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Basically this is a NarutoxBleach crossover and it is gonna be unique in its own way as Naruto will become a hollow which isn't all that unique but he is gonna die as a 4 year old with the Kyubi still in him. I know that doesn't sound unique but wait and see what happens because I promise you it hasn't been done before to my knowledge, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

This will mainly center around both Naruto and Kyubi who find their situation somewhat mixed between Yachiru and Kenpachi and Lilinette and Stark...

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Chapter 1- Becoming A Monster

It had started out as a good day for a 4 year old Naruto, whose creative little mind had already planned what was going to happen the night before. Get out of bed at about 7:30, brush his teeth, get ready for the day, eat some breakfast and then go and play with old man Hokage. Ignoring the homeless ranting lunatic that sat out side of his apartment block he set out on his journey all the while ignoring the glares everyone sent him.

On his way to the stand however he saw the usual kids that picked on him and decided to take a longer route through the side streets and back alleys of Konoha, not noticing the shifting shadows of the early morning suns rays. As he turned into a particular dank and stinking alleyway he was grabbed and dragged into the shadows where a kunai was plunged into his lungs and then savagely ripped out with practiced ease and sliced it's way through his jugular before finally being jabbed into his left eye.

As this was going on Naruto found his body going limp and being thrown behind a dumpster where the kunai was none too gently ripped out. He could already feel his eye becoming too heavy to keep open. The last things he had heard before his cerulean eye had closed were "Good riddance demon scum, Yondaime sensei would have been proud of what I have just done."

After this had been said Naruto had barely been able to feel something crawl across his skin before leaping outwards and snapping something and then retrieving something with a squelch.

As soon as his eye had fully closed they seemed to snap back open and he felt no pain, which greatly confused him because he was sure his left eye had been destroyed. He quickly stood up and made his way around the dumpster to look out for his attacker and escape but he noticed that he was not alone and somebody else was behind the dumpster where he had been. His eyes widened to near impossible degrees as he stared at the bloody visage of his own face and the body of his attacker with his neck bent at an odd angle so he couldn't see his missing left eye.

He couldn't take it anymore and let out a deafening primal raw full of all of his bottled up negative emotions. He dropped to his knees and sat in a corner with his knees pulled against his chest for what felt like years as he watched the public pass by and his body remain unfounded, when in fact it had been only two days.

About a day ago a stranger creature resembling a snake and a lion had come and ate his attackers soul which had been glaring at him while screaming profanity after profanity. The beast had eaten the poor mans soul and it had then turned to Naruto but had quickly run away in fear as it seemed to sense something the young blonde couldn't.

He had watched the chain connected to his heart gradually grow smaller when little things with teeth had began to rapidly devour the last few links of the chain after 3 days of sitting their wallowing in self loathing and pity.

Once the last link had been consumed he had felt a humongous amount of pressure build up inside of his body and then around it as a white milky like substance began to cover his body and encompass it before hardening. The pain was unbearable and he couldn't even scream as it had poured out through every orifice of his body although the bulk of it came from his mouth.

He had stood up panting after it was all over and limped slowly over to the lake just outside of the walls of his village with a great amount of effort. It was also during the way there that his suspicions had been confirmed. No one could see him or hear him, but he could touch them. That last bit was discovered when he had 'accidentally' kicked the guard at the gate in the nuts and then tripped up his partner who had ran to his friends side to see what had caused him to drop to the ground vomiting.

When he arrived the first thing he noticed was that he now had one blue eye and a red one which seemed to have an oddly shaped 3 pointed pin wheel within it. His eyes were easily visible behind whatever was on his face, upon closer inspection it looked to be a mask of sorts that was basically plain white with a 3 jagged blood red marks where his cheeks were. Where his mouth was located there seemed to be a crack that ran across a good portion of the mask that resembled a scary, twisted smile.

He had also realized he had somewhat grown from being '3 ft 3' to '3 ft 7' and in his opinion now had cool looking claws on his hands and feet that were 3 inches long. The shaggy blonde mop on top of his head now had flecks of orange and red much to his delight, orange was so cool. It had not grown much either only gaining maybe an inch and being more spiky.

He was disturbed from his observation when he heard the rustling of leaves and a giant white panther of some sort stepped out which upon seeing him swore and tried to flee.

"Ah shit a Vasto Lorde? This ain't good, first that old man in the white and red robes sees us and nearly kills me and then I run into a Vasto fucking Lorde! Fuck this shit I'm outta here." with that he quickly turned around and speeds off which Naruto strangely finds himself to be capable of keeping up with.

"Wait Kitten san! Please help me, I'm lost and I don't know what to do!" Naruto yelled desperately as he quickly caught up with the now dubbed 'kitten san'.

"Fuck no! This is some kind of trap, a Vasto Lorde wouldn't get lost and it certa-" sliding to a stop he barely budged as the strange blonde Vasto Lorde crashed into him. Grimmjow was taking a pretty big gamble here. (Come on who else was it gonna be?)

"How old are ya, kid?" if his assumption was wrong then he was screwed.

"My name is Naruto, not kid, and I am this many years old." he explained in a high pitched child-like voice that many women would have found adorable while holding up 4 of his small clawed digits.

"What?- wait,no I meant how long have you been dead?" he asked. This kid couldn't have been dead for only be four years old and be a Vasto Lorde, no fucking way.

"Ohhh, about … this many days." again he held up the four of his clawed appendages and Grimmjow couldn't accept what he had herd.

"Stop fucking around with me kid, how long ave you been dead?" he asked with a cocky smile. Did this kid think he was born yesterday? Four days ago my ass.

"Really I have only been dead for that long... my body is still there..." he replied with sadness towards the end as he gestured back towards the area in which the village was.

Despite the situation Grimmjow smirked, if he devoured this kid he would definitely be the strongest. Even if Aizen wanted him to prove himself by bringing back a strong ally he could eat this kid and then crush Aizen so he would definitely be king!

As he stalked towards the kid he felt a strong spiritual pressure send him crashing to the floor. Managing to turn his head a bit to see who was behind h his eyes widened as he saw Ulquiorra behind him with that damnable expression on his face, or lack of for that matter.

"Grimmjow, what are you doing? You were supposed to be back two days ago," he glanced at Naruto and his eyes widened a fraction, before they rested once again on Grimmjow. "I see so you were planning on devouring this hollow in an attempt to grow stronger when your mission was clear. Begone." before Grimmjow could react Ulquiorra had back handed him through a Garganta.

Ulquiorra turned to a now trembling Naruto who had taken to hiding behind a tree in which his legs were clearly visible. Sighing as she stalked towards the tree he stood before a Naruto who was doing his best remain hidden from the pale skinned Arrancar's gaze.

"Child, I mean you know harm. I merely wanted to offer you a chance to escape from this place and go to somewhere in which you will be accepted.

"R-really? You mean I could make friends?" he asked hopefully.

"I doubt you will make friends as the people there are all older than you but it wouldn't be impossible as there are some kinder hollows within Hueco Mundo." Ulquiorra explained and Naruto's head perked up and he gave Ulquiorra a dazzling smile as he rapidly nodded his head.

"A wise choice child, now come with me to what will be your new home." he said this and waved his hand as a Garganta appeared and the both stepped through the vortex.


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