Vanez Blane was feeling rather exasperated. His assistant was currently having an, in his oppinion, unhealthy obsession with another vampire. He often found her daydreaming, or staring at him from across the room; she spent a lot of time with him and Gavner Purl, staying with them as they traveled the halls, getting into things that they really shouldn't. It was annoying the tar out of Vanez, but there was really nothing that he could do.

Maybe Seba could do something. After all it was his apprentice that his was following around. Larten something, was his name. He was about the same age as Arra and that had made them almost instant friends. Yes, he could speak to Seba and tell him to get his assistant under control. In fact said vampire was walking down the hall at this moment.

"Seba!" He yelled rounding the corner after the 550 year old vampire. "Could I have a word with you for a moment?"

Seba stopped and turned to the one eyed vampire behind him. "Can I help you Vanez?"

"Yes, actually I would like to talk to you about Larten your assistant?" He responded looking the vampire directly in the eyes.

"And what problem do you have with Master Crepsley? Has he bothered you?" Seba asked, looking somewhat confused.

"No, he-------," Vanez stopped dead. He had just glanced in front of him, down to into the end of the hallway. Standing there was his assistant, pressing Larten Crepsley to the wall.

They were kissing. There eyes were closed as they kissed each other passionately kissed one another. They were far to busy kissing to motice Vanez and Seba standing only a few feet away. "

"Vanez, what is the------," Seba, too, stopped talking as he turned to see the reason Vanez had stopped talking. Vanez slowly turned a rather brilliant shad of crimson, as Seba smiled. The couple had stil not noticed their mentors standing less than three feet away and Arra moved to wrap her hands around Larten's neck. Larten's arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

Vanez turned first red, redder than a tomato. Then slowly, but steadily her started to turn purple. First lightly, then violet. When Seba thought he was going to pop, he roared. "What. In. The. Hell. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing."

The startled couple sprang apart. Blushing furiously as they stared at their mentors. One livid, one laughing. Larten and Arra exchanged a quick look before sprinting off down the hallway, running for their lives from the furious games master.

"No questions needed." Seba said, patting Vanez on the shoulder, before leaving the games master alone in the hallway.