Darren was standing in the ballroom. Well, the large chamber currently serving as a ballroom. It was the Festival of the Undead, a three day celebration with every vampire and vampires in the world coming to Vampire Mountain. Al t vampires around him had finished with the strange dances and now were dancing to a sort of waltz. If they could find a partner, that is.

Of the hundreds of vampires he had seen only about 6 were female. Arra Sails being one. And then five more who's names he couldn't remember. That brought up the question, where was Arra?

He glanced around, looking for her. He didn't see her right away but he did see his mentor, leaning against one of the neighboring walls, talking to Seba. He didn't seem to be paying much attention to the elderly vampire though, his eyes kept darting into the crowd. Darren followed the red-haired vampires eyes, a huge grin spread across his face.

He walked over to Mr. Crepsley, blinding in his bright red. "Hey Mr. Crepsley, could you come with me for a second?" He hid his smile; if his mentor saw it he would be instantly suspicious.

"Why Darren?" He sounded annoyed, and his eyes once again flashed up to gaze through the crowd.

"I just need some help, okay?" Darren pleaded.

"I suppose." Mr. Crepsley fell in step behind Darren and followed Darren as he led them through the crowded hall. They passed Vanez, Gavner, even Kurda but they didn't stop. Darren was on a mission, an important one. He stopped abruptly in front of a vampires clad in a beautiful red dress.

"Hey Arra," the teenager greeted him cheerfully. Mr. Crepsley glared daggers at the boy, and he could feel about a hundred death threats floating silently in the red-head's mind.

"Hi Darren," she answered, not really turning around. Then she spun to face the small half-vampire and took in a sharp breath. "Hello Larten."

"Hello Arra. You look…… beautiful." Larten answered. To save further awkwardness, Darren decided to pick up the conversation.

"Well, Mr. Crepsley looked lonely. And I know what great friends you guys are, so I figured you could talk." He stopped, seeing as they were completely ignoring him. "I'll leave you alone then."

Darren went back over to Seba and his view of the vampire pair he had left was temporarily blocked. However, when it cleared he could see them perfectly. They were dancing together, moving back and forth to the slow music.

"Good job Master Shan." Seba congratulated him.