Set after "The Serena Also Rises"

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Chapter 1

Blair watched as her once best friend walked away with that social climbing whore Poppy Lifton. The hurt from what Serena had said to her the only thing keeping her from pulling the woman's head off.

"My whole life, I have been bending over backwards to protect your feelings.

It's not my fault you're so insecure.

I'm tired of trying to hold myself back so I don't outshine you."

What Serena had said played over and over in her mind. "Was Serena right?" Blair thought. Was she so insecure that she purposely held Serena back from shining her light. Did she cause for Serena to feel guilty because everyone thought that she was more beautiful than Blair?

The fashion show was long over now. Along with the flashing lights, her hurtful mother, and her ex-best friend. The limo ride home made Blair feel lonelier than she had ever been. She was no longer the queen of Constance, her dream of marrying the perfect boy Nate had died along time ago, and Chuck the womanizer she had fallen for as soon as Nate was gone was probably in bed with some blond haired, blue eyed skank. Her mind went through the past few years and she realized that her strive to be perfection would never be achieved. No matter how good her grades were, how skinny she was, how hard she worked, or how much make up she put on, no one would ever look at her as perfect.

She stepped out of the elevator and into her penthouse. The days events had taken a toll on her body and she felt tired. She was tired of everything, tired of striving to be perfect, tired of fighting with Serena, tired of playing games with Chuck, just everything. She opened the door to her room and sat in front of her mirror. All the realizations of today and years past showed on her face.

Serena opened a door today. A door that had been waiting to be opened for years. No one on the upper east side spoke of there friends insecurities. It was an unspoken rule that had been broken. Serena broke the rules.

Blair knew this. She could get back at Serena and state Serena's insecurities, she could tell everyone, including gossip girl, about the many times she had to save Serena from middle aged investment bankers that wanted to grope and sleep with the beyond drunk blond in the wee hours of the morning in whatever disgusting club she was found, she could tell everyone that the perfect golden child that they all loved was nothing more than a whore who loved to take Brooklyn boys virginities and loved to sleep with her best friend's boyfriend. She could tell everyone that their perfect princess was a coward who ran away because she was afraid to meet her best friend's disapproving gaze and take the consequences that came with hurting your best friend (her sister) more than anyone could ever do. She could do this and finish a war that had been brewing for years to come. But, she wouldn't.

If Serena wanted to be queen, she could have it. Along with the all the issues that came with it. Blair walked slowly to her queen sized bed. She'd already changed into her night gown and now all she wanted was to sleep. She pulled back the covers and slid in the bed. She reached for her sleeping mask and covered her eyes. She looked to her left and noticed that her bathroom door was open. Had this been a year ago, she would be on her knees heaving in the toilet. But, it wasn't and she was stronger than that. She placed her head on her pillow and closed her eyes. She hoped for a dreamless sleep. Her only thoughts of what will happen tomorrow.

Gossip Girl here and do I have a treat for the high society teenagers of the Upper East Side. Seems that our lovely Queen B has been dethroned, AGAIN. Who might you ask. Well I'll tell you now, it most surely isn't little Jenny Humphrey but B's very own best friend, S. Well, I guess ex-best friend now. Our lovely blond haired, blue eyed princess looked stunning last night in her green dress on the catwalk and stole the show, along with B's mother's approval. She's been shown on every news paper stand with her new socialite friend Poppy Lifton and without the lovely B. So what has happened to Blair Waldorf? History shows that she may sometimes fall but, she's never out of the game. But, never has our Queen B been challenged by the beautiful S. Stay tuned everyone because you know I will be.

You know you love me,

Xoxo Gossip Girl