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Little Comets

I was getting ready for an interview at Elias and Clark. I kissed my boyfriend Nate on the cheek. "I'm going. Oh and I won't be back until late. I'm picking up Billy from Emmett's place. We're gunna go out for a small dinner." I turned to him at the door. Nate frowned. He didn't like Emmett, basically because he was everything Nate wasn't. "Okay...I'll see you later. Good luck." He smiled half heartedly.

Long explination short, I got an assistant job for New York's biggest bitch, the Dragon Lady.

Emmett laughed and sat back in his chair. "Sorry Andy, that's!" Emmett worked for a Men's Fashion magazine. He knew Miranda very well. " of luck with that one. Things don't work out can always work with me." He grinned and Billy gave a small cheer. I smiled at the small boy and ruffled his messy locks. "I have to get his hair cut. Emmett mumbled, sipping his water.

"You really do." I nodded. "We don't want him to look like a wild child do we?"

Emmett grinned. "I dunno, do we?"

I scoffed and shook my head. Emmett was an amazing guy. He loved kids, was easy to get along with, very hard to make angry, always easy to rely on. He's been my best friend since college. We had a kind of two night stand, and he stuck around to help with Billy. We weren't together but we stayed in contact and were great friends. Nate, he was jealous of Emmett. He did not have a good paying job, he got greedy, he got jealous...he was nothing like Emmett. And he simply didn't understand that Emmett and I did not see eachother that way anymore. We were simply to friends with a child we took care of very well.

"So how's Nate." Emmett grinned. He didn't mind Nate, and Nate hated that too.

"He's good. Still obsessed with food but good." I took a bite of my salad.

"Still a skinny little man?" Emmett chuckled. I grinned and pretended to be annoyed. He was very tall and muscular, Nate was not.

All in all...Nate hated Emmett because he was less of a man than him.

"He's...decent." I smirked.

"Yeah okay. But define decent."

I sucked my teeth and glared playfully at him. He raised his hands in mock defense and the subject dropped.


I refused to let Billy stay with Nate. Nate often forgot that Billy was a three year old and said stupid things in front of him. When Billy said shit for the first, and last time, Emmett nearly lost his mind. He almost punched his head in, and that was something Emmett could easily do. He instead threatened to 'personally and professinally' destroy him if he every said anything Billy would repeat. So instead of taking the risk I took Billy with me to work.

Billy looked just like Emmett. Dark hair, adorable smile, dimples. But he had my eyes and a slightly timid attitude, like myself. But he was active and curious. He found Miranda and her job very interesting.

I tried not to panic when he walked into her office and sat at the corner of her desk. She didn't say anything as he sat there quietly.

At the end of the day when I went in to get him she looked up at me. "He's cute. And looks familiar."

"His father is Emmett Gale." I mumbled. I saw a spark of interest enter her cold blue eyes.

"Emmett Gale? Tall, dark hair, works for a small new fashion magazine?"

I nodded.

"Hmm. I didn't think he would take someone not interested in fashion."

"If you knew him like I did you'd know he's a sweet guy. And we met in college before he got the job." I spoke quietly. Billy playing with my hair.

"What's his name?" She motioned to Billy.


She hummed and returned to her work. I found myself curious as to why she didn't shun him away like he was a virus.

"Do you have any kids?"

"Twins." She stated simply.

I nodded and choose that time to leave well enough alone and walked out of the building for the day.


"You semi-smartmouthed Miranda Priestly?" Emmett asked skeptically. I nodded. "And lived to tell the tale?" He smirked. I nodded again. "You are indeed brave my dear." He chuckled and turned to watch TV. I had asked him to come over after I got back to my place.

Nate was still at work and Billy was sleeping soundly between us.


"Actually my name is Andy." I regretted correcting her as soon as I saw the look on her looks could kill...I would be long gone.

She smirked and laughed, both fake. I rushed to comply with her orders after she looked over my clothing choice. I should have taken that Auto job.

I was made to feel fat, hate my clothes...and dislike my whole job in just two days! Is that even possible?


"It's not funny!" I whined to Emmett, who was laughing on my couch, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes.

"No, it's hilarious!" He continued to laugh. Billy looking between us in confusion. "Oh my god...I knew there was something about you I liked, oh wow. You really are amazing Andy." He whipped the tears of his laughter. "So do you want me to get you some new clothes?"

I shook my head. "I'm not changing everything about myself just because I have this job." I declared.

He smiled at me, charming as ever. "Eventually you'll have to And."


My dad visited and he was a little upset with me that I hardly paid him any mind after Miranda called. She was angry with me, but she kept her cool face.

I met up with Nigel and asked him for help be was reluctant to do so. I called Emmett and he was next to me in fifteen minutes, maybe less.

"Let's do it to it!" He grinned at Nigel. The balding man nodded after a moment and led us down to the closet. Emmett walked around the aisles.

"They're all sample sizes two and four." Nigel called.

"I see that." Emmett smiled as he walked by.

"How do you know him?" Nigel whispered to me.

"We were friends in college and he's Billy's dad."

"So you're together?"

"No. We're just good friends."

"One night stand?"

"Two night."

"Oh. He is charming isn't he?"

I nodded. "Very. And he's sweet. So...I like that he's around. And he's actually helpful."

"Sounds like a dream." He mumbled.

"Who sounds like a dream?" Emmett walked up, arms full of clothes.

"A night in a hottub with bubles and wine!" I covered. Nigel snickered and nodded.

"Oh that does sound nice. Anyways, this is all stuff that may fit, let's go try it on you." He nodded me out the door.


"Emmett you don't have to be in here with me." I hissed.

He eyed me up in my lace panties and bra set. "You don't have anything I haven't seen. Unless you got a tattoo..." His dark eyes narrowed playfully and I snatched the dress he held out for me away from him.

"I really don't get why I try at this job." I pulled it on.

Emmett chuckled. "Be serious Ander-mister." He knew I hated that.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I glared at him through the mirror.

"You're whining. Very close to trying but no target."

I sighed and tried to ignore him.

"Andy come on! You're working for a magazine that's featured some of the most amazing people of our generation. The way you see fashion and the way others see it is clearly different. But that doesn't mean you can insult it. What these people creat is more amazing than art. Because after'll live your life in it. People live in this world and these clothes, and you don't seem to care or understand." He stared at me with sad eyes. I felt guilty. "Andy this is my job, this is my life. I make these things for people to live in. And you don't take it seriously. When you do take it seriously...then you'll be trying." He finished.

I huffed softly. " maybe it's me."

"What gave you that clue?"

"I'm not trying to. So I guess I can give this whole thing a try..."

Emmett grinned, dimples showing. "That's, what I wanted to hear! Now hurry up and finish with that. We have a ton of other things to slap on you."


Okay so...don't tell anyone...but I've found myself with a little crush on Miranda. She beautiful, smart, cold...but nice towards kids...which crosses out the Ice Queen side...kinda.

I told Emmett, and he simply smirked and told me to go for it when given the chance. I was never honestly attracted to Nate, he was table...and that's what i needed. But all he talks about is food...I hate that. It's food, you order it and eat amazing could it be?

Miranda still called me Emily, but it could be worse.

Emmett would be going with Miranda and I to the James Holt Preview. He stood behind us in the lift, tall, kind, and a very comforting figure in the icy storm that was called Miranda.

"So um, last time I was here James was having this really cool party and..." I glanced at her and scoffed softly. "And this is why you don't like people riding up in the elevator with you." I mumbled.

Emmett chuckled. "You're actually the first person to get that right." He smirked. I looked up at him. "Be not afraid...I'll protect you." He snickered. I sucked my teeth and looked ahead. "I love elevators." He mumbled.

I looked back up at him. "You never told me that. Why?"

He shrugged his massive shoulders. "Kinda forces you to talk when the uncomfortable silence gets to you. And I don't like those so...I take the chance and talk. Cause I like talking." He grinned.

"I knew that." I smiled and looked ahead as the doors opened.

Billy was spending the day with Doug. He didn't like Lily...he said she was to boring. I would have to agree now and then.


I was a step ahead of Miranda after the preivew. She was pleasantly surprised. She even called me Andrea.

Emmett grinned. "Way to go Ander-mister." He chuckled. Miranda gave me an amused look. I sighed and glared at his back as he walked to his car. "Stop calling me that!" I shouted as I followed him. He was my ride after all.


"Emmett...where do I out it?" I paniced as I looked at the different doors and tables.

Emmett stood in front of the closed doors, Billy climbing over his shoulder's. He stepped up to the staircase. "Miranda!?" He called up. I paniced even more. "Where do we put this stuff?" He called up.

"I would have expected Emily to have told you Andrea." Her cool voice floated down.

"Yeah well...Emily isn't very specific." He shrugged.

"The table and closet beside you. That's all."

"Thank yooouuu!" He grinned as he turned back to me. "Easy as that. Come on. Billy's gettin tired and I got an early day tomorrow."


"I need you to get the new Harry Potter manuscript." Miranda spoke softly as she shuffled through the papers on her desk.

"But...I can't..." That was simply not possible.

"We know everyone in publishing. it should be easy. And you can do anything, right?"

"I wouldn't say anything but...Miranda I don't think that's possible. Like at all."

"Have Gale get it then. I'm sure he could use his charm to get it. Either way, whatever you do...I want that manuscript on my desk no later than three. I'm having lunch with Irv. I want my starbucks waiting. That's all."

I swallowed. I was soooo going to get fired. "Okay." I walked out of her office and snatched up my purse, heading over to Emmett's job.


"Oh I can do that easy. I can talk to a few of the people that work hands on with it. Just give me an hour or two and I'll have it for you." He grinned at me as he stood from his desk.

"Well I only have four hours so..."

"Trust me Andy...okay. I know you can do it. Trust me and go get her coffee. I'll have two copies ready for you before you know it."

"You are a true life saver." I hugged him.

He returned the hug. "You know it. Now hurry up!"

"Oh, can you have them made so they don't look like...yanno..."

He nodded. "Not a problem. Leave it to me."

I loved Emmett, he really was the bestest friend a girl could ever have. And an amazing father too.


I dropped a copy onto the glass desk and set her boiling cup of lava down beside it.

"One copy?" She looked up at me with what anyone would call disappointment.

"No. I made two copies. And Emmett made sure they were covered reset and bound so they'd actually look like books. This is just extra." I shrugged. Emmett would be getting his favorite ice cream and a movie tonight. Billy would love that.

"I see. Where are they?"

"With the twins. They're on their way to grandma's. Anything else I can do for you?"

"Not at the moment. I appreciate all the trouble you and Emmett must have gone through."

"Wow, well thanks. I'll tell him about that."

"Where's Billy?" I turned back to her. She picked up her coffee and eyed me with honest curiosity.

"With Doug."

"You can bring him into the office if you like."

I smiled. "Thanks. I don't like leaving him with Nate."

"Why's that?"

"He seems to forget that Billy can undersand him and repeats what he says sometimes so he says whatever and Billy repeats it."

"Mm, and what does Emmett think of that?"

"He threatened Nate."

"Sit." She pointed to the chair. I sat. "Threatened him how?"

"To basically hurt him, both personally and professionally."

"Mm...he sounds very protective." Miranda stated as she sipped her coffee. How could seh drink that stuff?

"He is. But he never goes to far with it."

"I take it he's a good father?"

I smiled at the thought of Emmett and Billy. "He's the best. He spends almost every free minute with Billy and takes him over to his place on weekends."

"I see." She seemed distant now.

"What about the twins?"

"Cassidy and Caroline. Their father tries to make time for them but...he has a demanding job."

"Like yours?"

"Much more so. He's okay...he could be better but...who's perfect?"

"Emmett." I stated easily.

"Oh really?"

"He's the closest to it I've ever met. But...we just...don't feel that way about eachother. But he's great with Billy, and he's never mean to anyone." I shrugged.

"Not even to what's his name...?"


"Yes. You said he threatened him."

"But that was for Billy. Being mean to someone for the sake of it and being mean to someone to protect's two different things."

"I suppose so."

"You...want me to go?"

"You can stay if you like. I don't have anymore important things to do today."

I nodded. She was actually an interesting person. She was actually a person!


"Well don't you look smexy!" Emmett grinned as he greeted me at the door. There was a benefit tonight. So I had to get ready and drop Billy off at Doug's. Emmett would be joining me. Nate was once again working. He'd been getting more and more distant since I took this job.

Emmett rode with me to the benifit and got my door for me. "Would you stop making a huge deal." I mumbled. He simply grinned and offered me his arm, which I took as we walked up the steps. "Stop doing that." He whispered to me.

"I don't like cameras in my face."

"Well if you keep covering your face they're gunna think you've got something to hide."

Emily was shocked. "Oh my God, Andy..." Her eyes wandered over to Emmett. "Hmm...let's go." She turned quickly and started in. Emmett chuckled and led me inside.

"Do your thing honey bee." He smirked as he left Emily and I alone.

Emily waited for a minute before jumping on me like a wild lion would an elk. "How could you possibly know Emmett Gale?"

"We go back to Freshman year in college. He's great."

"...Why would he even bother talking to you?"

"Because he's nice, he didn't have this job until after college, and we have a son together?" I listed off a few options.

Emily stared at me. "Billy is Emmett Gale's son?"

"Hope you weren't mean to him when he was around the office." I smirked.

"Of course not!" Something told me she'd said at least one nasty thing to him. But I'd let it slide.

Miranda came along and we got to work.

When Emily forgot a name I was sure she was going to possibly be fired. I stepped in, touching hr arm I whispered the names into her ear and stepped back, surprised at myself.

And then Stephen showed up, Miranda's current husband. Emmett said he was an ass. He embarrassed Miranda and Irv looked pissed. I found Emmett and gave him a scared look. He bounced over and distracted Irv into a conversation with himself and a few of his friends. He glanced back at me when Irv was talking and flashed me a thumbs up. I grinned and shook my head, glancing over at Miranda, who was giving me that same amused look as she had when Emmett called me Ander-mister.


Emmett left with me. He spoke to a 'type of friend' Christian Thompson quickly before returning to my side. "Don't talk to him when you're not around me." He glanced back at the doors as he slid into the car after me.

"Why not?"

"He's a known womanizer. He'll wine you and dine you and charm you into sleeping with him before you even realize it. I have more than a few lady friends who've slept with him and regretted it. He likes trashing relationships." He explained quickly.

"I see. Well I'll avoid him then." I looked out the window at the passing city.

"Here, give this to Nate." He handed me a small package.

"What's this?" I eyed it carefully before taking it.

"A gift. Isn't it Nate's birthday today?" He furrowed his brow in slight confusion.

Shit! I totally forgot! "Thank you! Thank you, thank you!" I jumped at him and gave him a tight hug. He laughed and kissed my cheek. "No problem Ander-mister." We were at my stop. He grinned as I stepped out. After tonight he could call me whatever he wanted.


Nate was mad at me. Doug had dropped Billy off some time ago, as he lay curled up on the couch. I gave Nate his gift as he passed and went to sit beside Billy. He grumbled quietly as I took my seat.

Looking up at me with sleepy eyes. "Momma?" He whispered. I brushed a hand over his Emmett-short hair. He lay his head in my lap and fell back alseep.

I slept on the couch that night, and I didn't really mind.


I took Billy with me to drop off The Book.

"Andrea." Why did she say my name like that? Not that it wasn't sexy but still.

Billy followed me in and wandered around the room.

"You have The Book?" I took it out and handed it to her. "I see you brought Billy."

"Nate's been upset with me lately."

"Mm...why's that?"

"Emmett and I have been spending more time together than him and I. And he's taken it as a threat I guess."

"Well your jobs are connected, it's only natural you'd see him more offten. What does 'Nate' do exactly?"


"...A filthy job. But...that's his choice I suppose."

I hummed and looked around. Where was Billy?

"Sit." I did as i was told, sitting right on the floor in front of her.

Miranda gave me an amused look. "I meant on a seat Andrea."

"I like this better." I shrugged. "Billy?" I looked around. He'd all but vanished.


"Hmm?" I looked back to the silver haired woman.

"You're going with me to Paris. I need the best team with me. Emily isn't part of it."

"But...Emily...her life is about Paris I can't do that."

"You'll either go or I'll assume you're not serious about your career." She gave me a look over.

I frowned. "...Why can't Emily come with?"

"Did you not hear me say 'best team'?"

"I did but that's not fair."

"Neither is life."

I was pouting now. I twisted my fingers and looked down.

"Billy can come along if you like."

"He'll go with Emmett." I mumbled. I couldn't help pouting. Emily would hate me, and we were kind of just starting to get along. She even came for drinks with Nigel, Emmett, and I once.

"Would you stop pouting." Miranda snapped.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

I heard her suck her teeth. "Fine! Emily can come along if you're so worried about it."

I jumped up and actually hugged her. I froze after I realized my arms were tight around her shoulders.


"Hmm?" She smelled nice.

"What are you doing?"

"Hugging you obviously."

"Yes I can tell but why?"

"Dunno. Does it matter? Maybe I thought you needed a hug."

"Why would I need a hug Andrea?"

I sighed. "You can act as cold as you want. You're still human, as much as try not to be one you still are. You still feel disappointment, and you still feel sad." I had no idea what I was saying.

"I suppose so." She mumbled.

I gave her a small comforting squeeze and I heard The Book thunk to the ground, her arms slid around my waist. "You've lost weight." She poked my side. I giggled. "And you're ticklish." She noted.

There was a short silence.

"I suppose I could do with a hug now and again." I smiled at her muttering.


Emily was Emily. I hadn't told her that she was going to Paris this year because of me. Billy would be going with Emmett as planned. And Nate...Nate was pissed and we decided to call it quits. Emmett was glad. He didn't really dislike anyone but he said if he could Nate would be the first.

Paris was beautiful. I loved it.

Emmett and I shared a room. He slept on the small couch and Billy slept with me. He'd said that seeing as paris was a very important week many of the rooms would br taken. So He'd room with me to save space.

We alternated with Billy between the shows we had to go to. But he was mostly glued to my side.

After the Valentino showing Christian Thompson showed up. He made a quip about Nate. I wanted to punch him so hard he went into a coma. Maybe I'd have Emmett do that.

"Who's the kid?" Christian smirked at Billy, who was on my hip and glaring at the blonde man.

"Name's Billy, not kid." Billy continued to glare.

"My bad." Christian held up his hands in mock defense. "Relative?" He looks at me.


"Ah." From his smirk I could see he was still intent on putting me on what I assumed was a long list of women.

"Sorry Thompson." I looked over the man's shoulder to see who'd spoken. "She's got dinner with me." I smiled when Emmett stood behind Christian. Towering over him.

"Dad!" Billy squealed.

Emmett grinned. "His the road Jack." He nodded backwards. "Don't come back."

Christian looked awkward and walked away.

"Like I saver." I grinned up at him. He simply chuckled and placed a hand between my shoulder's, leading me forward.


I didn't mean to walk in on Miranda. No makeup, no defense, almost in was hard to see.

"Is there anything I can do?" I asked quietly, honestly.

She sat there in silence, walls down, scared and exposed. I didn't wait for her to say anything, slidding from my chair and walking over to sit beside her. She let me hug her.

"Everything is gunna be fine." I mumble. She returns my hug.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Emmett told me once that if something is honestly'll stand and fight to keep it. Maybe without ever noticing it."

She chuckled dryly. "What do that mean?"

"I think that if you honestly want things to be okay you'll fight for them to be that way. Trust'll be fine."

"Thank you Andrea."

"You know you're the only one to call me by my full name like that."


"No, it's nice."

There was a silence.

"Are you going to let go?" Miranda asked quietly.

"Do I have to?"

"I suppose not, but I'm tired."

"Is that an invitation for a sleepover?" I smirked.

"You could take it that way."

I released her and motioned around. "Lead on."


"'re warm."

"I expect that's a huge difference seeing as you're so cold all the time." I snipped.

"Careful Andrea."

"Yes ma'am." I giggled.

"Go to sleep."

"Okay." I breathed.



"I take it you like to cuddle?"

"Mm hm. Billy gets that from me."

"He's a nice boy."

"Thank you." I slipped an arm around her waist. I'd long since taken off my heels and skirt. I like to be comfortable when sleeping.

Before I finally dozed off I felt Miranda's hand wrap over my own.


I was happy for Nigel. He may be getting the chance to finally do that one great thing with his life.

Runway and others were celebrating James Holt, who was going global. He's a nice guy who makes nice things. But I don't think desiging clothes if his forte.

I sat with Nigel, Emily, Emmett, and Billy. Emmett sat at the back of the small table, Billy on his lap trying not to talk. I sat to his left, Emily across from me, and Nigel right beside me on my left.

We watched Miranda take center stage and begin her speech. I hope she gave Nigel what he deserved.

But she didn't. She chose that woman from French Runway, who honestly seemed a bit fake. I took Nigel's hand. He looked so sad. "When the time is right she'll pay me back."

"Are you sure?" I glanced up at the stage. She was looking right at me.

"No. But I hope for the best. I have to." He smiled at me half heartedly.

"Hey I'll talk with her. See about getting you a place at the magazine I work for. I know a few people who are just getting started off, maybe you can help them out." Emmett smiled. "You'll get more money and you can maybe actually see the places you come to."

Nigel was surprised. "'d do that?"

"Any friend of my Ander-mister is a friend of mine." He grinned. Billy looked between the two and gave the same grin.

"Thank you. Really. But you don't have to."

"Nah I want to. You deserve a little something for your troubles. Leave it to me." Emmett nodded firmly.

I'd never seen Nigel smile so much.


Miranda and I sat in the back of the car in silence. But I had to ask.

"Why?" I whispered, looking over at her.


"Why did you do that to Nigel?"

"Because..." She sighed. "I would have been replaced by that woman."

"What?" I hadn't known.

"She was going to replace me. Irv had it all planned. But...that James Holt possition was paid a lot of money so she jumped at it when she heard about it. And after showing Irv the list I was...well I guess you could use the term 'Home Free.'" She explained.

"The list?"

She glanced at me. "Mm...the list of all the photographers, designers, editors, writers, models that were all found by me, nurtured by me, and have promised me they will follow me whenever and if ever I choose to leave Runway."

I didn't blame her for what she did to Nigel now. It made sense, I may have done the same thing. One does crazy things when threatened. Of course Miranda didn't but...all the same. And at least Nigel could get a better job.

I stared at her for a moment before smiling. "You're never going to leave Runway. Nobody can do what you do."

She returned my smile. "Both facts very true. And Nigel can have whatever job Emmett Gale has offered him."

"How did you...?"

"Oh, come now Andrea." She smirked.

She knew everything. Always. I smiled wider and shook my head. "What happens when we get back to New York?"

"I'm honestly thinking of making you the first assistant. Emily has been very slow and...out of it. You've been here for less than a year and you can do her job better than her."

"Thanks." I mumbled. I didn't want to take Emily's job, but it was hard enough getting the woman to bring her along.


The day after we got back Emily spent the whole day glaring death at me. I ignored it. Emmett brang Billy by, he had a meeting with a few higher ups. Nigel had gotten his job. It was at least four in the afternoon when Miranda walked out of her office, saying she was done for the day.

I left with Billy an hour later. Emily could wait around to deliver the book. It was her job seeing as I was promoted to first assistant.

Billy wanted to go to the park for a few hours so we took a detour. I sat on the bench as he played with some other kids. I jumped when my cell rang, taking it out I saw it was Miranda.



I smiled. "And a hug?"

I heard her scoff lightly on the other end. 'Yes and a hug.'

"Great, what time?"

'Thirty minutes?

"How about twenty?"

'Even better.' She hung up and I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Billy! Come on!" I stood and waited for him.

"Where to Momma?" He asked as he stopped in front of me, gasping.

"Dinner at a friends." Hopefully more than that soon.


"Few minutes." I smiled at him.

"Kay!" He grinned and held out his small hand for me to take. He'd be a hit when he got older.


"Thank you for that Miranda." I leaned against the island in the kitchen.

"Oh it's no trouble. Cassidy and Caroline seem to love Billy. Even after only meeting him twice." She smiled kindly as she looked at me. This was a side of her I'd always wanted to see. The human behind the mask. "What's going on in that head of yours Andrea?"


"Oh, should I be flattered?"

"You can be if you like." I smiled back at her as she walked around the island.

"I'd like to see more of you. The girls seem to like having you around."

"We've had a few small chats while I was delievering the book." I shrugged.

"Ah...So we'll be seeing more of you and Billy then?"

I took her hand and kissed it, I was surprised to see the light blush. "You bet."

The End

Will there be another? Who knows! Point is....I did it cause I wanted to! Oh and...Little Comets is the name of a band. I just couldn't think of a better title!