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Alvery's Point of View

I acted normal as Céleste entered our tent, staring at me blankly and curiously. She walked up to me, her small feet making little scuffling noises as she scurried around the tent aimlessly. She looked over at me hesitantly. I couldn't blame her. I'd only met her when I was going to marry her brother and then a few other minor greetings beyond that.

I smiled at her and placed a finger to my lips then pointed to our bed. She smiled excitedly, reminding me of the rest of her family's wide grins. Quickly, she looked under the bed and giggled, reaching out and tagging Clopin who was jerking away in protest, trapped beneath our bed as the little girl was far more capable of moving under it than he was. She had eventually got him and he crawled out with a laugh. She smiled a little. "I already found Adrian so he's going to be the seeker," she informed him.

He nodded. "I'm going to stay with Alvery a bit, okay?" he asked, his expression asking her if I was okay.

She pouted a little but nodded timidly. "Okay," she mumbled.

He frowned and walked over to her, kneeling down to her height. "I'll tell you what, how about you go find everyone else and keep playing and I'll help you find Nicu next time you're the seeker." She beamed a smile in delight and nodded, sprinting off while I stared at my husband questioningly. He looked over at me. "Nicu is the best hider out of all of us and I'm usually the only one who can find him. He's never the seeker," he explained, sitting beside me and placing his hand on my baby bump.

I frowned at him, looking at my baby bump he was running his thumb over. "I'm pregnant," I muttered in annoyance.

He chuckled, leaning down to kiss my cheek. "I know," he whispered sympathetically but with a bit of humor in his voice. He lifted my torso a bit and placed my head in his lap, pushing my annoying curls out of the way. "I really hope he gets your eyes," he commented with full compassion in his voice as he stared into my eyes causing a blush to rise to my face.

"But if she gets my hair she will surely get driven insane," I replied with the emphasis on the 'she'. He pulled a face at that. "It will be a girl. I know it," I said simply with a smile.

He shook his head with a roll of his eyes. "Sure, sure," he mumbled in disbelief. His gloved hand had found the side of my head and he began to stroke my temples. I slipped in and out of consciousness as he whispered soothing words to me in order to lull me into a deeper sleep. The last time I slipped into consciousness was hearing Clopin say something about helping with finding Nicu in a hushed voice.

Clopin's Point of View

I was dragged from my sleeping wife to help find Nicu. Céleste was hopping with excitement though it was just about dinnertime so if we didn't find Nicu, the food would bring him out. I peeked into Tante Marie's tent to check to see if he hid there since he normally would hide there in the past since Tante Marie wouldn't tell anyone where we hid. She sat working away and smiled a bit at our entrance then went back to working. She was always an awful liar. When she did that it meant she knew we were playing this game.

I looked over to Céleste. "Did anyone hide in here before this game?" She shook her head. "He's in here... it's just the matter of catching him." I looked around to eventually have my eyes land on the pile of cushions that would only move every few minutes but still enough to drive suspicion from me. I quickly jumped on the cushions only to receive a loud grunt in return. Removing the cushions, I found Nicu looking at me with an angry look. I smiled at him and stood up, helping him to his feet.

Céleste smiled in delight, clapping her hands and hopping up and down. "Go find everyone else, Céleste," Nicu ordered and she nodded quickly, running from our sight. He sat down on the cushions and motioned for me to do the same as Tante Marie turned herself toward our direction. "So how is Alvery holding up after that scare this morning?"

"She was very stressed but she seemed to relax a bit and she even fell asleep not too long ago." Tante Marie lifted her eyes, seeming interested in the conversation. "I probably should have helped Adrian home instead of staying to get Avery but, you know me, I always need to be in the action," I admitted with a grin and he smiled back with a nod.

Camille's Point of View

Leave it to the Trouillefous to be playing a game of hide and go seek when all of them excluding Céleste are far too old for that game. I was traveling around the tents, watching as Céleste went this way and that as she looked for her siblings in the right area but not the exact right place. I wandered toward Clopin and Alvery's tent since I thought perhaps Alvery might be awake and if she wasn't I would just find something else to do. As I walked into the nearly pitch black tent, I saw Alvery's form upright in the bed. "Relax, Alv. It's just me," I told her, lighting a candle.

I looked over to see her trembling, a blanket wrapped around her from her waist down. My brow furrowed and I continued to stare at her, waiting for her to speak. She opened her mouth but closed it again, biting her lip as some tears formed in her eyes. I walked over to her cautiously. With her changing hormones, who knows what she was upset about. "Alvery?"

Her blue eyes met mine as she whimpered back, "I think my water broke," in a barely audible voice. My eyes widened but I automatically smiled. Sure she would be in pain but we would take care of her. I hugged her quickly. "I'll go get Tante Marie and Aishe and we can get started," I whispered soothingly. She nodded stiffly in my arms or she shrank back. Either way, I gave her one quick squeeze before running from the tent to fetch everyone.

I ran to Tante Marie's tent first. As I entered I saw Clopin and Mihai laying lazily on the cushions and Tante Marie sat on a stool, sewing some baby clothes. All three looked up as I appeared. "Tante Marie, Alvery's in labor," I said though it sounded like a command since she knew where she was to be. She nodded, placing the clothes aside and picking up a few bottles of water and placing them in a container we would use to wash the infant. She reached to the side and also placed in some warm clothes. I looked over at Clopin who looked very lost, knowing he wasn't permitted in his tent to be with his wife but not knowing what to do now. "Do you know where Aishe is, Clopin?"

His dark eyes found mine, still in a worried and confused daze. "N-no. Ask Céleste. She was still looking for her in hide and seek the last I checked." I nodded and quickly left, nearly tripping on Céleste who was running by but paused to apologize.

"Have you seen Aishe?"

She nodded happily. "I found her. She said that her and Adrian were going to wait on the stage. I have to go find Nadya now," she replied in nearly incomprehensible words with how quickly she was rambling on.

I made my way to the stage and looked up, see Aishe hanging one of her legs off of the stage while Adrian was lying on the side of it. "Aishe!" She peeked her head over the edge of the stage. I motioned her down and, with how urgent I looked I'm sure, she ran quickly, nearly skipping the tall ladder entirely. "Alvery's in labor," I told her frantically as she made her way toward me then sprinted, me following her as we ran to the tent.

As we entered, we were greeted with small whimpers of pain and soothing words. Tante Marie was kneeling beside the bed and Alvery was holding her hand as a contraction hit her. She relaxed within a few seconds and Tante Marie stood, looking over at us in the dim lighting. She ordered Aishe to prop Alvery up using the cushions on the ground and me to hold her hand. I took some of the water from a jug nearby and took a rag from my clothing, dipped it in, and place it on her forehead. I felt pressure on my hand though she seemed to be okay, her stare blank as she gave loud, slow breaths.

Tante Marie sat at the end of the bed where Alvery's legs dangled off, awaiting a head though we all knew it was far from when she would be delivering. She relaxed again, placing her head on the pillows lazily. She glanced continually at the tent's entrance as if she were waiting for someone else. I knew she wanted her husband beside her during her time of pain but he wasn't permitted inside and she knew that.

Clopin's Point of View

I sat at our neighbor's tent, a nice married couple with three children. I had told them about Alvery and they couldn't be happier while I was just a worried mess. So many in Paris had died from childbirth or were injured by it and I couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities. My family was surrounding me as we had made a circle made my crates or cushions dragged out by my neighbors.

I couldn't stop fidgeting. Even when Esmeralda was captured I didn't move this much. I felt like I had no control over my body which couldn't understand whether it wanted to stand, walk, pace, sit calmly, or sit with my knee bouncing. I also kept taking my gloved off, wringing my hands with gloves on and off, and clasping them together as I prayed to a God I barely ever prayed to.

These nerves worsened as time went on and I heard her screams of pain, as did the rest of the Court. No woman in our Court was quiet during labor but it was their King and Queen's child being born so it drew a lot of attention. I stared eagerly at the entrance, my siblings making jokes and light conversation to try and distract my worried mind but it did no good. That was one major thing wrong with me which I wished wouldn't exist. I could change anyone's bad mood good and vice versa but it never worked on me.

Alvery's screams were driving chills down my back. I knew it was her giving our baby life but it felt like someone was killing her slowly and I could do nothing to stop it. Her screams began to get choked out by her sobs which was even worse than just screams. I found myself biting my bent finger every time she screamed or gave a cry. I jumped as I felt a hand on my back and turned to see Céleste looking at me with worried eyes. "Is she gonna be okay, Clopin," she asked quietly. All conversation had stopped since my concentration on the tent broke.

I smiled tiredly at her. "I hope so, ma chérie," I muttered, wrapping my arm around her back and bringing her into my lap and stroked her back. She knew I could nervous. Children always had what I called their sixth sense which is always knowing when something is wrong. Adults can turn away from problems but children dwelt on it more so. I found my eyes fixed again on the tent as Céleste sat on my lap with no noise, letting my hand stroke her back out of a nervous gesture. My eyes widened as Camille exited, making no indication that she saw us. She ran in the direction of her tent with dirtied sheets in a basket. Only a few minutes later she was returning with more sheets as well as small blankets for our child. "Cam," I choked out. Well, I supposed I said that since that voice sounded as if a stranger had said it but she had looked at me so that voice must have been


She glance at the tent and entered, leaving one foot out and then turned around, coming over to me in a hurry. She smiled at me gently. "She's doing great. There have been no complications thus far so stop worrying. If anything goes wrong, you'll be the first to know," she soothed, patting my knee and running back to tend to Alvery. Her screams had not stopped while Camille spoke and as she entered, Alvery's screams had stopped abruptly and were replaced with a newborn's cries, nearly as loud and his mother's. It had to be a boy. I had known it was but Alvery was saying she knew it was a girl. I sat in anticipation as I waited for someone to say what it was.

Whispers intensified behind me as people spoke in excitement over it being a boy, everyone hoping for an heir on the first shot. In all the Trouillefou bloodlines that I knew, a boy was always born first for no reason besides luck. I waited and waited but nothing happened. I tore my eyes from the tent and looked at my brothers who shrugged back. We soon heard Alvery crying and my heart leaped into my throat. Had we lost the baby? Her cries turned into screams again and I sat in confusion. What was going on? I thought the baby was born already. Our baby's scream started again and it mixed with its mother's.

After several hours of worrying, Camille came out and walked up to me, a smile on her face which brought me much relief since there was no noise from the tent for the last hour or so. I looked at her in question and she smiled fully. "It's a boy..." I smiled in return and people behind me rejoiced, "and," she began again which had everyone pause in their merriment, "it's a girl." I stared at her as if she had gone insane as did most of our people besides Nadya and Nicu who worse smiles that I didn't understand. "Good luck taking care of your twins, your majesty," she said with a laugh after my title. I put Céleste down and ran past Camille, a smile on my face that was nearly causing my face to be in pain. I walked inside slowly, taking in the sight carefully as to keep it in my mind.

Alvery was lying tiredly on the bed, one of our children breastfeeding while the other was in a crib. Tante Marie stood slowly from cleaning. "Your boy was first born so the tradition continues," she said with a smile as her eyes fell on the crib. She gave me a hug which I returned and she kissed my cheek. "Congratulations," she whispered and I smiled in thanks. Aishe did the same after she was finished cleaning up.

I walked over to my son's crib. He was sleeping peacefully and was wrapped very well in a blanket. His hair was black,as expected with us having the same hair color, and his skin was was mix between his mother's and mine. His sister had the same traits though she had more hair that was curly like her mother's, which went against Alvery's wishes. I heard a little cry from my son's crib and I looked down, scooping him up in my arms where he quickly quieted. He opened his eyes, very big and a shade of dark blue, not fully developed in his young age. They drifted around and finally found my face where they remained for awhile. I couldn't help but smile down at him though I knew he didn't understand and possibly couldn't even see much right now. "Welcome to the world, little man," I whispered quietly and he did nothing in response but continue to stare.

"Clopin," I heard Alvery whisper from the bed in a tired voice from her screams and cries. I walked over to her as she held our daughter away from her breast. She had already fallen asleep so she made no form of protest. I smiled gently at my wife as I walked toward her with our son. I lied on the edge of the bed, cradling the boy in between us as Alvery did the same with the girl. I looked up from our children to look into my wife's tired and happy eyes.

I leaned my head towards her, careful of not knocking over my son as I kissed her gently and pulled away after a minute or two. "I'm so proud of you. How you could carry these two around and give birth to them it beyond me," I admitted while she only offered a smile back, happy tears brimming her eyes and she rested her head on the pillow.

The second she closed her eyes, our boy began to babble on at her in his own language. She opened an eye and looked at our son with a grin. "That's enough from you, sir," she whispered and he quieted as he heard his mother's voice. I sat up and moved our son closer to her while taking my daughter in return. She moved a little to allow our son to rest over her heart. He seemed to be listening and drifted into sleep within a few minutes. I moved to the ground, giving my wife some room on our bed and took our daughter. I took a cushion for a pillow and lied down with her, falling asleep rather quickly as I rested happily with my new family.

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