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Chapter 3: Discussions and the Day After

"Okay, now that's stupid! I can carry my own things, you know!"

Hino Kahoko laughed and continued pushing away Tsuchiura Ryoutaro's hands as he attempted to take her violin case. She didn't expect that allowing him to walk her home would require such energy and effort from her.

"But how shall I be le parfait gentilhomme if you will not permit me to?" Ryoutaro replied, yet relinquishing his grip on the handle of her violin case. "I might have to back out of your request, since you seem like such a high-maintenance girlfriend, Kahoooooo-samaaaaa." He sighed tragically and made an exaggerated motion of exhaustion and despair, eliciting an amused smile from Kahoko.

"Ne, gomen nasai, Ryoutaro," Kahoko said, tugging at his jacket. "I promise I won't be a high maintenance girlfriend! I shall be… le dame parfait!" She rearranged her features to resemble pitiful and pleading, but she crumbled into giggles as Ryoutaro simply raised an eyebrow at her.

"First of all, you better review your French, Kaho," Ryoutaro said, laughing with her. "It's la dame parfait, not le dame parfait." Kahoko pouted and playfully punched his arm. "And second, you're almost home."

Kahoko blinked and saw that Ryoutaro was right: her house was just a few feet away. "Thank you for walking me home, Ryou-kun," she said, using his nickname and gaining a smile from the green-haired pianist in return. "And thanks for helping me out; I'm so glad I can count on you, even if you can't count on my French."

Ryoutaro shrugged his shoulders, raising his hand in goodbye. "I'll see you tomorrow, Kaho. And you're welcome, but don't even say you'll try to be 'le dame parfait' anymore." She laughed as she entered her house, and waved goodbye to him before closing the door.

Ryoutaro slowly lowered his hand and gazed at the door, his thoughts on the auburn-haired girl behind it. His voice low, he whispered as he walked away, "Because you don't need to try and be perfect anymore, Kahoko. You're already ma dame parfait."


The next morning found our red-haired violinist running up the hill towards Seiso Academy as though she was being chased by the demons of hell. Why why why why can't I ever get up on time??

Kahoko sped up her pace as she heard the school bells beginning to toll. "I'm laaaaaate!" she wailed to no one in particular, gasping for breath as she finally reached the school gates.

"God, Kaho, if you always run that fast, you could be the starter of the track team," Ryoutaro waved at her as she neared the entrance to the General Education Department. Kahoko slowed down her run and smiled at him as she attempted to regain her breathing. "And relax, you're not late yet."

Sighing in relief, Kahoko fell in step with Ryoutaro as they walked towards their classrooms. She didn't attempt to resist when Ryoutaro took her violin case. Surprised, Ryoutaro looked down at her. "Anything happen? You generally slap the hell out of me if I even try to touch your violin case."

Kahoko shook her head. "I ran up a hill in less than 10 minutes, Ryou-kun," she groaned. "I'm not going to object this time around." Ryoutaro laughed and shifted his school bag in his other hand so he could hold her violin case better, speeding up his pace as they approached Kahoko's classroom.

Kahoko went straight to her desk and nearly collapsed in relief, seeing that her professor still wasn't in the room. Ryoutaro rolled his eyes and followed her inside, inciting a few raised eyebrows and excited squeals of delight from the other girls in the room. He placed her violin case on the table and lightly brushed the crown of her head with his fingers. "That's gratitude, Kaho. See if I carry anything for you after this."

Kahoko blinked and shook her head. "Thank you, Ryou-kun! I'll see you at practice later?" Ryoutaro laughed and waved goodbye, exiting the classroom. "Yeah, see you."

Mio and Nao immediately surrounded Kahoko and nearly rendered her deaf with shrieks of excitement. "Ohmygod, Kaho-chan, you already asked him?" Mio asked, her voice high with happiness. Kahoko laughed in slight embarrassment and nodded. Mio dissolved into giggles, her eyes shining like stars again.

"That's great, Kaho, he seems to be doing a good job," Nao commented. "Carrying your things for you? That's so sweet of him! Your stalker is sure to back off soon."

"He walked me home yesterday, too," Kahoko said, while placing her violin case on the floor next to her desk. After the initial gasps, Mio and Nao pressed her for details, but the professor soon entered the classroom and ordered the class to "settle down."

I guess this isn't so bad, Kahoko mused as the professor began the lesson. Nothing really changed from how we treat each other, because he's always been this kind to me. I think he'll really be able to help me. Her thoughts suddenly went to how gently his fingers brushed her hair as he left her that morning. She felt her cheeks grow warm at the memory, but she smiled and pushed away the embarrassment.

And this new" situation" of ours might even be enjoyable.


"And so he walked me to my house, and… yeah," Kahoko concluded, before taking a bite of her lunch. The three girls were up on the rooftop again, discussing Kahoko's new "situation". Mio and Nao were all smiles as she finished her story.

Mio sighed, her head in delusions of romance again. "I find it so sweet, how you two were actually teasing each other in French. French, the language of the city of LOVE! So romantic, don't you think, Nao-chan?"

Nao rolled her eyes, but smiled at Kahoko. "I think Tsuchiura-kun was a good choice, Kaho. He'll make a good boyfriend."

Kahoko blushed. "I suppose so, but this is all to fix my problem, right? I can't abuse his friendship or his kindness." Nao nodded in agreement, but couldn't resist adding, "Still, you and Tsuchiura-kun… You two certainly had the girls in our class buzzing this morning." Kahoko swatted at her with her chopsticks.

"It's not the violin romance, but this is so much better!" Mio crowed, jumping off the bench and dancing around Kahoko. "Ryou-Kaho! How does that sound?" She laughed and dodged Kahoko's chopsticks. "Our Kaho-chan has a boyfriend, and it just happens to be the guy half the girls in school are crushing on!"

The three girls laughed, oblivious to the male music student standing just behind the open door of the rooftop entrance. An amused smile crossed his face as he left the rooftop and made his way down the shadowed staircase, soft tresses of lilac floating behind him in his wake.


Dundundun! Looks like the intention of the three girls to keep their plan a secret may not work out!

Just to inform:
le parfait gentilhomme – the perfect gentleman
la dame parfait – the perfect lady
ma dame parfait – my perfect lady
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