Chapter 8! YAY!

so there's only about 2 chapters that i have written for this story... since i wrote it in 7th grade

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Chapter 8

I did not tell Alex any secret. When I turned face him I grabbed his face and planted a kiss on his lips. When we finally pulled away we were breathing hard. I noticed his lips were a little swollen.

"You alright?" I knew he wasn't talking about the kiss. He was talking about the girl.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little freaked." I tell him.

"How did you know we couldn't even try to save her?" He asks me.

"Um, well, I saw the future I guess, because I saw her die, and then I felt her dying. I don't really know how I knew but just did." I say, I feel bad about lying to him, but half of it is true.

"Sarah you know you can tell me anything." He says seriously.

"I know I can but before I tell you I need to talk to my parents and Gram first, possibly Marrissa, Gram, and my mom and dad." I say while looking at him straight in the eye.

"OK when you have talked to them can you tell me?" He asks.

"Of course." Before I could even call my parents I fell asleep snuggled into Alex's side.

When I woke up the next day (yes I slept for a really long time again) I was in my bed. Alex must have known I was awake because he opens the door of my room. "Hey school starts in 15, if your OK enough to go."

"Yeah I'll go, just let me get dressed." I roll back the covers and jump out of bed. I look at Alex out of the corner of my eyes, he kind of gasps. I was wearing a cut of tank top, so the bottom of it reached my muscled stomach. I was wearing tight black short shorts. I don't wear clothing like this outside of the house because I'm afraid of what people might think for example guy's eyes bugging out and gasping at my extremely well toned body, and anyways it's skimpy. Well in their eyes I'm probably look insanley beautiful, in the kind of really tuff girl kind of way, that says you do not want to mess with me.

I'm a black belt in martial arts, I can skillfully use duel sai and katans (the samurai sword). At my old school all the guys had major crushes on me. No girl wanted to piss me off, oh I can also you duel pistols, I have a weird hobby, I like to learn how to use weapons. I open a drawer and find a T-shirt, I look in another drawer and pull out a pair of jeans. I look through another door and pick up some stuff to find what I wanted. I walk in the bathroom because Alex was still at my door. I walk out of the bathroom tying my hair up into a pony tail.

"Your still staring at me Alex, it's starting to give me the Heebie Jeebies."

"Oh sorry, I just didn't expect you to…" His voice trailed off. I walk toward him because he is still standing in my doorway. I kiss him lightly on the lips, and walk past him. I walk into the kitchen and grab a granola bar. Zara gives me a quick hug because she is going with Nick to school. Alex finally comes out of his trance and walks into the kitchen. I walk over to my back pack, I pick it up and head toward the door.

I walk out into the cold open space outside. I jump into my hummer as Alex walks out. He jumps into the hummer, "Hey I'm sorry about my unexpected reaction to you this morning."

I laugh "It's fine, the only reason why I even have those clothes is because of the classes I took." I turn around and start toward the school.

"What kind of classes?" He asks me.

"Martial arts and weaponry classes, meaning learning how to use samurai swords and sai. If you have heard of the super hero Elektra she uses them." I tell him.

"What kind of weaponry?"

"Swords as I already said and guns, I'm going to set up some stuff in my room so I can practice. I can teach you the basics if you want." I tell him.

"That would be great." I pull into a parking space in the school parking lot. I get out, I shiver from the cold, I wasn't wearing a jacket. Smart right? Not at all. He walks with me and wraps his arm around my waist. We walk into school together, a lot of the guys who walk past us, look at me from the corner of their eyes.

When we get to my locker I stop and he cups my cheek in his hand and kisses me light soft and quickly. He walked to his locker where Nick was talking to Zara, Issie and Devyn. I put my backpack in my locker and get my books, not really caring what I brought. I walk up to Nick, Zara, Issie, Devyn, and Alex. I still can't believe he is my boyfriend. Zara looks at me "You alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine." I smile at her to tell her I'm fine.

"Well I'm going to start heading toward class." Nick says, he kisses Zara then walks off.

"Well I'm going to go to my class." I say and start heading toward my class. Alex wraps his arm around my waist again, and Zara walks next to me. She looks with drawn, like she is just sitting in her head. We get to class and find seats. We had to write a one page paper on what we hoped Literature and Language Arts was going to be like. I was done in 10 minutes. I can't write that fast, expsceially a whole paper. I think I might have more than just the mind reading ability.

The bell rings and I head off toward science. We just talked about the safety and stuff that we needed to know if we wanted to do experiments. Thinking about experiments I told myself I had to call my parents. The bell rings for lunch and everybody runs to their lockers. I walk to my locker with Alex. I grab my lunch and walk to the lunchroom. I sit down with Alex, and Zara sits next to me. She leans over and whispers to me "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Yeah when we get home I'll tell you."

"OK, are you going to tell Alex" She asks.

"No I have to call my parents and talk to them first." I believe there on the coast of Mexico by now.

"OK, why do you need to call your parents?" She asks me, Alex is looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I need to ask them a few questions." I tell her. I sit back in my chair and look her straight in the eye. She nods; she understands that I need to ask my parents a few questions about my life. Alex leans over, and whispers in my ear.

"What were you two talking about?"

"The stuff I'm going to tell you about after I talk to my parents today." I tell him.

"OK, are you alright, it seems like something is wrong?"

"I'm not alright, I'm confused. And I will tell you why after I talk to my parents, capeesh?"

"Capeesh." He says. I turn away and start eating my lunch.

After the bell rings, I walk to my locker to grab my P.E clothes. Zara, Nick, Alex, Issie, and Devyn all have P.E with me. When we get to the gym, we go to the locker rooms. I change into my tank top that I wear when I run and my shorts.

"Hey we are doing a one mile run today."

"Sweet! I can't wait." Zara smiles at me.

We walk to where the coach is standing. Great, Sasha is in our class. With no warning I enter her head.

Wow I can't wait to see that new girl Sarah? Run, she won't last one mile I bet. If someone is that skinny they have to have an eating disorder, I can't believe Alex Smith is going out with her. EWWWW! I'm prettier than her.

I have to hold back a laugh; I am really skinny because I am very active and muscled. And if she thinks she is prettier than me there is something definitely wrong with her. When she walks down the hall not one guy looks at her. With me every guy looks at me when I walk anywhere.

Alex walks up behind her he says "Excuse me" it was the funniest thing ever. She moves out of his way almost falling on her butt and dragging her friends down with her. Alex looks back and almost cracks up but then stops. He walks up to me, and wraps his arms around my waist.

"If the coach finds you kissing me he's gonna be really mad." He smiles and leans down to kiss me, I let him of course, I pull away quickly though. I can feel Sasha's eyes on us. It was kind of creepy.

The coach blows his whistle. Alex lets go of me has he turns toward him. "OK everyone we are going to run one mile today, please try to do the best you can."

We all line up to start. He blows the whistle again and I bolt, within a couple seconds I was ahead of everybody except for Alex, Nick and Zara. Sasha wasn't too far behind, but at the pace the rest of us were going she wouldn't be able to catch up.

"I'll race you." I tell Alex.

"OK just don't be upset when I kick your butt." He turns to me and smiles.

"Ha ha, in your dreams baby." And I take off. He is not too far behind but I'm still not running as fast as I can. I pour on the speed and whip around the track; I can feel Sasha's eyes on my back as I pass her. Alex catches up to me even though I'm going super fast.

"Man you are fast."

"Yeah I can't normally run this fast, but I like it." We start on the last lap.

"How about we run as fast as we can and see who wins?" I ask Alex. He smiles at me. A very competitive smile.

"I can't wait to kick your butt." He takes off and I follow him. I catch up to him in a matter of seconds.

"Miss me because you will once you're in my dust." And I shoot past him and run over the finish line about 10 seconds before Alex gets there.

"I told you I would kick your butt." I smile at him.

"Yeah I know. But how can you run that fast."

"I have no idea." I tell him. The coach walks over.

"You both are amazing runners, I want you both to join the cross country team. Practice starts next week on Wednesday." He tells us.

"I'll definitely be there." I say, I look at Alex. He looks unsettled.

"Yeah sure I'll join." He says.

"OK great it starts right after school." He turns around and walks away. I look back up at Alex.

"Are you OK? You look kind of freaked out." He turns his head to look at me.

"There was this guy standing at the edge of the forest, staring at you. He looked like they guy you keep seeing out the window at Betty's. Then he smiled and a picture of him draining your blood filled my head." I stare at his face for I don't know how long, he reaches out and cups my chin. I wake up from my freaked out state.

"You alright Sarah?" He asks me.

"Yeah I'm fine." My voice shakes, and so do my hands.

"Sarah you know I won't let anything happen to you right?"

"Yeah I do but I don't want anything to happen to you." As I say that I turn and walk toward the girl's locker room. School sucks when a vampire is stalking you and wanting to suck your blood. Yeah being a vampire's next meal is even suckier.

this story is actually kind of good... it's kinda sad that i just realized that O.o lolz