I watied Anxiously for five o'clock to come. I'd gotten directions to Bella's house from Alice. Finally my suffering ended. I headed out to Bella's house. IT was not at all like I had expected. Where was the limo I'd seen?I went up to the door and knocked. The door opened and there stood Cheif Swan.

"So your the guy Bella was telling me about." He said.

"Bella!" He shouted up the stairs. "Come in Edward."

Bella came down the stairs in some blue jean skinny jeans and a blue shirt with her beautiful hair tied up in a ponytail with blue ribbon. She looked amazing.

"Ciao Edward." She said. ",Ciao l'amore di papà lei" She told her father.

"Love you too Bells. Have a good time." Then he turned to me.

"If you hurt my daughter so help me God I'll-" Bella grabbed him by the arm lovingly.

" Il Pappa è bell'illumina su. Edward è un ragazzo piacevole. Sarò bello." He calmed at her words. " e l'amo è così piacevole." She blushed. Did she really like me? (For those of you who don't understand what she said...she said : Pappa it's fine lighten up. Edward's a nice boy. I'll be fine. and I like him so be nice.)

"I'll take care of her cheif Swan." I assured him. He eyed me. Then nodded. He kissed Bella on the forehead. I took Bella's hand and a jolt of electricity shot through me. It wasn't a bad feeling it was actually a nice feeling. She seemed to notice it too. But she hid it well. I led her out to my car.

"You look beautiful." I told her. It was a reflex.

"Thankyou." She said blushing.

"What was with the limo?"

"My uncle is an ambassador and he was visiting for a couple of days...so he offered to pick me up from school before he left today." she said looking down as she played with her fingers.

"Bella this is sort of sudden. but I sort of kind of like you and I really want to get to know you..better I was wondering if the two of us could go to dinner tomorrow night?" I asked. I knew a fantastic resturaunt in Port Angeles. I wish I could do more. She'd completely knocked the breath out of me when she smiled. She deserved the world. Could this possibly be love or a very strong crush.

"Yes. I would like that very much." She said as she smiled at me. I grinned back. I helped her out of the car and led her into our house.

"Your home is lovely." She told me. I blushed and looked down. Wait a second...did she just make me blush? Nice Cullen...Nice.

"Bella!!!" Alice said as she towed my mom and Dad along with her.

"You must Be this Bella we've heard so much about." My mother said.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." She said.

"Please Call us Esme and Carlisle." Bella smiled brilliantly.

"Bella come on!" Alice said as she pulled her into the living room. I followed after them to make sure Alice wouldn't hurt her. This was going to be one roudy sleep over. Too bad for Bella because she came on a Friday...Alice had all day Saturday to try attempted murder.