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A boy of no more than four was stumbling wildly through the dandelions, the thousands of swaying dandelions that brushed his pale skin softly. He sneezed and laughed as small petals rose up and danced away from his grasping hands. He could hear his father calling but he kept running, kept twisting himself further into the lovers' touch of the field. The blue sky above him drew his gaze until he promptly fell over what seemed to be a cloud.

The boy drew himself up and wiped off the dirt and mud from his velvet pants. There was a large tear in the knee of said pants and through it you could see the outline of an oozing cut. Tears formed just as big as the drops of blood now running down his injured leg.


Draco looked through his bright blonde fringe into his father's stern steel eyes. His father's eyes melted at the scene of his small and only child's heartbroken face.

"I hurt myself, Papa," Draco cried as he ran into his father's strong arms.

"It's alright my boy; I will always take care of you." Draco's father said of few words and with a flick of his hand the injured knee was healed.

"Savior! You are my savior, Papa," the blonde laughed and hugged even harder.

"No, Draco, I am not. Do you remember who our savior is?" His father asked quietly as he touched his forearm where a faded skull and snake were hiding in his skin.

"Yes," Draco replied as he touched the lightening bolt necklace his father gave him as a baby, "Harry Potter saved us!"

The older blonde smiled and nodded after his son while he climbed out of his Papa's lap and ran further into the field. He watched his sons white skin blend with the dancing dandelions and felt relieved that this was going to be the rest of his life, just watching his child grow and become a part of the world. He was relieved knowing that the darkness was over and he could raise Draco the right way.

Else where at the end of the flowers there was a pond where Draco stopped and pondered his reflection. The bolt hung softly and stood a stark contrast of gold against his black shirt. He slowly fingered the hard edges of the symbol and whispered to it, as if praying.

"Harry Potter, thank you for saving us. I want to be your friend."

Perhaps it was a childish prayer, but one with the utmost sincerity. Draco Malfoy wanted to surf the sky with the savior, he wanted to play dragon seek with the Golden One. He only hoped that Harry would be going to Hogwarts with him.

With his hopes in the air he charged through the pasture and back to his Papa's side. He knew one day it would be a different Savior he would stand beside.


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