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As Sonny walked back to her mom's car she blushed furiously. She could feel her face heat up. It felt like a hot burning stove.

Why did I say to Chad 'So are you going to kiss me?'? Sonny thought. Am I some sort of idiot, who asks their crush if they're going to kiss you or not? I must be an idiot. I fell for the enemy. And there is no way out. Now Chad is probably smirking, because I fell for his little trick. Now it's probably on a security tape and he is going to send it to everybody. Sonny started to list names in her head. But she was so angry she could barely think of any. Tween Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, People, Ok, Us, maybe Perez Hilton, some sort of special magazine for the end of the year, the So Random cast! My life is ruined, thanks to Chad Dylan Cooper!

"Sonny, are you alright?" a lady's voice asked, breaking Sonny out of her mental rant.

"Oh yeah, mom, totally fine, never been better," Sonny answered, her voice was an octave higher.

"Sonny," Connie said, not believing her at all.

"Mom, I'm completely fine. The Christmas party was awesome. I had a great time." Oh yeah, don't forget to check the magazines for me, tomorrow. I'll show you how the Christmas party was, Sonny thought bitterly.

Connie knew she wasn't going to get anymore out of Sonny –for now.

"So who did you get for Secret Santa?" Mrs. Munroe asked.

"Who do you think?" Sonny asked sarcastically.

"Chad Dylan Cooper?"


"What did he get you?"

Sonny handed her mom, the DVDs that were hidden under her coat.

"Oh my, gosh. It's the Mackenzie Falls gift set. I was planning on getting it for you! But thanks to your boyfriend, I don't have too!"

"Mom!" scolded Sonny. "Not here. My cast can hear and kick me off the show! And he's not my boyfriend! He doesn't like me! You know that, I know that. The whole world should know that! We don't like each other!"

Her mom ignored her and continued to look at the DVDs. "Oh look, it's autographed!" said Connie, pointing at Chad's signature.

"Oh it is."

"Yeah, you're so lucky."

"Yeah I –hey don't confuse me like that. I don't like Chad. And that's that."


The car ride was silent. Sonny's mother knew Sonny liked Chad. But she didn't know why she didn't admit it. She thought it had to do with the cast, and their hatred for Mackenzie Falls.

It was really warm for California. Maybe it was Sonny just imagining things, because she's so used to Wisconsin Decembers. She climbed up the stairs to apartment. And, goodness was it tiring! She laid down the DVDs on the lamp table and walked to her room. But she stopped to say hi to her dad.

"Hey, Dad," she said tiredly. "Whoa wait! Oh my goodness! Dad!" she screamed, and ran into her dad's open arms.

"Hey, Sonshine," he said, "Any problems? Is that Tawni being a jerk, again? Or anyone Else?" And by, 'Anyone else?' he meant Chad. Yes, he still thought of Sonny has his giggling little girl. Not some heartbreaking girl-next-store Hollywood actress. After he saw the interview he went berserk. Sonny kept her mouth shut. She didn't feel comfortable saying what happened back stage with Chad. She always did have a mind of her own.

"No, Dad. I'm great!" said Sonny. Her face was as bright as the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. "Tawni has been really great and everyone has been really nice. And I can't believe your here! Oh–" Sonny started to cry – tears of joy, of course (Sonny Munroe doesn't do sad tears).

"Sonny, why are you crying?" her mother asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm just really, really happy," said Sonny, wiping away the tears. "We're all here, together...celebrating my favorite holiday. It's just so happy!"

"Yes, I know. Now before you get to upset. What about you head up to bed?" Mr. Munroe asked.

"Ok. I love you, Dad. I love you, Mom," said Sonny, and walked into her bedroom. Ah, what a great Christmas this was going to be, she thought as she climbed into bed.

Sonny walked down the hallway to the cafeteria singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

"Really, Sonny, really?" a voice Sonny knew all too well, asked. "Christmas ended six days ago."

Sonny sighed and counted to ten, then turned around to face Chad. "Chad, I can celebrate Christmas for as long as I want. And on the same topic, why can't I sing Christmas songs? But you can still brag about how great your new car is. When Christmas ended six days ago," she said, mocking him.

"Because that car is a car to be praised, until kingdom come. Santa can only have one day. Chad Dylan Cooper and his car, can have has many as he wants."

"Do you know what Christmas is about?" Sonny asked, outraged.

"Yes..." Chad started, not quite sure what it was about. It was something about a birthday. But he couldn't remember who's....

"Then what is it?"

"It's something about some guy's birthday and he brings us presents, because of it," he answered. Yeah, that sounded right, Chad thought.

"No! It's about Jesus' birthday! Come on. We are going to my dressing room right now and you're going to find out," said Sonny, and drag him in the other direction.

"But no! My steak!" he protested.

"Chad, do you want to suffer for the rest of your life?"


"Then come and found out what it means."

After watching a Charlie Brown Christmas and getting a book for four-year-olds about Christmas. He was aloud to leave. But Chad being Chad, he had to complain about the book right away.

"Come on!" he whined. "Isn't this a book for collage students?"

"No. It's for four-year-olds, see. Look at the pictures," said Sonny, then added, "Simple enough."

"Fine," he agreed.

"Fine," she countered.


"Good. And good bye, so I can get dressed for tonight," said Sonny, pushing him gently out the door.

"Oh, so you are going tonight?" asked Chad, referring to the New Years Eve party.


"Cool. See yah then," Chad said, then did is signature click tongue, wink and point with his finger.

"See you," she waved back.

The New Years Eve party was just as cool has the Christmas one. There was loud music and dancing. And some how Chad found is way over to Sonny.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," she replied.

"So are you excited?"

"For New Year's?" she asked, Chad nodded. "Then yes. I can't wait! I wonder what this year will bring."

"I don't know. That's what excites me the most." Chad going to add something else but the count down started.

"10...9..." everybody in the room said in unison. Chad joined in, as Sonny did. Sonny's voice was getting more and more giddy. "6...5...4...3..."

This is now or never, Chad thought.

"Happy New Year!" everybody screamed. Chad quickly leaned in on Sonny's cheek and kissed her there.

Sonny stood there a moment, thinking, what just happened? Then she found her voice and said....

"You missed."

"What?" asked Chad, confused.

"You missed," she repeated and pulled down Chad's tie and kissed his lips. The kiss started sweet and simple, until Chad pulled Sonny closer and deepened the kiss. The stood there, their lips lock, when the heard a click of a camera. The two teens pulled away and blushed.

"Smile!" the youngest So Random cast member, said.

"Dora..." Chad growled.

"It's Zora," she said and ran away cackling.

Chad started to chase after her. But Sonny grabbed his arms and held him back.

"Aren't you excited to be, Hollywood's hottest teen couple of 2010?" asked Sonny.

"Yes," Chad answered, and leaned in for another kiss.


The next day, on the cover of every magazine that Sonny listed (and more), Chad and herself were on there. Saying different things like....

'Could this be the hottest Hollywood couple?' or 'The cutest couple of 2010?' or 'Do you think that Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper, are the best teen stars dating, yet?' Either way the magazines put it, it was all the same thing. Chad liked all the publicity. Sonny on the other hand, didn't like it has much (well, kind of hated it) and didn't want to be in the spotlight. But they still loved each other.

Also the good news is Chad has finally learned the true meaning of Christmas.

The End

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