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It was a cold night in New York, but Leo didn't care as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop. His bruised ribs ached, the pain urging him to stop and rest but he ignored it. Anger flowed through his body like a poison, and he sensed it taking over. He stopped and took some deep breaths because, unlike is brother, he wasn't an angry turtle. He kept a calm state to comfort and reassure his team, but he just lost it sometimes. Raph was just so irritating and rebellious that almost all of the fights he got into were with him. The eldest turtle sighed, he didn't want to fight but like tonight one thing had lead to another...

Flash Back

The team had just arrived from another fight with the foot and Leo had been injured saving Mikey. Donentello said he needed to take it easy, because even though they weren't broken, his ribs were going to be painful over the next few days.

Leo listened to Don's words while looking around the lair. He saw the youngest, Mikey reading comic books and eating day old pizza without a care in the world. His eyes then locked on the next oldest brother. Raphael, Aka the hot head of the family, was lying on the couch flipping through channels like nothing had happened.

Like it wasn't his fault that Mikey was almost killed because he jumped into the battle too early. Just looking at him, all relaxed, was making Leo's blood boil. He suddenly sat up, and walked right over to Raph.

"Hey, bro" said Raph, never taking his eyes off the TV

"Don't hey bro me" Leo said with a snarl

"What your problem? All I said was "Hey bro" Raph replied, anger flaring up as he turned off the TV

"My problem is that you won't acknowledge that Mikey was almost killed tonight!" Leo said hoping that Raph would see his mistake

Instead Raph just said "Mikey, You okay?"

From the another room came, "Yeah, bro Why?" in Mikey's voice

Turning his attention back to Leo, Raph said "See? He's fine"

"That's not the point!" Leo exploded "You didn't wait for us, and jumped into battle leaving Mikey open!"

"You're blaming this on me!" Raph roared back in anger, not believing what he was hearing

"YES! Its you're fault Mikey was almost killed!" Leo replied

"Like it's my fault, you're the one to blame!" Raph said in fury, standing up

"HOW IS IT MY FAULT!" Leo yelled not believing what he was hearing

"YOU'RE THE LEADER! YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB!" Raph screamed back in his brother's face

"LIKE YOU WOULD BE A BETTER LEADER!" Leo said knowing this was the exact opposite Raph wanted to hear

"I THINK I WOULD!" Raph yelled in his anger

Leo turned his back on his brother and went towards the door, not wanting the heated argument to turn into a fight

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Raph said amazed that his brother had turned his back on him

"On patrol" said Leo in a calmed voice

"Fine, just run away like the coward you are" Raph spat, his words coming out like pure poison

Leo froze and Raph knew he had hit a nerve. If Leo was anything he wasn't a coward. He expected his brother to turn around and tackle him, resulting in a fight that Donnie and Mikey would finally have to break up.

Instead Leo turned around and looked straight into his eyes and said "You know what Raph, I'll go and drop off the face of the earth, and then you can be the leader" His words came out ice cold, slicing through Raph's anger. Leo turned and went out the door leaving his brother in shock.

End Flash Back

That had been 3 hours ago and he knew as he saw the sun set that his family would be worried. He sighed knowing that he would have to listen to a lecture from Master Splinter about as the eldest he was to keep the family and the team together. He was trying, but he was tired of being the only responsible one. His brothers did whatever they wanted to, no matter the consequences, especially Raph.

Raph, Leo thought what a hothead. His temper had gotten them into many fights. He never listened either, just ignoring Leo if he told him to do something. Not to say that they were always fighting, they had good times too. They were brothers and that in it self said that they were there for each other no matter what. He shared close bonds with all of his brothers. Smiling, Leo began to think of his apology, that he would say to Raph when he got back to the lair.

He started to head back when he heard a scream.

Back at the Lair

Raph was shocked, Leo and him had fought before but never had his brother said something like that.

He just stood there in till he heard Donnie say " Your really over did this time".

"How did I over do it?" Raph asked his brother walking over to him

Don sighed "You called Leo a coward"

"Yeah so?" was the response Raph gave

"You know as well as I do that Leo is not a coward" said Don in a calm voice

"I know that Leo isn't a coward, but I knew that would strike a nerve" Raph said with a little smirk

"So its worth hurting our brother so that you can strike a nerve?" Donatello said his voice tightening

"No, its just I hate how Leo's always so demanding and strict" Raph replied

"He's right you know" Don said

"Who Leo?" "He's right about what?" Raph said, wondering what Donnie ment

"It being your fault that Mikey was almost killed" Don said turning to face his brother

"Hows it my fault?" Raph said as anger rising within him

"You should have waited for us so we could fight as the team we are" Donnie said as he looked in to his brothers eyes

Before Raph could respond he heard Mikey say "and so that we could have your back"

Raph turned around to see his youngest brother standing agaist the wall, smiling

He look at his younger brother, and then said " your right I should have waited, can you guys forgive me?"

Mikey said " Of course Bro"

"I forgive you but there is one more you need to apologize to" said Don

"Leo" Raph whispered remember the words he had said to him "I tell him right when he gets back"

Mikey and Don smiled knowing that Leo and Raph would solve things and the family would be whole once more.

Now all that was needed was Leo to come home.

In an alley

Little known to his brothers, Leo was on the ground groaning in pain. As he looked up, all he saw Purple Dragons surrounding him and he thought "Is this it?". He put his head back down on the ground. The pain from his ribs was to much and as darkness began to engulf him he thought of his brothers and his father, how he wished he could see them and tell them that he loved them. He then heard the screams and groans of the purple dragons that had surrounded him, the looked up to see a figure fighting the dragons.

With his vision fading, he didn't see the person clearly but he heard a dragon "Get out of the way all, we want is to kill the turtle freak!"

A reply came in a female voice "Over my dead body!"

He was shocked, but before he could question who the woman was, the darkness overtook him and he sank into unconsciousness.

Who is the mystery person?

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