Jack couldn't help but to sigh in relief as the two little kids ran into the cabin. "Fitzy, make sure nothing happens to them."

"I will." Fitzwilliam said, following the kids.

Meanwhile, the crew started flooding onto the deck. None of them could believe their eyes. "Lord. The kraken's back?" Mr. Gibbs said, shocked.

Barbossa barked out orders, before glaring over at Jack. "I told you taking that tooth was a bad idea."

"Look at it on the bright side: at least it has one less tooth." Jack said. "Though I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with that. We do have something that Calypso wants. Something that she isn't going to get."

"Then we're doomed." Mr. Gibbs said. "The kraken isn't going to stop until Calypso tells him to."

"If the East India Trading Company could defeat him, so can we." Jack said. "We just gotta figure out how."

A while later...

"Captains!" One of the crew members shouted. "We're out of powder!"

"Use the bloody rum!" Jack shouted, still deep in thought.

"Sparrow." Barbossa shouted at the helm. "I don't think-"

"I'm standing right next to you. There is no need to shout!"

"I don't think-"

"Well, speak up!"

Barbossa rolled his eyes. "She's not going to last much longer."

Jack looked around at the Pearl. The sails were torn. There were pieces of wood everywhere. Shattered glass covered the deck, along with dead sailors. There were holes in the deck. Part of the deck was actually creaking. There was only one long boat left untouched, due to the chest full of Mama Barbie's charms hidden inside. Jack sighed sadly. "Get that boat into the water now."

In the Captain's Cabin...

Christine and Willy were both trembling, holding onto each other for support. There was a huge hole where the sleeping quarters used to be. There was also part of a tentacle that Fitzwilliam had sliced before it had pulled Christine out. Glass covered the floor, along with old books and papers...

Jack ran in. "Let's go!"

Christine ran over to Jack. "Da, I'm scared."

Jack grabbed her hand. "You'll be fine, I promise."

"Jack, what's happening?" Fitzwilliam asked.

"You'll see."

By the time they had gotten back out on deck, Barbossa already had the boat in the water. "Thanks." Jack said. "Fitzy, you get in the boat first."

"Jack, you can't be-"

"Just do it!" Jack shouted. As Fitzwilliam climbed down the ladder to the boat, Jack kneeled down infront of the two kids. "William, I want you to protect Christine for me, ok?"

William nodded. "Aye Captain Sparrow." He said, before starting down the ladder.

"Da?" Christine asked. "What's going on?"

Jack sighed, before slipping his compass into Christine's hands. "Hold on to that for me."

"And this too." Barbossa said, tearing off his necklace and handing it to her.

Jack rolled his eyes at Barbossa, before turning back to Christine. "C'mon, let's get into the boat."

Jack held Christine and climbed half way down the ladder, before handing her off to Fitzwilliam. "Da?" Christine asked, confused.

Jack smiled at Christine. "Though it only lasted a short time, I'm glad I had this chance to be with you." Then he used his sword to cut the rope connecting the long boat to the Pearl.

"Da!" Christine shouted, realizing what was happening. "Fitzy! We need to go back!"

"We'll go back when your Da tells us to." Fitzwilliam said, furiously rowing. "But for now, we need to get as far away as possible."

"Why?" Christine shouted, in tears.

"Don't worry Christine." Willy said, placing his arm around her shoulders. "Everything will be fine!"

"Are you sure?" Christine asked, turning around to watch as the kraken wrapped it's tentacles around the Pearl.

"Yes." Fitzwilliam said. "Everything will be-"

Just then, the entire Black Pearl exploded. "NO!" Christine screamed, before bursting into tears.

On the Misty Lady...

"Captain Teague?" Arabella said, looking over at Teague's shocked face. "Are you alright?"

Teague then sighed. "Looks like we're heading back to Shipwreck Cove." He said. "Go get the crew ready to get an extra boat." After Arabella left, Teague looked down at the water. "I'm sorry Jackie."

Teague's eyes then shot open as he felt a sudden pain in his chest, before everything went black...

Meanwhile in a small village in the Americas...

Everyone was getting ready for a celebration. After all these years, they have received a message from their Water Goddess. She said that, if they returned to the land of their ancestors within the next eleven years, they will get the water of life...

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