Everyone who knew Arra Sails thought of her as a fighter. Everyone, except maybe Larten Crepsley, her mate who loved everything about her. She could have been a vampaneze and he probably wouldn't have cared. She was a fighter. A warrior. True to her title as a vampire general.

That is how they saw her. No one bothered to ask what she felt about. She guessed they assumed she thought about fighting, and challenges. Which, in case anyone cared, she didn't. She thought about many other things, in fact those things were pushed far from her mind unless she was fighting.

She thought about her friends, friends like Gavner. She thought about Larten. She thought about Larten a lot. In fact he was the subject that filled most of her thoughts. Thoughts of their time together, their time as mates. These are all happy things. None bothers to ask about these, but no one asks about what worries her.

None questions her about her fears or disappointments, or about what bothered her. She guessed she looked happy enough in the outside that not even Larten asked what bothered her, oh yes she put on a good face.

She guesses that it was more of a want than anything else. And she wanted it so bad it hurt. And if you asked anybody what they thought Arra wanted, they would never had said this.

Arra Sails wanted a baby. A child. Her's and Larten's. She wanted a tiny baby, a son. He would have his father's red hair, and hi mother's grey eyes. He would be beautiful. She loved Larten with her whole being, but she would love the baby more than that. They would both love him, their angel, their perfect little Crepsley.

His name would be Oliver. Oliver Larten Crepsley. Her son. They would live happy together, a small family of three. Everything would be perfect. They could even leave vampire mountain and build a house, a house in a little village, where no one could find them. They would raise their little baby and live happy ever after, just like that.

But no. That could never happen. She could never bear a child, whether it be Larten's or someone else's. And he could never sire one, never. The perfect child of her fantasy would never exist. That knowledge tore a hole in her heart, punching right through her with unspeakable pain.

No one would ever know the truth. She would never tell Larten, it would hurt him, and make him feel guilty. No she would keep this pain to herself, suffer through it and maybe someday she would find a child that could help fill the void. It wouldn't be their child but it would be close enough. It would work. Smiling, she went to find Larten.

A.N. I know it's not very original for a vampire babies name, but I love the name OliverJ

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