight cough, Kirk releases Spock's hand and reaches it towards his utility belt for his communicator.

A quick flip of his wrist he opened a line to the communications officer in charge. "Kirk to Enterprise, two to beam up." Before the situation could be drawn out any longer, the technician standing by since thirty minutes ago fished them off the planet. The last thing anyone on that particular world will see of the Enterprise disappeared in two swirls of gold.


When Jim opened his eyes again, he saw the familiar comfort of the main transport room and Scotty standing by the controls. With a nod of his head and a clearing of his throat he steps of the platform and out of the room, Spock a protocol three feet behind him.

Kirk and Spock wasted no time and headed straight towards the Bridge. Every officer in the hallways of the ship parted quickly at the combined presence of their command team.

They entered the conveniently vacant turbo lift.

"Bridge," states Kirk in a clear voice. Spock remains a quiet, comforting presence at his side. The doors slide open to a bustling bridge and they stepped out. The officer in the center chair quickly stands up for his captain.

"Report, Commander."

"All personnel are back on board, Sir. We are cleared to leave orbit at you command," replied the Commander without hesitation.

"Good, you may retire for the rest of the night, Commander."

"Thank you, Sir." The addressed officer salutes and enters the open turbo lift doors.

Kirk sinks into his chair as Spock claims his station. It's time to start acting like the captain of the Enterprise again. He didn't know how much longer he will be able to be her commander before Starfleet drops the axe on his neck. Rotating on the axis of his station, Kirk turns to face Uhura.

"Lieutenant, please open a direct communication to Admiral Pike after sending the mission report."

"Aye, Sir," answers Uhura, her fingers already tapping away to open a clear channel.

Swiveling around to the ships front Kirk addresses Sulu and Chekov.

"Break geosynchronous orbit Sulu. Chekov, lay in course for Earth."

"Aye, Sir." Sulu and Chekov both sit up a bit straighter in their chairs and got straight to work.

"Orbit disengaged, Sir."

"Course laid in, Keptin. ETA is two weeks."

Kirk smiles at his crew, "Punch it."


Two hours into their cruise, Pike picked up his hail.

"Well, Captain Kirk. Let's hear it, what happened?" Pike opened the conversation without beating around the bush.

Kirk clears his throat. "Well Sir, as you should have already read in the report. The mission was shot to hell."

Pike sighs and rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Jim, you can't keep messing up. I can only help so much. The some of the other admirals are looking for any reason to get you ejected from your position."

"I know, but Pike, this really isn't my fault this time. Those Carrahinths forced me to eat meat. Vulcans don't eat meat."

"You could have explained it to them diplomatically."

"That's the problem. I tried but they wouldn't listen!"

"What do you mean they wouldn't listen? Didn't anyone tell them that Vulcan physiology is not equipped to digest meat?"

Kirk sighs again in frustration. "That's what I am trying to tell you. Both me and Spock tried to tell them exactly that. But they reasoned that since I am not a real Vulcan, I am still obligated to eat that peace dish thing."

"You actually ate it?" asks Pike.

"Yeah, didn't want to cause a diplomatic incident," responds Kirk sarcastically," lot of good that did."

"And how did you react to it?" There was obvious worry on the admiral's face.

"I hurled on their rose bushes," deadpans Kirk.

Pike laughs a bit. "Good for you kid, are you alright now?"

Kirk's Vulcan face smirked. "Yes."

"Petty revenge doesn't suit you, Captain," the older man said, amused.

"Pettiness is illogical, Admiral."

Christopher smiled at Kirk, "No, no it isn't."

"Look, Jim. I'll explain it to the others. They won't take away your command, I promise you."

"You shouldn't make promises you might not be able to keep Chris, I have a lot of enemies," countered Kirk.

Pike shakes his head at Kirk's retort.

"Jim. They can't take away your command because you are not a fault. Any blind pencil pusher in 'Fleet command will see that after they hear the whole story."

"I sure hope you are right Admiral and I am wrong. At least this once, because, you know. Usually I'm right."

"You arrogant little hooligan," said Pike good-naturedly, "you have more friends than you think."

Before Jim could respond, Pike disconnected the signal.

"What does that mean?" he asks the silent bridge but no could answer.

"Captain," uttered Uhura, "a message from Pike just came in."

Jim spins towards his head Communications Officer.

"Well, let's hear it then."

"Wait for future orders, but for the mean time, head back towards Earth. Everything will be fine."

Kirk's hands clench tightly around his armrests, careful to avoid pressing accidentally on any of its controls.

I sure hope so. I really do. Because I'm not going to give up the best thing to ever happen to me without a fight.


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