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This story is set some time after the concours have ended. I'm kind of mixing the manga and anime together, because according to the manga another competition will take place during the second semester. But I'd like to keep some of the events in the anime :D


Chapter 1: Brainstorming

"Ne, Kaho-chan, what's wrong?"

Mio's concerned voice cut into Kahoko's thoughts. The red-haired girl looked up from her lunch, which she had been listlessly shifting with her chopsticks. She blinked to see her two best friends looking at her with concern.

Kahoko sighed heavily. "Mio, Nao, you remember what I showed you a few days ago?" she asked, while fishing something out of her school bag. Mio looked at her questioningly, but Nao raised her eyebrows.

"Kaho, don't tell me you got another one?"

Kahoko handed Mio a piece of folded paper. Mio's eyes widened in comprehension as she realized what it was. "But Kaho-chan, don't you think it's sweet that this secret admirer is sending you such romantic love notes?" she asked, her eyes shining.

Kahoko shook her head vigorously. "It's getting kind of freaky, Mio! It's like this guy is stalking me! Go on, read it. I found it just this morning in my locker. It's the third one I've received so far."

Mio and Nao bent their head together to read the letter. It was written on a sheet of clean white paper, but the ink smelled expensive and the handwriting was simple but elegant.


How are you doing? I was walking by the practice rooms yesterday and I happened to hear your music. Your violin is as sweet and expressive as I have always remembered. But I do hope you're not taking practicing too far. I've noticed you've been in the practice rooms during lunch and after classes for this entire week. We wouldn't want our beautiful violinist passing out from exhaustion!
I hope you don't mind receiving such letters from me, but I just wanted you to know that, despite all these talented musicians surrounding you and showering you with attention – and I can tell that they like you, they really do – there is one person who loves you for you, and not only because you are an amazing violinist (though that is one of the reasons).
Take care and continue smiling. My thoughts are always of you.

A secret admirer.

"Oh, Kaho, how sweet of him! He really does sound concerned for you!" Nao smiled mischievously, laughing as she noticed how Kahoko's blush was almost the same color as her hair.

"And he said that he loves you! Is the violin romance coming true at last? Aww, I always knew our Kaho-chan was quite the heartthrob!" Mio couldn't help but laugh along, clutching the letter to her chest in her excitement.

Kahoko smiled weakly, but her eyes betrayed her worry. Nao quickly calmed down when she saw Kahoko's expression. She elbowed Nao to stop her giggles.

"Mio, Nao, I guess it is kind of sweet, but it's scary how he seems to be watching my every move. Is there a way I can make him stop sending me these things? I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I kind of have enough on my plate now, what with my schoolwork and the concours this second semester."

Nao nodded in understanding, but she couldn't think of anything that could help her friend with her current situation. "It's not going to be easy, since we really don't know who he is," she said, running her fingers through her dark hair. "You could try writing a note back and stick it just inside your locker, so he can pull it out. Tell him you appreciate his thoughts, but it's distracting you."

"That's a good idea, except someone else might read the note by mistake," Kahoko sighed. "And I don't want anybody else knowing about this; next thing we know it will be splashed on the front cover of the school newspaper." Nao nodded, knowing what Kahoko was referring to. The three girls were good friends with Nami Amou, but she did have a tendency to let her eagerness for meaty stories bubble over sometimes. She could just imagine it: Hino Kahoko's Secret Admirer?

"Do you think I could just ignore the letters? Maybe he'll stop then," Kahoko said out loud, but she didn't sound very convinced. Nao shook her head. "You're not responding to these letters, but he's still sending you more, isn't he?" Kahoko hung her head, knowing her friend was right.

Mio, who had been silent all this time, suddenly clapped her hands. Kahoko and Nao looked at her curiously. "I have an idea, Kaho-chan!" she said brightly. "Since this guy seems to be really devoted to you and watching you all the time, he'll certainly notice who you're with, right?"

"Yes..?" Kahoko said cautiously.

Mio smiled. "Then you should get an imaginary boyfriend!"

"WHAT??" Kahoko nearly fell off the rooftop bench in shock.

Mio's voice grew higher, her hands waving excitedly. "Hey, it's a good idea! If he's watching you all the time and he sees that you've got someone else, he'll know that there's obviously someone who loves you too! And then he'll stop sending you letters, since he'll see it's obviously a lost cause!"

Nao looked at Mio in surprise. "You know, that actually makes sense, Mio-chan. I'm impressed. I didn't think you could come up with something this smart." Mio pouted at Nao, but the two stopped their bantering when they noticed the look on Kahoko's face.

Kahoko stared at them both in disbelief. "Are you two serious? And, in any case, who could I ask to do this?"

Mio laughed. "Isn't it obvious, Kaho-chan?" The two girls said it at the same time. "Tsuchiura-kun!"

Kahoko's face turned, if possible, even redder.

"Tsuchiura-kun?" she wondered, thinking of the green-haired pianist. True, they had become fast friends and he did say she could ask him for help with anything, as one gen-ed student to another. But with this? She wasn't quite sure.

"Think about it, Kaho," Nao said seriously. "He's a guy, he's one of your closest friends, and it's not like there haven't been any rumors about you two going out. Practically the entire General Ed department thought so before. And Tsuchiura-kun dealt with those rumors just fine. This time shouldn't be a problem. Just tell him what's going on; I'm sure he'll be glad to help you." Kahoko had to admit that, the way Nao presented it, her friends' logic seemed sound.

"I guess so," Kahoko murmured, though she still looked unsure. "And we really don't have any other options."

"Then it's done, then!" Mio smiled, handing Kahoko back the letter. "You can ask Tsuchiura-kun about it later this afternoon, during practice. You said he'll be rehearsing with you today, right?"

Tucking the letter back into her bag, Kahoko nodded and stood up. "But we tell no one about this, all right?" Her two friends nodded in assent.

As they left the rooftop and made their way back to their classrooms, Kahoko gripped the handle of her violin case tightly. She had a feeling she wasn't exactly looking forward to practice later this afternoon.


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