It was a normal day at the King residence. Well, as normal as a day could be when the house was occupied by millennia old androids. Oh, yeah, and it was also New Years Eve.

Mr. King was downstairs getting ready for work when his "son" cartwheeled down the stairs. On the last step his hand slipped off the step and he tumbled across the wooden floor and crashed into the opposite wall with a solid bang. He rubbed his fore-head gently and looked up at his dad, laughing. "I guess I misjudged that last step."

Mr. King shook his head, "Erek, one of these days you're going to crash through the wall, not just into it. You really need to stop that."

Erek laughed and stood up, unharmed, "No way. Besides I think after falling so many times, I've finally figured out how to do it right. Trial and error, you know?"

Mr. King looked at him like he was crazy, "Uh huh." He finished adjusting his hologram to make it look like he was wearing a blue striped tie.

Erek frowned, "Are you working today?"

Mr. King nodded.

"But it's New Years Eve."

Mr. King shrugged, "Double the pay."

"Are they making you go in today?"

Mr. King looked at him with a puzzled expression, "Well, no."

"Then why are you?"

"Um, I don't know. I guess I don't have anything better to do tonight."

"That's lame dad."

Mr. King laughed, "You're lame, son. Just wait until you have to play a parental role next."

Erek made a face but then he started laughing too.

"Are you going anywhere fun tonight?"

He looked thoughtful, "I don't know."

Jenny's House

Jenny and the Chee who played her parents were sitting on the sofa watching tv and eating ice-cream cones.

Jenny's dog Daisy came and sat by her feet, looking up at her with large, pleading brown eyes.

"Aw Daisy you want some ice-cream too?"

Daisy's brown eyes glittered in response and she did a little happy dance on her front paws.

Jenny laughed and handed her the cone, "Here ya go. I don't need the calories anyways."

The news came on. Jenny kind of tuned in and out listening to the headlines, but mostly her attention went to playing Tetris in her head. This Earth game is so addictive....

Suddenly one bit of news caught her attention:

"... and tonight is not only New Years Eve, it is also the first blue moon on New Years Eve since the year 1990.... clear skies and an almost zero chance of rain promise to make tonight's celebration one to remember.... now back to you Jeff...."

Jenny smiled and went upstairs to her phone.

"Hello?" a teenage boy's voice asked from the other line.

"Hi Erek. Happy New Year's Eve!"



"I wasn't totally sure," he said defensively.

"Don't you have caller id?"

"Yeah, but still, usually you use the Chee-net."

"I tried. You weren't signed on."

"...oh yeah heheh."


"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Did you call just to insult me?"


Erek sighs, "Bye Jenny. Happy New Years Eve."

"No wait!"


"Are you doing anything?"

"No. Not at the moment."

"Are you doing anything later tonight?"

"Not that I know of."

"Well you are now!" She said cheerfully.

He didn't say anything.

"I mean, you wanna hang out and do something, with me?" she added hopefully. "We could have a picnic and watch fireworks or something. Tonight's a blue moon you know and there hasn't been one of those on New Years even since 1990 and we were old back then and I remember you had to work and I didn't get to see it because I was working at the hospital and, and, and, and yeah.... anyways...." Jenny stopped herself, remembering that she would sometimes ramble when nervous about something. But why am I nervous? she asked herself silently. Oh yeah cuz Erek is being all quiet. Does he think I'm annoying? He'd better not.

"Just say 'yes' already!!"

"Okay, you don't have to scream. I can hear you just fine when you speak at a normal level."

"Are you saying I'm some sort of loud freak?"

"Um, no?"

"Good answer," Jenny laughed, "So you're saying you wanna spend this blue moon New Year with me?"

He pretended to think for a moment, "Hm, well that depends Jenny, do you have to be there?"

Jenny was silent and Erek instantly grew nervous himself. Did he go to far this time? Sometimes Jenny could be sensitive. But they joked around a lot together. However, he recalled a certain hopefullness in her voice and he cringed in guilt.

"Jenny?" he asked nervously, "Y-you know I'm only kidding right?"

"Hm, wha? I'm sorry Erek I was distracted. Daisy just tried to steal my shoe. Could you repeat yourself please?"

Oh thank you thank you thank you, Erek said a silent prayer before speaking again, "Oh sure. I just said I'd love to spend the blue moon New Year with you Jenny. I mean really, I can't believe you'd even have to ask."

"Ah huh," she said in flat out suspicion. Then she dismissed it and quickly added, "So how about the park?"


"Okay. I'll bring the food and stuff. You bring Mountain Dew, oh, and that stash of fireworks I know you have hidden under your bed...."

"My wha?"

"Don't play dumb Erek."

"....Okay." Erek grins sheepishly.

"Hey, why don't we invite the Animorphs to come along, that is if they don't already have plans?"

"Sure, I'll call them."

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