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Never Regretted Anything


"Shut it, Sora!" Roxas said as he pushed Sora away.

"What's the matter with you?!" Sora said as he placed a hand on Roxas cheek but Roxas shoved it away and shouted, "You are!"

"Me?" Sora asked in disbelief. They were in their room bickering about who knows what. "What about me?" Sora asked again.

"There's too much of you Sora!" Roxas said in an angry tone. "I need some space, my space. It's like you're suffocating me with each passing minute that we're together." Roxas sighed exasperatedly.

"What? I never did anything to you." Sora said with a raised brow. "And for your own space, I'm giving them to you." Sora's eyes began to puddle with tears.

Roxas chuckled. "Yeah…" Then his voice went serious again. "But once you give them to me, you're off with either Namine or Olette."

"Why, are you jealous?" Sora asked in an odd tone.

"Isn't it obvious and for—"

"Why the heck would you be jealous, Roxas?!" Sora shouted. "You're my boyfriend. They don't have the right to just take me away from you. And besides, they're our best friends. They wouldn't do such things that would hurt us."

"They maybe our friends but, what if they don't see you as a friend anymore? What if—" Roxas didn't get the chance to finish his sentence when Sora slapped him on the face, hard.

"Shut up, Roxas!" Sora said as he let the tears flow in his eyes.

"No! You shut up, Sora. And why did you slap me?!" Roxas asked bitterly.

"I just wanted you to realize what you were saying!"

"Oh I have definitely realized something." Roxas moved to their closet and took Sora's luggage. He then started to pack Sora's clothes.

"What are you doing? Put them back!" Sora demanded. Roxas ignored him. "I'm throwing you away, Sora. I never want to see you ever again." Roxas handed Sora his luggage. "Did I say again? I'm sorry, let me rephrase, I never wanted to see you, at all!"

"You almost made me believe, Roxas…" Sora set his luggage down. "… except for the fact that you were the one who invited me into your life in the first place."


It was already 7 o'clock in the evening and still Roxas was in a tunnel by the Sandlot, alone. He had been there for hours, practicing for the Struggle match the following day using a dummy he found in there.

Roxas finally felt fatigue, so he decided to go home.

When he was about to reach the end of the tunnel, he heard quiet sobs. A mixture of fear and pity welled up inside Roxas. Quickly, he searched the whole vicinity and saw a figure underneath the lamp post in front of him.

He approached the figure and sat beside it. "Umm… hello… a—are you alright?"

"Not really." Roxas noticed that it was a guy with spiky brown hair and was about his age. The guy had lots of scars and bruises all over his body which made Roxas uneasy inside. Roxas patted the boy's shoulder and the boy brought his face up to Roxas.

Roxas couldn't believe what he just saw. The boy had the most amazing blue eyes ever. Roxas also had blue eyes but the boy's eyes were darker than his. There was also happiness in the boy's eyes in spite of the tears in them.

Roxas offered him his handkerchief. "Thank you…" the boy muttered.

"No problem." Roxas sighed. "I'm Roxas Leonhart by the way." Roxas held out his hand. The boy shook it and said, "S—Sora S—Strife. Nice to meet you."

Roxas could tell that the boy was struggling to speak so he rubbed Sora's back and let go immediately. "So… what are you doing here, Sora?"

"Well you see…" Sora sobbed. "I'm here alone. Actually, I've got no where else to go except here." Fresh tears fell from Sora's eyes.

"Why, don't you have a family here?" Roxas asked with a lot of concern.

"I used to… 'til all of them died." Sora hiccupped. " You see, when I was five, my parents were killed by the Heartless. You know what they are, right?" Sora looked at Roxas. Roxas nodded. "Well… thousands of them attacked my parents. This time, the same thing happened to my brother Cloud." Sora sobbed then buried his face in Roxas' handkerchief.

"I'm sorry…" Roxas said sincerely as he rubbed Sora's hair. "Well Sora…" Roxas said, his voice becoming normal. "Since you've got no place to stay and no family, this leaves you no other choice but to stay with me."

Sora brought his face up. "What?"

"You heard me." Roxas smiled.

"Are you sure? I mean, we barely know each other and still you're offering me your hospitality." Sora looked at him in disbelief.

"Hey, we're friends now right?"

"I guess…"

"Well, friends help each other especially at times like this. Since you're a friend and you need help, I'll be the one to help you." Roxas stood up. He smiled at Sora and held his hand to him.

Sora took it and Roxas pulled him up, "Thanks!"

"No prob. Just one question though…" Roxas looked at Sora.

"What is it?"

"What happened to you? You look like you've been beaten up or something." Roxas said with a lot of concern.

"Heartless. I have to fight them somehow or else I wouldn't be here right?" Sora stated. Roxas laughed which made Sora look at him but eventually laughed also.


"I don't care about what I said Sora! The Past has Passed!" Roxas moved to the door and opened it. "I just want you out. Now go!"

Sora took his luggage, but before he made it through the door, he stopped at his tracks and looked at Roxas. " Just so you know… I never regretted any of these. I never regretted staying in that tunnel and meeting you. I never regretted being your friend and most importantly, I never regretted loving you…Roxas." Sora's voice turned soft as he said Roxas' name.

Roxas just stared at him, unable to find the words to say. "You may forget about me and everything that we've been through, just don't forget that there once was a guy named Sora Strife who loved Roxas Leonhart." Sora cried and with that he left a dumbfounded Roxas.

At the Usual Spot…

Roxas headed for the Usual Spot knowing this would be the first place where Sora would go and he was right. When he got there, he heard Sora talking and sobbing. Roxas didn't enter, he just listened from behind the curtain.

"… Do you really have to leave?" Namine asked.

"Yes Namine, I have no place to stay." Sora sobbed but still managed to give a weak smile.

"You could stay at my house." Namine suggested.

"Thanks but… I hate to be a bother to your family. There's already five of you in it and if I join your family, your expenses will increase because of me." Sora sighed. "I don't want that."

"If you say so…" Namine's face fell. Sora rubbed her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile.

"How 'bout my place, Sora?" Hayner said.

Sora shook his head. "Thanks anyway. I just wanted to be somewhere else rather than here." Then Sora saw weird expressions from his friends' faces. "It's not that I don't like it here guys… It's just, staying here means I'm still holding up to Roxas and my memories which I know will hurt me more." Sora's eyes glistened.

"Don't start Sora." Hayner said. "If you think leaving is what's best for you then I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Just don't forget about us." Pence said. "Promise?"

"Promise." Sora smiled then motioned for a group hug.

Not soon enough, Sora parted from the hug and a chorus of 'goodbyes' and 'take cares' were heard as Sora left. Once out, Sora was surprised to see Roxas but he just ignored him anyway and walked away.

"Sora!" Roxas shouted.

Sora turned around. "What?"

"I—You see… I… Sora…" Roxas couldn't find the right words to say.

"Before you say anything, let me just remind you that I'll always love you, Roxas. No matter what." Sora said. "I'm leaving not because I don't want to be around you, but because I don't want to hurt you again." Sora sighed. "It's for the best." With that he left. Roxas just stood there, once again dumbstruck.