Ganondorf's castle was massive, like a jagged outline against a blue backdrop. The rooms were cold, unfeeling and lacked the vibrancy that had once lived there. It had taken Midna two weeks to traverse but one floor in its entirety. This floor housed her bedroom at one end and Ganondorf's at the other.

The sun had set, on this final day of discovery and Midna stood, her hands clasped behind her back as she debated on whether or not to knock on the Pig's door. She had done her best to avoid him since the night of their dinner and he released her. And so far, she had been successful. But the castle had become terribly lonely. Quiet at all hours of the day and the only company was not really company at all. The guards and servants had been given specific orders not to converse with her and they followed them with the strictest obedience. Midna had tried every trick she could think of to get a reaction from one of them, but each and every turn only ended with her disappointment.

So it had become almost no surprise that Twilight's Princess found herself outside the room of the one person in this steel labyrinth that would give her the human contact she had come to crave. Then she balked. What in the world had been on her mind that she would even consider consorting with him. The Pig would have to learn that she was a stubborn woman in her own right. If he was so insistent on keeping her in this cage without bars, she would challenge him every step of the way.

Though the moment she had turned to leave, the door opened and heat of the room rushed out in a wave. The glow of the candles made shadows on the floor, and she watched with a frown as a large one overtook her own. Ganondorf chuckled and rested an arm against the frame of the door. "May I help you?"

She scoffed, refused to turn around. "You may. Curling up in a corner and idying/i would be a tremendous help, actually."

"Really, should someone of such noble upbringing be speaking in such vulgar terms?"

She whirled around to face him, stopping short when she saw his state of undress; bare from the waist up and his hair unraveled and resting in a red wave down his back. He arched an eyebrow at her silence then smirked. "Oh my. I have done the impossible and rendered my own little chatterbox speechless."

Midna's hand rested on her hip and she tilted her head at Ganondorf. Was this the game he wanted to play? Fine, she would play. "It will take a lot more than just your flab to impress me, Pig."

Because of how fast he had moved from the door's entry, she had expected him to strike her down. He had moved with such speed, she had no time to scramble from his path and then she was caught between a wall and his body. His massive arms on either side of her to prevent her from moving. "Why are you so mean to me, Midna?"

"Because I don't ilike/i you. I thought you were smart enough to figure that one out on your own."

"But have I not been generous to you? I spared you, spared your pathetic people. You've only repaid me in barbs. My pride and patience can only take so much."

She steeled her stance and looked the Dark Lord in his eyes. "Your 'generosity' is nothing but a hoax. My people suffer because of you. And when I'm able to stop you, I will."

"Your magic is laughable, Midna. Do you really think it can stand against me?"

"Why don't we find out?"

He paused, his features settling into a thoughtful expression. "I like to think of myself as a reasonable man. I'm sure that we can come to some sort of agreement that doesn't involve needlessly slaughtering your people."

"I have nothing to give you."

"You are a smart woman." He smiled down at her and tapped her cheek with the pad of his forefinger. "I'm sure you will think of something."

He turned to leave her and she frowned. "You don't intend to make this easy do you?"

"That is entirely up to you, Midna." The door had creaked as its owner began pushing it closed, but stopped when Midna approached him.

"I know what you want and if it'll set me free, then I'll do it."

He looked amused. This was going to be interesting. "What, pray tell, do I want?"

She slipped by him, her gait jerky, entering the warmth of the room and turned around to face him. "Me."

Ganondorf folded his arms over his chest, a smirk curling his mouth. It was clear by the look on her face, the seriousness of her stance, that she truly meant what she was saying. He was amused, to say the least. This wasn't the first time someone thought sex could be used as a bargaining chip against him. But he would indulge her. After all, every contract had a loophole.

"Very well."