-Clopin's Point of View-

I could barely feel the whips on my back anymore. I didn't bother screaming anymore since I knew it was useless and that the pain was now subsiding. The torturer was slowly losing his amusement since I wasn't screaming. He slowed the beatings, trying to lengthen it out but it had no real effect. "Come on, Gypsy, you know you want to scream with pain," he hissed. I stayed silent. If I said anything he could find offensive, he might switch weapons. To possibly anger him, because it is one of my favorite things to do, I let out a yawn instead. I could nearly feel his glare at my back and I snickered. He stopped whipping and walked towards the door. My eyes followed him although I cared very little where he was going. All the weapons were in here so there was no possibility he could be switching weapons.

My eyes flickered to the window, made of bars. There was a shadowy figure and I watched as the bars fell to the ground. There was very little light in this torture chamber but I knew who it was. I felt them tugging at my shackles and then they fell off. I rubbed my wrists and the figure stood up, slinging me over his shoulder. "Hi papa," I muttered in a raspy voice. I got a response of a grunt and in a matter of seconds he was cascading down the side of the Palace of Justice with me across his shoulders.

I felt myself going limp across his shoulders but I fought to stay awake. "Sleep, son. I'll yell at you once you awake." I muttered something unintelligible and closed my eyes, surrendering to sleep in a matter of seconds.

I woke up in my bed, clean and clothed. My eyes felt groggy and my throat was very sore. "Good morning, sunshine," I heard a familiar voice sing. It belonged to one of my closest friends who would pick on me but I would always come back with something. I gave her a small smile and groaned as I turned to lie on my stomach. I felt her hand on my head and run through my hair. I nearly forgot to mention, just because we hated each other and picked on each other, didn't mean we weren't the best of friends. "Harman said no going up into the city for two weeks." I groaned. Great, I got myself into another mess.

------------three weeks later----------------

I came back to the Court of Miracles, a smile stretching from ear to ear. I didn't realize how much I missed singing and playing with puppets for the children on the streets of Paris. My smile soon dropped as I sensed the distress and sadness in the air. I walked forward and into the Court, my eyes scanning a small crowd of people. Most of them were sobbing or staring at me then looking down. I slowly made my way through the crowd, everyone making a path for me. I looked over at my siblings. All of them, even the ones who moved out a long time ago, were back in the Court, crying their eyes out. All of them were sitting down, huddled together. Adrien, the eldest of my siblings not counting myself, was cradling the majority of my siblings. "Adrien, what's going o-"

"Dad's dead," he cried. It felt like the world stopped. I thought I had fainted, since everything turned black for a little while. When I came back to reality, it turns out that I was conscious the entire time. I had my head down on my desk, my arms soaked with tears and my cheeks stained. I heard Tante Marie whispering to me softly and felt her hand on my back.

"Its okay, Clopie, its okay," she whispered. I knew it wasn't. I could hear the quivering in her voice and knew she had been crying as well. I could only imagine how devastated she was to lose her brother. I looked towards my bed, my oldest female sibling looking at me. Aishe stared at me from my pillow, her eyes red from all her tears. I sat up, rubbing the tears from my face and looked over to Aishe. I got up and sat beside her on the bed, stroking her back. It reminded me of when I was ever put in charge to babysit and she would cry over a nightmare. Although, this was far from a nightmare; this was reality. I lied down and closed my eyes as Adrien's words echoed in my head. Those two words that sent my world plummeting to the ground.

Dad's dead. Dad's dead. Dad's dead. Dad's dead. Dad's dead. Dad's dead.