A Walk on the other side

Help! Can you help me!! Allison screams approaching a teenage girl and what seemed to be her mother. I can't find my husband!!! Excuse me! The two ran for their life down the quiet street of Phoenix . God maybe if I walk to my house everything will be fine.

The door creaks as I open it. I miss that. Hello, Ariel is that you. Joe said. Joe? Allison asks. Marie can you go see if that was you sister who was at the door? Marie She gasps as she knelt down to hug her youngest daughter. Dad Marie's little voice broke, do you have the air on. No honey why Joe questions. God was that me, Why can't they see me. Am I………………….DEAD!!!!!!! When did this happen I missed my own funeral?? How do I communicate with them? BRIDGETTE!!!!! She has what I have………..had. ssssssssspppppppppdddddd??!!???!?!?!?!?

Honey are you ok it is three o'clock in the morning? Oh god Joe you are here I am here I mean I am alive not dead…………. Alive!! Allison exclaims. Is this some kind of joke Al. No it's not a joke I had a nightmare. A nightmare good dreams to you are nightmares bad dreams to you are heaven and what you live off of. Your good dreams to us are night mares. We are normal people. You aren't. now go back to bed. GOODNIGHT AL!!!!!