He was gone. Disappered. And she would probably never see him again. Never see his beautiful curly orange hair. Never see his flaming red suit. Ever see his brilliant emerald green eyes again. Never see his perfect face. Never kiss him ever again. Never hold him to her again. Never hold his hands again. Never.

The knowledge punched a hole right through her heart. An agonizing ache, that would never go away. She had lost him for forever. He was gone. He had left her, Gavner, Seba, everyone and everything.

She knew that she should hate him for that but she didn't. She couldn't bring herself to hate him. She loved him to much. Didn't he see that? Didn't he see that his leaving was killing her? Why had he left?

She knew why he had gone. She didn't blame him for that either. He wasn't happy here. He was under so much pressure. He was the top general, soon to be a prince. All around him people started depending on him to do everything, often coming to him for help instead of going to see the actual princes. It was draining him into a husk of what he had been. That she understood, she knew why he hd left. But the question was, why hadn't she gone with him?

That was what bothered her. She, in all of her stubbornness, had refused to go with him. Shw had stayed back at the mountain while he ran away, leaving behind his home, his friends, and most importantly, her. He had offered, said that they could run away together, but she had rejected his offer, saying she would rather stay here. Oh, why had she not gone with him?

Too late now. She was sitting on the floor of their room. Now her room, but to her, it would always be their room. He scent still hung heavy in the air, and one of his forgotten shirts till hung in the small closet. She knew withal her heart that this would never be just her room, it would always be their space.