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The hollowfication chamber as some of the Espada called it wasn't really much different to the other rooms of Hueco Mundo, or 'Hundo Mundo' as Naruto had affectionately started calling it, it was incredibly plain.

We currently find said blonde in a glass case breathing heavily on the see through surface while attempting to draw pictures on it. Just as Aizen was about to turn and ignore him he caught sight of a message that put him slightly on edge.

Written on the glass was the message 'Kyu chan has a surprise for Aizen chan'.

If the child in front of them hadn't just murdered a half dozen or so of their comrades then some of the gathered Arrancar might have found the action cute. Needless to say some of the Arrancar that were apart of the massacre were now openly afraid of the small blonde terror, or rather the beast within him.

At the moment if there was one thing that Aizen was glad about it was the fact that the glass casing in front of him was sound proof as he could see words and question flowing out of Naruto's mouth faster than he could care to keep track of.

"Let us begin." Those three words made most of the Arrancar pay attention to what was about to happen as the spectacle they were about to witness was nothing short of awe inspiring.

The brief spike in Aizen's Reiatsu made some of the lower numbered Arrancar flinch slightly as it was far beyond anything they had felt but what came next almost drove even Aizen to his knees.

A surge of Reiatsu so powerful that it literally blew some of the Espada of their feet erupted from within the tiny glass prison that held their soon to be newest member. The glass from the protective casing literally melted and scorching hot winds blew throughout the chamber causing the Espada to grimace in pain as a huge towering mass of blood red Reiatsu destroyed a portion of the roof and carried on past the heavens.

Aizen and the closest Espada had wisely used Shunpo and Sonido to escape the blast radius and any of the falling debris that was headed there way. At this time Aizen had a brief idea of what his supposed surprise was and he was currently in the process of drawing his blade when a massive hulking figure could be seen emerging from the smoke.

The man stood at a massive 8'10 and allowed his spiked crimson hair to freely hang just past his shoulder blades. His form was extremely muscular, but not stupidly big and he had tanned skin which was without scars.

He wore no shirt which showed off his rippling stomach, his torn pants reached just below his knees and he wore no shoes. His rugged face had three deep whisker like scars and red slitted eyes that when accompanied with his long, sharp canines gave him a very bestial appearance.

He suddenly laughed. The laugh was not joyful, playful or even mocking. No, this laugh promised nothing but pain and misery. If it had to be compared to anything then the closest thing that you could compare it to would be death.

The new arrival put all of the gathered people on high alert, there was only one thing that could put them into a frantic state of mind and it was not something they would like to deal with.

"Ahh, to have my own body again. What's wrong worms? Miss me?" the savage grin did nothing to put their minds at ease.

"And me, and me! Did you miss me Aizen chan!?" the somewhat squeaky voice of Naruto seemed to relieve almost all of the tension in the room and much to Kyubi's ire; it had totally ruined his bad ass entrance.

When Naruto popped up on Kyubi's shoulder Aizen had a small flashback of a certain 11th squad captain and his vice captain. Naruto for the most part looked unchanged apart from the fact that he looked a little bit older and was almost 4 foot.

"Yes Naruto kun, we all missed you for the 20 or so seconds that you had disappeared." Aizen's voice was slightly playful as he looked at the key to his victory.

"And you Kyubi san, I must say that this is an unexpected surprise." Aizen knew as soon as Kyubi had been released that he now had a wild card on his hand, one that could ensure his victory or bring his downfall.

"Do not address me with such familiarity Aizen, the only reason you are not a stain on the wall is because of the child on my back. He alone holds the power to control me and he would not be pleased to see one of his 'friends' dead."

Aizen didn't say anything but you could see the annoyance and slight amount of hatred in his eyes from a mile away.

"Ne Kyu chan don't be mean. I'm sorry Aizen chan, Kyu chan didn't mean what he said." Naruto said this as he hopped off of Kyubi's back and ran towards Nnoitra.

"Pirate san did you miss me too?" Naruto was tugging on his baggy pant leg as he said this, much to Nnoitra's annoyance.

"No, now pis-" a huge amount of killing intent came out of nowhere and the snarling visage of a massive fox with nine tails appeared behind Kyubi as Nnoitra was about to swat at Naruto who was blissfully oblivious.

"Did you?" Kyubi asked with the signature grin.

"Y-yeah…I-I g-gotta go!"

With that Nnoitra quickly ran out of the room whereas Aizen sighed. He really needed all of the Espada here for the news he had, but it could probably wait until tomorrow.

"Ulquiorra please show our newest additions to their rooms, everyone else is dismissed." With that Aizen left too.

Kyubi's gaze rested on Harribel as she left or more specifically the way her body moved as she left the meeting room. The site of an attractive female had churned up some very basic and primal desires that the Kyubi had briefly buried. He tore his eyes away and turned back towards his guide.

Ulquiorra flinched violently as a massive hand fell upon his shoulder and began to tighten painfully as Kyubi stood by his side.

"Well shall we go Ulquiorra san?" At that moment if there was one thing Ulquiorra was actually glad about it was that he had no tear ducts because he would have been reduced to a whimpering wreck.

Naruto quickly hopped onto Kyubi back while waving goodbye to everyone whereas only Aizen and Harribel waved back when they were leaving, led by a shaking Ulquiorra.

"Well this is going to be interesting." Those seven words that were spoken by Aizen basically summed up everyone's thoughts.

Apart from Ulquiorra's…

His were more centered on suicide and pain.

The strange trio navigated through the hallways, with Naruto occasionally conversing with the demon whose back he was riding on. One of the topics had Ulquiorra quivering when they were finished.

"Kyu chan?" Naruto's voice was seriously starting to grate on Ulquiorra's nerves.

"What is it, child?" But this was the only thing from stopping him from killing the blonde haired nuisance in front of him.

"Did you figure out what the eye does?"

This was something that had caught the pale hollows attention. The eye was certainly a strange one and he had never seen anything like it, was it part of the boys Zanpakuto abilities? It couldn't have been, he had it when they both arrived in Hueco Mundo. Just where the hell had it came from?

"Yes and No. The eye still has abilities that I have not been able to grasp yet and through vigorous training I am hoping you can unlock them. I already have a candidate in mind that will help you with your training and various other skills." Ulquiorra could feel Kyubi's stare burning a hole in the back of his head and it took all of his willpower not to stumble.

They eventually arrived at Ulquiorra's quarters which were located within one of the corners of Las Noches. The first thing the newest Arrancar of Hueco Mundo noticed about the room was that it was huge and incredibly plain; something that Naruto planned to resolve in the near future.

"Today has been taxing Naruto. I will rest now and return in a few hours." And with that Kyubi disappeared back into his seal with a bright flash of red. Where he stood moments ago was now a Zanbatou blood red in color while the hilt was black with some wrappings hanging off the end. The blade and handle were easily as big as Ulquiorra himself and it looked as though it weighed a ton.

He was proving wrong in his last observation however as Naruto picked it up with child like grace and smashed him over the head with the blunt end.

"Whoa did you see what Kyu chan did Ulqiouro san? Did you?" the pale hollow merely mumbled a 'Yes' as he picked himself up from the floor.

"I don't need sleep so I will leave the bed to you, Naruto san." Ulquiorra carefully avoided the clumsy swings that Naruto was performing with his newly found weapon.

"And try not to smash anyth-…. Never mind. Please just remain here for the time being." He mumbled the last part as Naruto made a clean slash straight through his all. Nursing the nasty bash he had received Ulquiorra quickly retreated out of the room.

The small blond was left to his own devices and it wasn't very long before he ran out of things to do. Looking out of the window and out across the endless white sands Naruto spotted a small dab of green in the distance that seemed to be being followed by a two other figures and a giant caterpillar by the looks of things.

"Well this is not very fun anyhow." And disregarding Ulquiorra's words not after even 5 minutes Naruto smashed another hole in the wall and hopped through, intent on finding out what the mass of colors were in the distance.

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