A loss for words

Mediums- See the future and talked to ghost who haven't seen the light. They are earthbound spirits.

Physics- can only see the future. Mine, yours, the world.

I am a medium. Yes I may be crazy but take me for who I am. I work for the DA in law enforcement. The little spark from the future is helpful when solving a crime. In 2009 when an unexpected brain tumor started to make me dizzy and faint put me at risk for my final visions. One of my last visions was my family gone and I alone. With no sense of the future, No job, and no direction in life. I just had to find out how to save my family. I couldn't get surgery; I would risk my life for theirs. When I was done I headed toward the DA's with evidence and a killer headache.

The brain tumor had gotten too powerful and had given me a stroke. But the doctors proceeded with my surgery anyway. When the procedure was over I didn't quite wake up. I was stuck, motionless, asleep and in a coma for the next three months

When I woke up I had no clue what my name was what the date or year was or who my family and friends were. Lee and Lyn had Little Lee. And I was without a power.

1 month and 4 days later:

Hello hello hello al al al. Eggs eggs eggs eggs . Joe said repeatively I got my power back. Omg joe my powers back but the use of my hand isn.