I sat at lunch poking at my food. Are they sure it was edible. Jasper and Emmett my best firends did the same. Alice how ever was a different story. ALice was my little pixie like sister and she ate anything that anyone gave her. Rosalie, Emmett and I just stared at her.

"Did you guys hear about that new girl?" Rosalie asked.

"What new girl? This is great. Edward might finally get laid." Emmett said. I growled under my breath. When will he ever stop making jokes, about my non existent love life?

"Look you guys that's her. We have to get to her before Lauren and her skanks do." Rosalie said. Of course. Lauren would probably try to make her some slutty...eiw I didn't even want to think about it.

"Wow...I love her outfit." Alice said. I turned to see A godess standing in the middle of the lunch room. She wore a beautiful spagetti strapped royal blue dress with blue flats. She had an innocent look on her face. She had beautiful brown eyes and milky pale skin that contrasted gorgeously with her skin. She had the longest...most beautiful lusious brown hair. She was drop dead gorgeous. All eyes were on her. She had a royal air about her. She had a humble yet independent air about her. She strided forward into the lunch line.

"I got this one." Alice said. She bounced up from her seat next to her boyfriend Jasper. And started to talk to the girl. She grabbed a salad and a diet pepsi. I loved the way the girl's luscious, full pink lips moved and I wondered how they would feel against mine. Alice led her back to our table.

"Everyone this is Bella. Bella this is Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie."

"Hi." Jasper said smiling.

"Its a pleasure to meet you." Rosalie said.

"Hey there! I'm Emmett the awsomest one." Then I realized it was my turn.

"Hello." I said. as I stared into her mezmerizing eyes. She noticed my stare and, just when I thought she couldn't get more beautiful she blushed.

"Ciao tutti il suo un piacere incontrarla." She replied.

"Bella here is from Italy." Alice said.

"cool." We all replied of course in different forms.

"Mio padre รจ il capo di polizia qui. Lei sa Charlie? " She asked. Of course I understood her. I took italian for about 4 years in summer courses.

"Do you speak English Bella?" I asked.

"Some." She replied in a heavy...sexy italian accent. "But I am more comfortable with Italiano. I also speak French."

"Bella I love your dress." Alice gushed.

"Thankyou." she replied once again blushing.

"Well sit down Bella." Rosalie said laughing. Bella sat her face once again red. She began to eat her salad and I wante dher right then and there.

"So Bella how do you like America?" I asked, all I wanted was to hear her voice again.

"Its alright...Its not as how you say...open and free as Italy but its definatley a nice place."

"Well Bella we certainly have to show you around town." Jasper said.

"I would love that." She smiled. I was happy to discover I had all my classes with Bella.

"Do you want to hang out with us this afternoon?" I asked her.

"Amerei a. a che ora?"

"Around 5:00 Alice would love to have you sleep over."

"Are you Alice's brother?" She asked.

"Yes I'm her twin." I answered.

"Cool. " Finally the bella rang to leave and as I walked out side I couldn't believe what I saw. Everyone was crowded around a stretch limo. Bella walked up and got into it. I drove home in a daze my thoughts consuming Bella.