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That's how much I love you

That's how much I need you

And I can't stand you

Most of the thing you do

Make me wanna smile

Can I not like you for a while

Ino, Shikamaru and Choji were taking a break after their monthly training together. They trained together to remember their sensei.

"Shikmaru can you move over you're taking all the shade.

"Whatever Ino" Shikamaru said without opening his eyes.

"Ugh, You're so annoying" Ino said as she flipped her hair and looked away showing him that she was pissed off.

"Uh... You know you guys, I've got a date to attemp to. I'll see you later" Choji said as he looked down at his teammates and jogged off before either could say something. Shikamaru open one of his eyes and glance at Ino who looked like she was about to explote from rage.

"Hey Ino" Shikamaru whispered sitting up.

"Hmph" She said as she turn around. This made him grin because he knew what he had to do. He knew her to well.

"Are you mad?" He asked. There was no answer. "Would you talk to me if I begged?" Still nothing. "What if I rolled around while barking and acting like Kiba?" He smiled and started doing so. Ino sigh to keep herself from laughing.

"I'm Kiba and I wish I was a dog arf arf" Shikamaru said making her laughed.

"Shikamaru" She yelled making him stop.


"I hate you" She said with a smile making him chuckled.

Cuz you wonnt let me

You upset me girl

And then you kiss my lips

All of the sudden I forget

That I was upset

Can't remember what you did

Ino and Shikamaru were walking to Ino's house while figthing. "You had no right to wake me up Ino" Shikamaru said.

"I said I was sorry... I was bored" Ino said.

"That still doesn't give you the right to wake me up on my day off" Shikamaru said. They were both infront of Ino porch.

"Well I got you home... I'm leaving" Shikamaru said but Ino stop him. She took him by his shirt and kiss him. Shikamaru didn't resist and kissed her back. After some minutes of making out the broke.

"I... I... have to go" Shikamaru said and left. It was the third time Ino had done that to him and he always fell for it.

But I hate...

You know exacly what to do

So that I can't stay mad at you

For too long... that wrong

Ino was leaving a resturant when she run into Shikamaru. "Where are you going?" Shikamaru asked stoping her.

"Home... you're two hours late" Ino said. "Look I fell asleep... I'm sorry" Shikamaru said.

"You're late because you fell asleep? I can't believe you... It's over" Ino said.

"Ino I'm sorry" Shikamaru said and hugged her and then kissed her neck... her weak point.

"Shika... please stop" Ino said as she moanded.

"Then come back inside so we can have our first date" Shikamaru whispher. Ino sigh and looked at him.

"Fine... but don't do it again" Ino said and turn around to enter. Shikamaru smirked and went behind her.

But I hate...

You know exacly where to touch

So that I don't want to tuss...

And fight no more

Said I despise that I adore you

Shikamaru and Ino were in Shikamaru's appartment. They were having some trouble on what movie they were gonna see for that night. "I wanna watch 10 thing I hate about you" Ino said.

"No way am I seeing that junk... we are gonna see Saw IV" Shikamaru said. Ino smirked she know what to do to convinse him.

"But Shika-kun... I really wanna see this movie" Ino said as she put her cutest puppy eyes and ran her index finger up and down his chest... his weak point. Shikamaru sigh... she got him... like always.

"Fine" Shikamaru said and put her movie on. Ino smiled... that always did the trick.

And I hate how much I love you boy


I can't stand how much I need you

I need you

And I hate how much I love you boy

Ooooh whoah

But I just can't let you go

And I hate that I love you so


Ino was in her room looking out the window. Watching the rain fall. Shikamaru was in a really dangurest mission and she was worried sick for him. She knew that they fought a lot... they weren't like Naruto and Hinata that they were just happy together and you never see them fight. Nope not Ino and Shikamaru... they always fight... but they loved each other as much as any couple does.

And you completely know the power that you have

The only one that make me laugh

Ino and Shikamaru were in Ino's new appartment. Shikamaru looked mad just because Ino had him move around the heavy furneture while she just nag. Ino saw that Shikamaru was mad so... she hugged him but he didn't move. "Aww... come on Shika-kun you know I need your help... I can't do this on my own" Ino said and faked to pick up a couch. Shikamaru laugh... she was so funny sometime. Ino smiled and hugged him again but this time he hugged and also kissed.

Sad and it's not fair

How you take advantage of the fact

That I... love you beyone the reason why


And it just ain't fair

Shikamaru and Ino were at ichiraku's ramen. "Shika... I have to go... It's late" Ino said as she paid her ramen and turn around to leave but Shikamaru stoped her.

"Ino... why don't we move in together" Shikamaru said out of the blue... he didn't know other way to asked her.

"Move in together... I don't think is a great idea... I mean your messy and lazy... I don't think I can" Ino said.

"Awww come Ino" Shikamaru said. He stared right into her eyes.

"Fine" Ino said. Shikamaru smiled and kissed... there next step.

And I hate how much I love you girl

I can't stand how much I need you


And I hate how much I love you girl

But I just can't let you go

But I hate that I love you so

One of these days maybe

Your magic won't affect me

And your kiss won't make me weak

But no one in this world know's me

The way you know me

So you'll probably always have a spell on me

Shikamaru open his eyes to find himself in his room. He turn around to look at the clock... 12:30 she was pissed... he just knew. He got and went to the kitchen where he found her washing the dishes. He slowly slip his arms around her waist and hugged her. "Good morning" Shikamaru said.

"You sleeped a lot" Ino said.

"I know... I was tierd" Shikamaru said.

"Like always" Ino said.

"Come on don't be mad" Shikamaru said and kissed her neck. Ino sigh and turn around to face him.

"Can you put the dirty clothes in the washer?" Ino asked as she ran her index finger up and down his chest.

"Oh don't do that... you know I can't say no when you do that" Shikamaru said as he groan.

"I know... so?" Ino asked.

"Fine" Shikamaru said and left todo the laundry. Ino smiled and kept doing the dishes... she was happy no matter what.

Yeahh... oooh...

And I hate that I love

You sooooo

As much as I love you

As much as I need you oh

As much as I need you

Ooh... as much as I love you

As much as I love you


As much as I need you

And I hate that I love you soo

And I hate how much I love you boy

I can't stand how much I need ya

Can't stand how much I need you

And I hate how much I love you boy

But I can't let you go

But I can't let you go on...

And I hate that I love you so

The two new Nara's were sitting in their new house. They fight like no one else... but they loved each other... and no one can explain that. They were them with each other... and that is what real love is about.

And I hate that I love you so


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