Yuuno returned to his apartment after a tiring day at the office. Chrono had once again put in a large order, and it took several hours to collect everything. As such, it was only now that he was home and seated on his couch that he had time to call up a display and check his messages.

He wasn't surprised to find he had several waiting in his inbox, as it was the holiday season so he was expecting to get greetings from his various friends and acquaintances. His expectations were fulfilled, as that was indeed what the bulk of his messages were.

Opening the first, he was greeted to the image of the Takamachi family. Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio stood posed before their Christmas tree with a 'Happy Holidays' arcing over them. Nanoha stood with her arm linked with her wife's, while Vivio was latched onto a surprising fourth individual. Yuuno recognised the other child as Einhart Stratos, a girl Vivio had become quite fond of to the point where the adults would fawn over the cute little couple.

The second was from the Harlaown family, with Lindy, Chrono, Amy, the twins, and even Arf sitting before a festively decorated backdrop, smiling brightly at the camera. Chrono and Amy looked happy together as they always did, and Yuuno noted that the twins had certainly grown a lot since he saw them last.

Next was the one from Alisa and Suzuka, his Earthbound friends. Yuuno had to chuckle slightly at the obvious look of discomfort on Alisa's face. The blond was beet red, surely the result of the other girl tightly holding onto her arm. The surroundings were lavishly decorated, but Yuuno expected no less from the combined fortune of the Bannings and Tsukimura families.

The Yagami family's card was as eccentric as ever. Hayate had dressed her knights up as Santas, elves, reindeer, and even frosty. Shamal was leaning her head on Signum's shoulder, while the other knight was clearly trying to ignore it. Rein copied the gesture with Agito, who was notably agitated. Vita and Zafira, in wolf form, were at the bottom, flanking their mistress who stood with the newest addition. It was Hayate and Carim's first Christmas together, and the both of them were simply glowing. His friend Verossa was also present, his arm draped around Schach's shoulder.

Yuuno was a tad surprised to see a card from Teana, as he had only helped the enforcer out on one or two cases. It was a nice gesture, and Yuuno saw that the card featured the Nakajima family as well. Subaru sat next to her girlfriend, with the rest of her family surrounding her. The other cyborgs looked to be high on the festive cheer, particularly Wendi who was unashamedly glomping Nove from behind.

After viewing the cards from various business associates, Yuuno went back and looked through the images again, taking in each joyous face as he did so. All his friends had gone on to lead fulfilling lives, each with a special loved one by their side. They were all happy, so Yuuno was happy as well.

And yet, even though he told himself that, he was still crying. Yuuno remained seated on his couch as his sobs echoed through the hollow apartment.